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How to Private Number Telkomsel 2022

How to Private Number Telkomsel

How to private number Telkomsel widely used by people who want more privacy regarding themselves so use this feature.

PT. Telkom Indonesia as a company engaged in providing information technology and telecommunications services so that it has many users.

However, not a few people are looking for ways to hide Telkomsel numbers that are used for certain purposes such as pranking friends and others.

Not only that, now there are many Telkomsel private number applications that are designed in such a way.

The way to call a Telkomsel private number is to disguise or hide your Telkomsel number when calling someone else through a certain dial code.

In the past, this private number was often used to prank people or to approach your crush if you didn’t want to be caught.

It turns out that this private number feature is provided by several providers, so indeed cellular service providers provide a private number feature to their customers.

Although this service is provided free of charge by the provider, not many people know about it, so many are looking to find out how.

Well, in this article we will discuss about Telkomsel private number method with some of the methods below.

Telkomsel Private Number

Actually, what is a Telkomsel private number? what is its function? Then how to make it?.

Private number is a way to hide Telkomsel number when calling or calling other people.

Usually when there is an incoming call you can see the caller’s number, with this private number feature you can hide your own phone number.

While the function of the private number itself is so that your phone number cannot be seen or recognized by others when in a call.

Of course this can maintain your privacy, especially if it is used to call unknown numbers.

Meanwhile, the Telkomsel private number method can be done through two methods, namely several methods.

For more details, please follow the steps that we have presented in full below.

How to Private Number Operator

1. Via Phone Settings

How to Private Number Telkomsel
Via Phone Settings
If you ever get a call from an unknown number or the number is not visible, then that person has hidden his phone number with a private number.

Octoberbe many people think that the private number feature is illegal.

However, in fact the private number is not an illegal feature and is even intentionally provided by some operators.

So, you don’t have to worry if you want to take advantage of this feature as long as it’s not used for crime.

The private number method can be activated through the phone settings menu so that in this way the private number will be permanently active.

And if you want to restore it, simply deactivate the settings again, here’s how the Telkomsel private number through the Phone settings menu is as follows:

  • The first step, please open the menu “Phone” on HP.
  • Then select the icon “Additional Settings” and click “Arrangement“.
  • After that you can deactivate “Caller ID and Spam Protection“.
  • You swipe down until you find the menu “Additional Services“.
  • After that click “Show Caller ID” on the SIM card you use to make calls.
  • Finally, change to option “Hide Number“.
  • Done.

2. Via Code Dial

How to Private Number Telkomsel
Via Dial Code
Many people want to use private numbers for various reasons, one of which is to prank friends.

However, what is certain is that the main reason for providers to provide this service is to protect the privacy or confidentiality of someone’s number.

Initially this feature was intended for special agents and government intelligence who needed the confidentiality of personal information more than other people in general.

If you only want to use the private number occasionally, then you can activate the private number via the dial code.

This dial code is available and can be activated for all operators, such as Telkomsel, XL, Axis, Indosat and others.

As for how to private Telkomsel numbers through the dial code, they are as follows:

  • The first step, please open the menu “Phone” on HP.
  • Next type “#31#” as a dial code.
  • Continue with the phone number you want to go to.
  • For example, if you want to call the number 0812999998889, do it like this: #31#0812999998889.
  • After that click “call” to start dialing the designated number.
  • Done.

3. Contact Customer Service

How to Private Number Telkomsel
Contact Customer Service
This last method is a surefire way to hide your Telkomsel number.

However, the Telkomsel number here must be a Halo number and no other such as Simpati, As, Loop.

The Telkomsel private number method itself is not complicated and definitely works, for more details, here’s how, as follows:

  • The first step, please ask CS first about activating the private number feature so that you know what is needed to activate the private number feature.
  • If you already know what you need, you can come to GraPARI and bring the items you need, then submit a request to activate the private number feature for your Telkomsel Halo number.

If you have problems coming to GraPARI, you can call then ask CS about what things must be prepared to be able to use the private number feature.

The list of customer service (CS) provider numbers that can be contacted are as follows:

  • Operator : Customer Service Number
  • Telkomsel : 188 / 0807 1811 811
  • Indoosat : 186 / (021) 30003000
  • Axis : 838 / 0838 8000 838
  • XL Axiata : 817 / (021) 579 59817
  • Tri1 : 32 / 0896 4400 123

The final word

That’s the entire content of the discussion that we can share with you about Telkomsel private number method.

That way, the person you are calling cannot see who is calling him if you use this private number feature.

However, you should use the private number feature for positive things and don’t use it for negative things or excessive fad.

That’s the information we can share with you about how to hide your Telkomsel number in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.