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How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners 2022

When uploading photos or images, make sure you upload a minimum of one photo and a maximum of eight products for each product.

But it would be better if you upload photos more than these requirements so that customers can freely see the quality of your products.

Before uploading photos, you should pay attention from every angle so that the results of the images you get are satisfactory.

Here are some general guidelines that you can use as guidelines for your product photos:

  • Use a clear background for a much better high resolution image.
  • Give a variety of angles when shooting, namely front, side, back and top.
  • Make sure the image ratio reaches 1:1.

2. How to sell on Lazada for beginners by checking the suitability of the product title and category

How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners
How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners by Checking the Suitability of Product Titles and Categories

Consumers who want to buy goods online need complete information about the goods they are going to buy.

For that you need to make complete information about the type, model and brand of each product you are going to sell.

Using the formula: brand + model + type + size each time you create a product name, this can increase the chances of the product being searched by buyers.

Tips or ways to sell on Lazada for beginners is to avoid using product names that are too general, such as:

  • (GDRJ) Blackcolor Paper 300 gsm a5 is 10 sheets.
  • (GUSJ) Swimsuit Cotton Combed 30s All Size.
  • (HGJK) Powder Import Color White 50 ml.

The example above is very commonly used by most online sellers, we recommend using the Lazada algorithm category suggestion.

3. How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners by Creating Interesting Descriptions

How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners
How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners by Creating an Attractive Description

Well, the last way to sell on Lazada for beginners is to make a description as attractive as possible so that it can attract many visitors.

Lazada has offered a long description feature that you can modify by creating simple infographics such as sales letters.

In addition, you can also upload items in the description or change the HTML as is commonly found when you have your own online store website.

There are two features that you can use to present long descriptions, namely, Lorikeet and Text Editor.

But make sure the description includes the following:

  • Advantages of your product.
  • Benefit from your product.
  • Product material details.
  • How to use the product.
  • Warranty.

Advantages of Selling on Lazada

How to Sell on Lazada for Beginners
Advantages of Selling on Lazada

Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you start a business using the Lazada Marketplace application, as follows:

A. Cheaper Process

By using Lazada Mobile you can take advantage to start your first online business without fail.

You just have to sell whenever and wherever you are by downloading the Lazada application on the Google Play Store.

After the application is installed you can immediately register by filling in the data on each requested document.

How to sell on Lazada for beginners like you don’t have to worry if you find difficulties when selling.

Because the Lazada Customer Service team will help you solve the problem.

B. Better Features

There is a Lazada feature that can also make it easier for you to monitor the progress and development of your online business from time to time.

Lazada Universay is also present as a special portal for Lazada sellers, on this portal you can learn various online sales tips to improve the products you offer.

The final word

Want to start an online business but confused about which application to use? Relax, now you can use the Lazada application to do business with ease.

The number of Marketplace applications currently supports you for those who want to start an online business and become a side business.

If you are a beginner, then you can follow some of the tricks above so that the product sells quickly and gains the trust of buyers.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to sell on Lazada for beginners 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.