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How to Play Zepetto 2022 - Cara1001

can be done easily, but not yet widely known, especially by new players or beginners.

Zepetto is one of the games with a variety that can be played on a cellphone to get rid of boredom because you have been active all day.

In case you didn’t know, Zepeto is a game where you can create a digital character.

Not only creating characters, but Zepeto also allows you to interact like on social media.

In addition, in this game you can also save gold and diamonds to buy certain items or character designs, so that your character looks cooler.

Well, here we share information about how to play Zepetto that can be learned and applied.

Zepeto is a simple game to play, because basically you only need to complete the missions.

Meanwhile, to be able to play the game, there are several steps that must be done and one of them is creating an account.

For how to play Zepetto by creating an account, they are as follows:

  • First, download and install the Zepeto application via the following link (Download the Zepetto App).
  • Then you can directly register a Zepeto account using a Google, Facebook, Twitter or other social media account as you wish.
  • Then, select the initial character design first and then tap the Next button.
  • Enter the name of the character as desired and then choose how to register, for example here you use Continue with Google.
  • After that create a Zepeto ID and if you successfully register, you will be directed to the Zepeto home page.
  • Take and Complete Missions.

2. How to Play Zepetto

How to Play Zepetto
How to Play Zepetto

After successfully registering a Zepeto account, you can already play the game.

While the way to play it for the beginning is to take and complete the mission.

How to play Zepetto is as follows:

  • Select the mission you want to complete and then click the Go button.
  • Then search for the face design you want, for example, you choose hair.
  • Then click the Buy button to get the desired hair design.
  • Later, the desired hair design will be directly attached to the character.
  • After that you will be returned to the start page of Zepeto then tap on Mission.
  • Continue the steps by pressing the Rewards button to receive rewards after the mission is successfully completed.
  • Done.

3. How to Play Zepetto with Friends Chat

How to Play Zepetto
How to Play Zepetto with Friends Chat

Zepeto allows players to interact with other users, so you can talk to friends or acquaintances to enhance the experience of using this social media game.

For how to play Zepetto with chat friends, they are as follows:

  • The first step, please find a friend you want to chat with and you have to follow them. Wait until the friends you follow follow you back.
  • You can visit ‘Zepeto Town Street’ to find other users without having to search for usernames in the search field.
  • To start talking to other users on Zepeto, please click on the chat bubble and do the same for other users as well.

4. How to Play Zepetto with Virtual Friends

How to Play Zepetto
How to Play Zepetto with Virtual Friends

There are many interesting features in Zepeto that you won’t find in other applications, allowing you to apply how to play Zepetto with your virtual friends.

One of the features that can be used to play with virtual friends in the Zepetto game is the Photobooth feature.

After opening the Photobooth feature, you can have fun with other users.

‘Photobooth’ itself is a feature that allows users to virtual photos with other users with the background of several landmarks in the real world.

You can share the photos you get on Zepetto to other social media or you can just save them to the gallery.

In addition, there is a game similar to Flappy Bird, namely ‘Flying Ghost’ and users have the opportunity to earn coins.

Later, these coins can be used to buy several items such as costumes or others.

List of Menus or Features in Game Zepetto

How to Play Zepetto
List of Menus or Features in Game Zepetto

Not only focusing on knowing how to play Zepetto and completing missions, this game also has a variety of feature menus that you can try.

The list of menus or features in the Zepetto game is as follows:

1. Lucky Box Menu

First there is the Lucky Box menu. This menu serves to collect prizes such as rare character designs.

Examples of prizes that can be obtained include clothes, hair, hats, shoes and many others.

2. Menu Style

This menu can include a special menu because it is useful for finding character design inspiration.

In this menu, there are many popular character designs, ranging from styles with premium items (with diamonds) or ordinary ones (with gold).

3. Squad Menu

This Squad menu functions so that players can communicate with other Zepeto players in 1 group.

So, if you want to find a group, you can directly open the Squad menu then search for the group you want and then tap the Join button.

Later you will immediately join the squad and can be invited to play together.

4. Main Menu

This menu is somewhat similar to a mini game from Zepeto, because you can play certain games from Zepeto such as friendship tests, personality tests and others.

5. Character Menu

The Character menu serves to view a list of items that you have previously obtained.

Later all the items that you have, starting from those purchased in the store, reward results and more will be displayed.

6. Shop Menu

Next, there is a Shop menu that serves to view character design items that you don’t have.

All design items will appear in this menu, including premium items purchased with diamonds or gold.

7. Conversation Menu

Just like other social media, Zepeto also allows you to send messages with other players.

While how to use it is easy, you just need to enter the Conversation menu and then look for the contact of the Zepeto player you want to send a message to.

8. Profile Menu

Finally, there is a profile menu that serves to display discover like on Instagram.

In fact, you can also add new poses for characters such as editing profiles, viewing followers and various other functions.

The final word

This is information about how to play Zepetto which you can try and other information as we have mentioned.

The point here is that you have to register a new account first in order to play the game, then complete missions to get gold and diamonds.

You can also open the menus on Zepeto with their respective functions according to your wishes or needs.

If you want to get a lot of gold and diamonds, complete each mission given well. Hopefully useful and good luck.