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How to Play Crypto For Beginners 2022

This makes many people look for ways to play Crypto to be able to process assets or find additional income.

The reason is, Crypto assets can provide greater profits in a fairly short time.

On the other hand, Crypto also saves a lot of risk in it so that not a few investors lose money when playing crypto.

Especially beginners, so for those of you who want to take part in this trend, you must first study and find out the ins and outs of crypto.

For those of you who are curious about how to play Crypto for beginners You can listen to the discussion in the article below until it’s finished.

How to Play Crypto for New Beginners

How to Play Crypto For Beginners
How to Play Crypto for New Beginners

As a reminder, all types of investments must have risks, as well as playing crypto which also has a fairly large risk.

Therefore, you must know the exact steps to be taken in order to get the money.

For more details on how to play Crypto for beginners, see the steps that we share below, which are as follows:

1. Use Cold Money to Play Crypto

This one investment has a high risk so you should only play with cold money you have.

Cold money means money that will not be used in the near future or you have not allocated to a need.

In short, the cold money is the more treasure you have.

How to get cold money is of course done by completing all your routine obligations.

You have to pay bills, installments, set aside an emergency fund and savings before you finally get that cold cash.

The use of cold money is intended so that you do not increase the risk of investing when the cold money is lost and you also do not have to sacrifice money for other needs.

2. Choosing a Registered Digital Platform

For a safe way to play Crypto for beginners, you must also choose a digital platform that has been approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA).

The list of companies that already have permits to manage Crypto assets are as follows:

  • PT Crypto Indonesia Berkat (Tokocrypto)
  • PT Indonesia Digital Exchange (IDEX)
  • PT Pintu Kemana (Door)
  • PT Luno Indonesia (Luno)
  • PT Indodax National Indonesia (Indodax)
  • PT Zipmex Exchange Indonesia (Zipmex)
  • PT Cipta Koin Digital (Koinku)
  • PT Account Dotcom Indonesia (My Account)
  • PT Triniti Investama Berkat (Bitocto)
  • PT Tiga Inti Utama (Triv)
  • PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia (Upbit)
  • PT Plutonext Digital Asset (Plutonext)
  • PT Bursa Crypto Prima

3. Open an Account

After choosing a company to buy Crypto assets, you also need to register and open an account.

In the process of creating this account you need to enter personal data and personal email, so make sure to enter the appropriate data and use the correct email.

The reason is, the compatibility of personal data is very important in digital transactions so you don’t want your data to be stolen and cannot be opened because you use an incorrect email address.

After filling in the data, now is the time to verify the data.

Some digital platforms will ask for your selfie photo with your KTP and digital signature through the application.

You can wait for verification after and before you can finally start playing Crypto.

4. Making a Deposit

The next way to play Crypto for beginners is to make a deposit, to buy Crypto currency you must first make a deposit to the account that has been specified.

Adjust the value of the deposit with the financial capabilities you have, don’t spend too much so that it makes you uncontrollable in investing.

Also avoid depositing too small because it will only make your purchasing power limited.

5. Study Crypto Assets

Each Crypto asset has its own characteristics and characteristics, you must study and find out each asset before starting to choose it.

Please check all the information on the internet as well as reviews from previous packers.

There is nothing wrong with doing this to pay attention to the movement of each Crypto asset before you start choosing and determining it.

The movement of crypto assets is fairly fast so you should quickly get an idea in a few days or weeks.

6. Don’t rush into decisions

As we mentioned earlier, crypto assets go up and down quickly so you don’t have to rush to sell them.

There will still be an opportunity for the cryptocurrency to rise, so if you do how to play Crypto for beginners, don’t worry.

In fact, this can be your opportunity to buy it back, it is not impossible if the value of the assets you have will increase and you can get bigger profits later.

7. Invest in other instruments

Cryptocurrencies are indeed being loved by many people, but that doesn’t mean you immediately forget about other investment instruments.

Placing trust in other instruments can also reduce the risk of losing funds from crypto.

You can choose gold whose price is fairly stable, you can also put it on a very safe deposit.

Not only that, there are also other options that are no less good, namely Mutual Funds.

Mutual Fund Investments can maintain and manage your assets so that they continue to grow, the choice of mutual funds also varies from the money market, fixed income, to stocks.

Moreover, the capital required for mutual fund investment is relatively smaller.

So, you can start investing in mutual funds from the BMoney application starting from IDR 10 thousand!

Getting to Know Crypto Currencies

How to Play Crypto For Beginners
Getting to Know Crypto Currencies

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has blockchain technology so it cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

This currency is universal and can be accepted all over the world, there are many countries that already use this cryptocurrency as a legal payment.

For its use, crypto currency is decentralized so you no longer have to deal with other parties when transacting with this virtual currency.

This means that the transfer of ownership of this cryptocurrency is only from the first and second parties.

When transacting or playing Crypto for beginners with one cryptocurrency, you no longer need to change it to another value.

Unlike the case with conventional currencies which will have different values ​​in each country.

The Indonesian government has not actually ratified this crypto as a currency for buying and selling, so the MUI issued a fatwa haram for this cryptocurrency.

However, you can still play crypto for investment purposes and can only buy crypto currency and store it as an asset.

Crypto Money Attraction

How to Play Crypto For Beginners
Crypto Money Attraction

Crypto has a power that makes other people want to have it, just look at now many people are starting to play crypto as their investment choice.

The collection of crypto attractions as an investment asset and making many people do how to play Crypto for beginners include:

1. Diverse Currencies

So far, there are tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies circulating in the market, but not all of them can be found in the Indonesian market.

Even so, you can still get a large selection of cryptocurrencies.

Of course, the unit values ​​and prices offered also vary and some cryptocurrencies are also very strong in the market so they can be good investment assets.

2. Easy to get

Playing crypto is now very easy because there are various digital platforms that can be used to buy crypto assets.

Not only buying, but you can also sell them easily and bring in Rupiah back.

3. Can Rise Fast

One of the advantages of this cryptocurrency is that its price increases very drastically, which means you can get profits in a short time.

This will happen if the price of the cryptocurrency that you have soars.

4. Trends Captured By Many

The trend of playing crypto is on the rise right now, this is certainly very good for beginners who also want to take part.

This is because beginners can get a lot of information from news, webinars, to practitioners who are already in this world.

The final word

That’s our discussion about how to play Crypto for beginners What you need to know to increase your knowledge.

For those of you who are interested in jumping in and joining to invest with this Crypto currency, it is recommended to read the above review to completion.

If you don’t know how to play with this Crypto money, don’t just try it, especially with a high investment.

As a beginner, you can start with low capital until you know how to play and can generate rupiah back. Thank you and hopefully useful.