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How to Pay FIF Through Brimo 2022

How to Pay FIF Through Brimo

How to pay FIF via Brimo is one of the conveniences offered by Bank BRI for its users to be able to pay Multifinance bills or finance installments using the Brimo application.

To make a payment, you only need to log in to the BRImo application and select Installment Finance.

When doing this step, make sure you are registered as a BRI Bank customer and have the BRImo application.

The reason is, when you are still using the old BRI Mobile application, payments to FIF can be done very easily because of its complete features.

Then when the BRI application was updated, some features were missing and it made some users have difficulty in making payments and having to switch to using ATMs.

After a few months, the latest installment payments or FIF installments at BRImo appear and can be used.

For those of you who don’t know how to pay FIF via Brimoplease refer to the discussion of the article below to the end.

1. How to Pay FIF Through the Latest Brimo

How to Pay FIF Through Brimo
How to Pay FIF Through the Latest Brimo

As for how to pay FIF through Brimo that you can follow as a guide, they are as follows:

Step 1: Please Login to the Latest BRImo Application

Please enter your latest BRImo account Username and Password (Account password and not your ATM password).

Don’t be mistaken, if ATM is only numbers, while for BRImo there will be a combination of numbers and letters.

Step 2: Select “More” Menu When on App Main Page

On the main page of the application will appear several menus that users often use.

To pay installments or FIF installments, you must select the next menu so that you can find the “Instalment” menu.

Step 3: Select the “Instalment” menu

In the installment menu, two columns will appear, namely “Type of Installment and Customer Number” Please fill in correctly.

Then on this type of installment you will be directed to the FIF payment menu and when the application is opened there will be only a few services and installments because FIF is already available.

Step 4: Select Menu “FIF Installment” and Enter Contract Number or Customer

After clicking the FIF installment menu, wait a few moments and the application will display a box screen to fill in the FIF customer number.

Step 5: Select “Pay”

The last step is to pay the bill and get a successful transaction SMS report indicating the payment was successful.

Usually there will be a notification on your Smartphone informing you whether the payment was successful or not.

Note: If you don’t have the BRImo application from Bank BRI, then you can download it directly by clicking the link that we provide below.

Download the BRImo Play Store App

FIF Installment Payment Types

How to Pay FIF Through Brimo
FIF Installment Payment Types

The following are several types of installment payments at FIF that you can make through BRI Mobile (BRImo), including:

  • Motorcycle Installment Payment
  • Car Installment Payment
  • Investment Credit Installment Payment
  • Loan Installment Payment
  • Goods Credit Installment
All of the above payments can be made easily with the condition that you must memorize the loan registration number.

Why? Because the code will be entered as a payment code later.

In addition to paying FIF through BRImo, you can also pay FIF installments through the following:

  • Direct payment at FIF Branch Office
  • Installment Payment Via Alfamart
  • Installment Payment Through Indomart
  • Installment Payment via BRI Link Agent

Experience Paying FIF Installments Using BRIMO

How to Pay FIF Through Brimo
Experience Paying FIF Installments Using BRIMO

Based on experience, in addition to paying FIF through Brimo, several people have also done FIF installment payments in several ways.

At first they used the old BRI Mobile Banking application, although it looked old-school but had complete features.

As time goes by BRIMO then updates and this makes some people who use it disappointed.

The installment menu that has been needed so far has disappeared, so the results have to come to the office directly to pay the deposit.

Although there are no additional fees because transactions at the FIF Teller are direct, in this digital era, people want to pay instantly.

Because the company has collaborated with several banks such as BRI, users now don’t need to be confused anymore to make payments.

Through the Bank, both Bank and FIF customers can choose the available options via SMS Banking or M-Banking.

If you want to use the M-Banking option, make sure you have switched from BRI Mobile to BRIMO.

As is known, Brimo includes an update from the previous version where there are many complete features, including installment or installment payments.

Benefits of Paying FIF Through BRImo

How to Pay FIF Through Brimo
Benefits of Paying FIF Through BRImo

Of course, there are many benefits that you can get when you use BRImo, one of which is as a method or method of paying FIF through Brimo.

The other benefits that you can get include the following:

  • Easy and fast process.
  • Direct payment verified.
  • Low admin fees.
  • Automatic transaction history saved.

The final word

That’s the information we can share about how to pay FIF via BRImo which you can try to practice.

Some people have tried how to pay FIF through an ATM, it’s quite easy, it’s just that the queue at the ATM is very long so people are lazy to do it.

This will also waste time, especially if there are users who use ATMs for a long time as if they were their own.

Because now BRIMO has brought up the FIF payment feature, you no longer need to come to the ATM.

Other users can also make installment or installment transactions very easily.

Hopefully with this information and tutorial it can help you to make transactions quickly.

To get the latest and related information, you can visit our website and get the desired article. That’s it and good luck!