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How to set the Imoo KW 2022 clock

How to Set Imoo KW Clock

How to set the Imoo KW clock need to be known by the users, so that the clock works properly.

Because this smartwatch product has been booming on the market since 2022 and of course what makes it even more famous and loved by most young children throughout Indonesia is the Imoo smartwatch or smartwatch that has often appeared on television screens.

The Imoo watch itself is priced at a fairly expensive price, even more expensive than the price of 1 medium-spec smartphone unit.

With increasing market interest, making several alternative Imoo watches or commonly known as Imoo kw watches.

This Imoo kw watch basically has a different brand, but in terms of its visual appearance it is made similar to the original imoo watch.

In addition, the basic specifications of a smartwatch are also available on the Imoo kw watch, although the quality is very far from the original Imoo watch.

Especially for those of you who just happened to buy a smartwatch or Imoo kw watch, then you need to know how how to set imoo clock kw and an easy way to activate it so that the clock can function properly.

1. How to Set Imoo KW Clock for the First Time After Unboxing

How to Set Imoo KW Clock
How to Set Imoo KW Clock for the First Time After Unboxing

The first information we will share is how to set the Imo kw watch for the first time right after you buy it and then it is boxed or opened.

There are several tools that need to be prepared to carry out this setting process, guys, which are as follows:

  • 1 SIM card / MICRO size SIM card *Medium size* that has been activated or registered (better if the internet package already exists).
  • Android Smartphones.
  • The SeTracker application can be downloaded via the following link (Download the SeTracker Application).
  • If these 3 things have been prepared, then you can immediately start the process of setting up the Imo KW watch.

The way to set the Imoo kw clock is as follows:

  • The first step, please install the simcard into the available slot on the hour kw.
  • After the simcard is installed properly, you can turn on your Imoo watch.
  • Then go to the Android smartphone that you have prepared and then open the SeTracker application that was installed earlier.
  • When you have opened the application, please register for an account/sign up by entering your email address and creating a password. If so, please login to the account you just created.
  • After that a notification will appear asking you whether to bind / connect a certain device. Just click OK and tap the scan button. (if there is no notification, you can open the ME tab then select the Device List option then tap on Add Device.
  • Then you can switch again to the imoo kw clock then swipe the screen and look for the Device Info menu>> Register Code. Later, a square QR code will appear and please point the scanner application on your cellphone to the QR code image.
  • If you have finished scanning the QR code, then the watch can start to connect to the cellphone and you can fill in the imoo clock device name data with the child’s name and choose the status of the contact.
  • The next step, please click the OK button when you are finished.
  • Up here, you have successfully done the initial settings for the imoo kw watch and to use the features on the watch, you have to do advanced settings.

2. How to Set Imoo KW Clock for Date and Time

How to Set Imoo KW Clock
How to Set Imoo KW Clock for Date and Time

The next thing to do is to set the date and time on the watch.

The name is also a watch, surely the main feature is for good timekeeping, right?

Because there are many cases where the new Imoo kw watch is purchased but it still sucks and doesn’t show the time correctly, so you have to do the setting process manually.

For how to set the Imoo kw clock for the date and time, it is as follows:

  • The first step, please open the SeTracker application then select the Terminal Settings menu >> Language & Time Zone.
  • Next select the time zone East:GMT+07:00
  • Wait until there is a successful notification.
  • Done and the Imo KW watch will automatically show the exact date and time.

3. How to Save Contacts on Imoo KW Watch

How to Set Imoo KW Clock
How to Save Contacts on Imoo KW Watch

After knowing how to set your Imoo clock, you also need to know the information that is no less important before using your imoo clock, namely how to save contacts on that watch.

What you need to know, there are 3 advanced features offered by the smartwatch including GPS Location, camera, and finally the call/vidcall/ and sms features.

Now this call/vidcall/ and SMS feature requires you to save contact data in the Imoo watch.

For how to save contacts on your Imoo watch, it’s as follows:

  • First, open the SeTracker application installed on your Android phone.
  • Then open the Settings menu and select Phonebook or PHONE BOOK.
  • Then select the menu Add New Number / ADD NEW CONTACT.
  • After that, a column for the contact name and mobile number will appear, totaling 10 slots. Please fill in the numbers you want to save on your Imoo watch.
  • After all the data has been filled in, please select SAVE / SAVE.
  • To check the imoo KW Q12 clock, you can select the phone book menu, then the contact data that was just saved will appear.
  • Please test contact by calling the saved contact number.

Benefits of Setting Time On Imoo KW or Original Watch

How to Set Imoo KW Clock
Benefits of Setting Time On Imoo KW or Original Watch

You may be wondering, why is the Imoo clock setting kw or fake done? The answer is, because sometimes the Imoo clock used by children does not match the current time.

So that the time setting on the Imoo clock is very necessary so that you can know the accurate time to support children’s activities and other activities.

If there are problems such as time problems that do not match or do not match the running time, then you can set the time settings on the Imoo kw or original clock.

The final word

Here are some how to set imoo clock kw that need to be known and can be applied.

The method that we share is the initial setting of the Imoo kw watch and you must set it when you first buy and unbox the Imoo kw watch.

Pay attention and do each step well, so that the setting process is carried out successfully.

So that you can use all the features on the Imoo kw watch well and maximally.