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How to Reinstall HP Vivo 2022

How to Reinstall Vivo HP

How to Reinstall Vivo HP – Various problems that are quite annoying when you use HP, especially HP Vivo can be solved by resetting the device to factory conditions (reset).

Some problems that occur because they are caused by system errors such as lag or hangs can be overcome by resetting or installing guys.

In fact, this reset method is always relied on by most HP Vivo users to clean all personal data and settings on the device.

Resetting the device or installing it can be done easily, because it comes as a basic feature of all devices, including the HP Vivo.

So, if your Vivo cellphone often lags or suddenly stops, then you can take advantage of this feature to solve it, guys.

Well, here we will share some ways to reinstall HP Vivo that can be applied.

How to Reinstall Vivo HP

1. How to Reinstall HP Vivo via the Settings Menu

How to Reinstall Vivo HP
How to Reinstall Vivo HP via Settings Menu

The Settings menu is one of the menus that can be used to reinstall your Vivo HP so that it doesn’t hang or lag when used.

In this way, all data stored in the HP Vivo storage space including accounts, system settings and installed applications will be immediately deleted without having to do it one by one.

Moreover, if you activate the Format phone storage option, automatically all media files and documents such as videos, music and pictures will be deleted as well.

However, for cellphones that are not in good condition, it is recommended not to use this method, because they may experience problems and will not be able to enter the device settings.

If this happens, we recommend installing it through recovery mode, guys.

As for how to reinstall HP Vivo through the Settings menu as follows:

  • For the first step, please open the menu or page Settings / Settings / Settings on your Vivo HP.
  • Then find and enter the More Settings section.
  • Select the Backup and reset menu and then click the Erase all data option.
  • Please check the Format phone storage option if needed then press the Clear Now (Reset Phone) button.

2. How to Reinstall HP Vivo via Recovery Mode

How to Reinstall Vivo HP
How to Reinstall HP Vivo via Recovery Mode

Reinstalling HP Vivo via Recovery Mode is considered better and safer to do if you want your device to remain in good condition.

Here’s how to reinstall HP Vivo through Recovery Mode that can be applied:

  • Turn off your Vivo HP forcibly by pressing the Power button for a while when it hangs.
  • Then press the Power and Volume up buttons simultaneously until the Vivo logo is displayed.
  • Then select the Recovery Mode option first if you don’t enter directly.
  • Then select the Wipe data (Factory reset) menu and select the Wipe data method, from the various data wipe options displayed.
  • Please confirm by selecting the Wipe Data option.
  • If needed, please enter your HP security PIN or pattern.
  • Done and select the Reboot system menu (Reboot system now).

It is possible that the Recovery Mode on some Vivo devices will not support the touch feature, so it is recommended to use Volume buttons to navigate up or down and Power to confirm the selection.

The final word

Those are some ways that can be applied if you want to reinstall your Vivo HP.

Before carrying out the installation process, it is recommended to back up the data on the device first, so that your important data is not lost.

Because the install process will cause all data, files, documents and applications on the cellphone to be deleted, guys.