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How to Set Panasonic AC to Cold 2022

When the weather is very hot, sometimes the air temperature can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius.

This of course makes your body hot, so to overcome this you have to set the air conditioner so that the room becomes cold.

Installing air conditioning in the room does make the air feel more comfortable.

However, considering that AC maintenance is very inconvenient, so you have to be extra careful when setting it up.

Especially if the air conditioner has problems because it is not cold enough.

This can make your desire to make the room cool and cool to be stuffy just because the air conditioner is not functioning properly.

Problems like this are actually not that complicated, there are several AC settings so that it can work normally back to being cold.

You can listen to reviews about how to set a Panasonic AC to cool in the discussion of the article below.

1. How to set the Panasonic AC for the easiest cold

How to Set Panasonic AC to Cold
How to set the Panasonic AC for the easiest cold

There are several ways that can be done easily for those of you who want to overcome the less cold Panasonic AC.

One thing that can be done is to make changes to the AC settings.

To do the setting method, you can change some after or settings on the features on the AC remote.

For more details, please refer to and follow the steps on how to set the Panasonic AC to cool below, which are as follows:

Turn on the air conditioner

Before setting up the AC, the first thing to do is to turn on the Panasonic AC that you use in the room.

After that, make changes to some of the features on the remote so that the air becomes cooler.

Activate Cool Mode or Cool on the AC Remote

After the air conditioner in the room is on, you can immediately change the mode feature on the remote by changing the mode setting.

The trick is to press the mode button several times until it comes out in cool mode with a star-like lembang.

Change Remote Settings Feature to Powerful

How to set the Panasonic AC to cool the next is to change the remote setting feature to be powerful.

If the cool mode feature setting still feels cold, then you can start activating powerful features to speed up the process of cooling the room temperature.

By doing a powerful setting, the air conditioner will work more optimally to cool the room.

Setting the Fun Speed ​​Feature

Another feature setting that must also be considered is the Fun Speed, the way to set it is to directly press the Swing button which regulates the direction of the wind gusts in the air conditioner.

This is also done so that the room cooling process is faster.

Slowly Lowering the Temperature on the Remote

The next remote feature setting is to lower the temperature slowly and gradually.

This is to avoid damage that can occur to the AC engine.

Adjusting the Temperature Size to the Room

Setting other remote features that need to be done is by adjusting the temperature size as desired.

Do the process of decreasing the temperature gradually so that the work of the AC compressor machine is not heavy.

If you lower the AC temperature to its lowest point immediately, then it can make the AC compressor work harder.

That’s why it is recommended that the cooling process in the room temperature can be more evenly distributed and the health of the air conditioner is also maintained.

It would be nice to also check the temperature outside the room if it still feels hot or cold, if it’s still hot, you can lower the temperature again slowly.

In addition to setting the AC remote, you also have to do some maintenance so that the resulting cold air temperature is more maximal.

AC maintenance that we mean can be done yourself by cleaning the filter filter.

About How to Set A Panasonic AC So It’s Cold At Home

How to Set Panasonic AC to Cold
About How to Set A Panasonic AC So It’s Cold At Home

From several ways of setting or overcoming the above, the room you want to cool will be cold.

If the Panasonic AC in the room already feels less cold, it would be nice not to rush into assuming the condition of the AC is damaged.

This can happen for several reasons.

Among them is because the content of freon is less or has run out, it can also be caused by a leak.

That will make the air less cold, if the problem is like that you can call the AC service.

If allowed to drag on it can be dangerous for your health and your family if you inhale the freon gas.

The problem of AC that is not cold enough can also be caused by the remote setting that is not optimal.

That’s why, how to set the Panasonic AC to cool above can be done so that the room becomes cool and feels comfortable.

Some of the ways above can be done so that the air released feels cooler.

For those of you who have never set up a Panasonic AC, you can try to follow some of the methods above correctly and be extra careful.

The final word

That’s the information we can share with you about how to set a Panasonic AC to cool.

If after you have done several setting steps above but the temperature is still hot, it would be better if you call an expert.

As long as you can do some of the ways above, then you don’t need to bring an AC repairman, unless there are some parts that need to be replaced or cleaned.

If the problem is indeed with the AC freon, you can call a professional AC technician to solve this.

It’s different if the problem lies in the AC remote because you can try to solve it by setting the above.

Try doing some of the settings above that we have shared, hopefully it can help you! Thank you and hopefully useful.