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How to Play Skater 2022 - Cara1001

How to Play Skater

How to skate much sought after by those who are getting tired of cycling or taking classes at the gym.

Learning how to skateboard can be a fun new hobby to try, not only about Fun but this type of extreme sport can also make you addicted.

Playing Skateboard can make you look cool and swag in the eyes of girls because your handsomeness level will increase at that time! Hahaha

Before establishing yourself to learn Skateboard, you must first understand that this type of sport is high risk.

If you’re not careful when playing it, it can hurt your ankles from falling and even break your bones!

In order for your body to be flexible and good at maneuvering, you can do various skate tricks like a pro, regular training and high flying hours.

You can also be guided by a friend who plays skater who is more senior so that you can get the knowledge.

The learning process will be more exciting if you join the Skateboard community. Is there a skateboard workshop in your location?

In Jakarta, there are quite a number of places that you can explore to skateboard, there are Pasar Rebo Skatepark in East Jakarta, Kalijodo Skatepark in North Jakarta, FO Slipi Skatepark in West Jakarta and Skatepark Taman Budaya 2 Dukuh Atas in Central Jakarta.

Interestingly, almost all of these skateparks choose super complete facilities such as Mini Ramp, Bow & Poop, Half Pipe, Quarter Ramp, Bank, Down Rail Pyramid and others.

Especially for beginners who want to learn how to skatewe will share with you some tricks and tips so that you become a contemporary Skateboard slang.

1. How to Play Skater for Beginners

How to Play Skater
How to Play Skater for Beginners

Before knowing the basic tricks of skater, you must first know how to play skater correctly, easily and quickly for beginners, which are as follows:

Learn to Keep Balance

Skateboarding is not just about playing on a wheeled board, but in it there are several aspects that you must master starting from learning to maintain balance as a basic technique.

The first exercise is an exercise standing on a board with a stable, there are two ways of standing techniques that you can choose according to leg strength.

  • Regular: Left foot in front.
  • Goofy: Right foot in front.

Although it looks simple, in fact maintaining balance on a wheeled board is quite slippery and not as easy as imagined.

Choose a Skateboard that Fits Your Feet and Body Size

In the Skateboard world, there are two sizes of skate boards or skateboard decks that have different functions.

There is a Longboard which is fun to use for gliding on the run and there is also a Shorter Board which is convenient to maneuver in a skatepark where there is a Bowl or Pool.

The price range is quite varied, some are 200 thousand to millions.

Especially for those of you who are still beginners, it’s enough to use a board that costs hundreds of thousands.

If you already have qualified skills and are serious about this hobby, then you can use a quality and expensive Skater board.

Wear Complete Outfit

This point is quite important to note, especially for beginners whose skills are still shallow.

When you start learning to skateboard, wear comfortable clothes and if possible use a shirt and long pants so you don’t hurt your knees when you fall.

It would be great if you could use a helmet and knee protectors.

2. Basic Techniques of How to Play Skater

How to Play Skater
Basic Techniques of How to Play Skater

So that you can confidently admit to being a skateboarder in front of your crush, at least you must first master some of the basic techniques of how to play the skater below, including:


The easiest technique or way of skateboarding is to drive. Yes, you read it right!

Learn to move forward! Although it sounds ridiculous, the fact is that you have to learn to move forward because it is not as easy as you look.

You must have good balance and be confident to push the skateboard on one leg.

If you feel good at moving smoothly, then you can level up to learn Ollie.

Jumping Technique or Ollie

Ollie includes how to skate that needs to be mastered by beginners, if you can’t Ollie then don’t expect to be able to do Kickflip, pop-shove, heelflip and other cool skateboard tricks.

How to play? You’ll need to lift the board by stomping your foot against the end of the board until it’s lifted high.

The smoother or more Effortless your movements are, the better the skateboarding skills you have.


Already think you can Ollie? This means that you are ready to practice this new skateboarding technique, Kickflip.

Simply put, the way to do this technique is not much different from the name, your task is to make the Skateboard rotate and return to all positions through the beat of your feet.

Simply stand on the board with your right foot in front (45 degrees) and your back foot on the end of the board.

Then bend your right knee and step on the back end of the board until it lifts high, slide the toe of your right shoe over the board and jump when your board starts to flip.

This technique may sound difficult, but with the right mentor or teacher, patience and persistent practice every day you can do it.


This technique is similar to the Kickflip technique, except that the rotation of your board is controlled by the heel and not the forefoot.

For some people, how to skate is considered a little easier when compared to Kickflip.

This method is also very powerful to make you look cool in the eyes of your crush.

Airwalk Grab

This is the signature style to captivate the hearts of women on the skateboarding scene, namely AirWalk Grab!

To do this trick you have to grab the end of the board with one hand while floating in the air, if you can land or land perfectly on the ground then your skills are good for beginners.

The final word

Those are the Tricks and Tips or how to play skater that we can share and can be practiced by beginners.

By doing some of the tips above regularly and assisted by mentor guidance, of course you can become a professional player.

Because this is a type of sport that is risky and requires a lot of process, then you have to be patient and really pursue it.

You can share this article on social media so that others who don’t know and need it can access it easily.

For those of you who are interested in learning to play Skateboard for beginners, then the above can be used as a guide or reference.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you use Outfit or protective equipment so that you avoid getting injured during the learning process. That’s it and good luck!