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How to Play Chess 2022 - Cara1001

How to Play Chess

How to play chess Of course it must be done using a strategy. Do you like games that use strategy?

If you like games or sports that are not too moving, then chess can be the best choice.

Do you know how to play chess? No need to worry, because on this occasion we will share with you an easy and fast way to win playing chess.

After reading this article, you can definitely play this game right away.

For more details and you are also not getting curious, please refer to the tutorial or how to play chess which we will share below. Listen to the end!

1. How to Play Chess by Arranging the Board and Arrange the Chess Pieces

How to Play Chess
How to Play Chess by Arranging the Board and Arrange the Chess Pieces

To start a game of chess, you have to arrange the board and arrange all the chess pieces first.

This is done so that the game can run well and you can also win the game.

The steps of how to play chess by arranging the position of the chess pieces are as follows:

  • The second row is filled with 8 pawns.
  • The two forts are located at the right and left corners of the first row.
  • Horses were placed beside the fort.
  • The elephant is next to the horse.
  • The queen is next to the elephant and is in the square that matches the color of the piece.
  • The king fills the last box.

2. How to Play Chess by Knowing the Moves of Chess Pieces

How to Play Chess
How to Play Chess by Knowing the Moves of Chess Pieces

There are several stages for how to play chess by moving chess pieces, the stages are as follows:

a. Points (Pawn)

A pawn is a piece or piece of chess that has the foremost position in a chess game, as a rule, a pawn can only move one square forward.

Except when you do the first step. Why? Because you can step as much as 2 squares.

So when attacking, the pawn can only eat the opponent in front of it diagonally and the pawn can only step forward and cannot retreat.

b. Fort (Rook)

Fortress is one of the pieces with the easiest movement to understand because it can go as far as you want.

However, the move can only go forward, backward, and sideways, it applies to attack or eat opponent’s pieces.

c. Horse (Knight)

Horses are the only chess pieces that have a unique move that is L-shaped with two squares when forward, backward, or sideways, and one space in turns.

Not only that, the horse is also the only piece that can “jump” off the board, unlike other pieces.

What’s more, horses cannot be blocked if there are pawns between your goal squares, making them suitable as a mainstay of playing chess.

d. Elephant (Bishop)

The pawn that can go far is the Elephant, even so the movement is only in a diagonal line and the box towards the destination is empty.

e. Queen (Queen)

The queen can be said to be the strongest piece because it can move in any direction as long as the space in the chess box is open.

By using the queen you can step anywhere either to the right, left, front, back and also diagonally.

f. King (King)

The king is the essence of chess because it determines the winner in the game, although it is called a king, the movement of this one piece is very limited because it can only move with one move (box) in all directions.

3. How to Play Chess by Understanding the Basic Rules

How to Play Chess
How to Play Chess by Understanding the Basic Rules

Many players don’t know how to play chess properly because they don’t know some of the basic rules of the game, as for these rules, including the following:

  • In a game of chess there are two players.
  • When playing the game, players must take turns, namely the player with the white chess piece goes first.
  • Pawns cannot pass through a box that is already filled with other pieces, except for the Horse piece because it has a different move and can jump over other pieces.
  • Pawns that are already held must be executed unless the pawn is impossible to execute such as being blocked by another pawn or the box in front of it is already filled.
  • Each piece has its own value as follows:
  1. Pawn worth 1
  2. Horse is worth 3
  3. Elephant is worth 3
  4. Fortress worth 5
  5. Queen is worth 9
  6. The king determines the winner
  • Check (Check) is a sign term when your opponent’s pawn is in a position to attack the king so you have to take the king out of check by getting out of the box, blocking with another pawn, or counterattacking the attacking piece.
  • Checkmate or commonly called Checkmate is a term to give a sign that the king is in a state of Check but cannot be protected anymore.

This means that the king’s position is locked so that it cannot be blocked and cannot move boxes (Putting the opponent’s king in “Checkmate” is the only way to win the game).

When a pawn can reach the last box or the opponent’s first box, then you can do a promotion by replacing the pawn with a more powerful piece such as a rook, horse, elephant, and queen.

4. How to Play Chess Using All Chess Pieces

How to Play Chess
How to Play Chess Using All Chess Pieces

How to play chess on this one is quite difficult and not everyone can do it, namely by moving all the chess pieces.

Even if you have a mainstay pawn, try to take advantage of all the pawns you have.

Because the more pieces you use, the more possible combinations of attacks you can do.

That way you can win the game very satisfactorily.

5. How to Play Chess by Learning Various Strategies

How to Play Chess
How to Play Chess by Learning Various Strategies

If you want to make the game more interesting, you can try playing chess using various strategies.

That way you can win the game faster and one of them is the opening strategy.

The opening strategy includes special techniques used at the start of the game.

The reason is, in the game of chess there are various types of opening strategies with various names such as Gambit, Defense, Attack and Others.

The final word

That’s the discussion of our article this time, which is about how to play chess easily and quickly to get the win.

For those of you who are still beginners, of course some of the tips and tricks above are very useful to learn and apply.

For those of you who want to improve your chess playing skills, it is recommended to keep practicing until you really master the playing techniques above.

You can also take chess classes if you want to be trained directly by the experts and play with people whose skills are already qualified.

GM Irene is the first International Grand Master in Indonesia as well as the winner of the Indonesian Women’s Chess Championship four times in a row from 2006 to 2010.

If interested, you can take the chess class to hone your skill level or playing ability.

Or if you want to practice alone at home, you can invite friends who have the same hobby and apply this trick. Thank you and hopefully useful.