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How to record OPPO 2022 cellphone screen

How to Record OPPO HP Screen

How to record OPPO HP screen This can be done by two methods, namely without an application and using the help of an application.

HP OPPO currently has experienced many additions and developments in every feature in it.

In Indonesia itself, there are many types of HP brands that are quite well known and have their own advantages, one of which is OPPO.

HP OPPO has added value in the screen recording feature without additional applications that is practical and easy to use.

Screen recorder or screen recording is an application that is used to record every activity that is being run.

This is useful in running various tutorials on applications such as when using an application, as well as setting the device as needed or playing a game.

Well, in this article we will share with you about how to how to record OPPO cellphone screen with application and without application.

1. How to Record OPPO HP Screen Without Application

How to Record OPPO HP Screen
How to record an OPPO cellphone screen without an application
Recording the OPPO HP screen is the easiest option to use because it can be done without the need to install other applications, you can record the screen quickly.

However, this method has a drawback that sometimes some people don’t want to use because the minimalistic options or settings make people not want to use it.

However, for some people use screen recording without this application because it is considered easier and faster.

HP OPPO provides built-in features that can be used to record screens so that you can record every thing or activity that is done on HP OPPO.

Recording the cellphone screen is often done by people for certain purposes, such as saving online streaming videos or conference calls, recording games on cellphones and others.

The way to record the OPPO HP screen without using an application is as follows:

  • The first step, please visit the “Settings” on your OPPO phone.
  • Then find and use the option “Screen Recording“.
  • If so, on the page continue by selecting “Record Screen Taps“.
  • Then later the slider shifts and changes to the on position.
  • Please wait until a notification or warning appears that the screen recording process is already running.
  • Do the recording according to the required duration.
  • After that press on the button “Stop“.
  • Later the screen recording will be entered in the “Gallery“.
  • Done.

Actually the method is easy, but make sure that the memory on the OPPO HP is sufficient to be able to store the recorded video.

Usually the duration that can be recorded on screenshots without this application is a maximum of 30 minutes and of course it is quite capable.

This will adjust from the device’s ability to carry out activities to record the part of course.

2. How to Record OPPO HP Screen with Applications

How to Record OPPO HP Screen
How to Record OPPO HP Screen with Applications
Screen recording is a recording activity on certain pages on HP, this process is usually done to create content or documentation of an activity.

So don’t be surprised if many people want to find a way to record activity when using a cellphone.

Some OPPO HP users may not know how to record their own OPPO HP screen.

Even though how to use it is quite easy, you only need to do a few steps to be able to access the screen record feature.

If you are not happy with using the defaults from the existing OPPO cellphone, then you can use alternative applications.

It can be said that this method is the right solution to provide more practical screenshots.

If you look at the needs of today’s screen recorders, it is really necessary to stay productive in creating content.

How to record an OPPO HP screen using several alternative applications, which are as follows:

a. Screen Recorder With Audio and Editor

The screen recording application with this application is dominant enough to be used on every OPPO cellphone.

The development of this application has developed a special role that exists in each screen recorder application for the recording process.

How to record an OPPO HP screen with an application is very easy and is said to be quite light if you look at the type, which is 3 MB.

This application can also be used to screenshot videos on OPPO cellphones because the screenshot feature is already available on OPPO cellphones.

– (Download Screen Recorder Application With Audio and Editor)

b. Google Play Games

Because OPPO HP uses the Android operating system, this Google Play Games application is an alternative for recording while playing games.

You can get a resolution of 480p or 720p when making a video game based on the best screen recording.

In addition, usually the Google Play Games application is available by itself when buying an OPPO cellphone.

– (Download Google Play Games)

c. Background Video Recorder

If you only want to record in a not too long time, how to record the OPPO HP screen with the Background Video Recorder application can be the right solution.

Recording in the background and video on the screen can be done easily and quickly in the process.

The embedded features are also capable enough to make it easier to record in just one click.

– (Download the Background Video Recorder Application)

The final word

That’s the entire content of the discussion that we can share with you about how to record OPPO cellphone screen.

You need to know that each screen recording is only limited to a maximum of 30 minutes without using the application.

In addition, the sound emitted from the screen recording feature is also not available when other channels or applications use the microphone feature.

This makes the sound of the screen recording absent during a video call, you can just open the voice recorder and use the microphone sound one channel or app at a time.

That’s the information we can share with you about how to record screen on OPPO HP in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.