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How to Parallel Cable TV at Home 2022

currently being sought after by TV users and of course everyone wants something efficient.

Now along with the times, now you can do everything efficiently, including getting television broadcasts.

As we know, that television or what is often called TV is one of the most widely used electronic devices by Indonesian people today.

To use this TV, you must first connect it to the antenna. The antenna itself is a useful tool for capturing signal transmissions so that television can display images of TV shows according to their coverage area.

In the process of connecting the cable, it would be nice if you did it in a state of power failure in order to prevent yourself from electric shock.

Easy steps how to parallel a good TV antenna is 1 way parallel remote indihome using a lan cable. The number of receivers according to the needs of the channel.

The cable TV business is currently getting more and more in demand, starting in villages where it is difficult to get television broadcasts through uhf and vhf wave receivers.

It even spreads to big cities which can easily receive television broadcasts from transmitters.

Keep in mind, there are basically 2 types of electrical circuits, guys, namely series and parallel circuits.

This method is one of the easiest ways to apply in the installation of parallel cable tv installations in one house, you guys.

And in the activity of watching television at home, of course, every family member has their own favorite program.

If the broadcast times don’t coincide, it’s not a problem, but what can be a problem if the broadcast hours of each family member’s favorite shows are the same, surely there will be a struggle, right!

If this happens, then the best solution is to add a receiver and television set so that there is no more fighting.

Then what if you want to install 2 receivers at once, so that if there are family members who want to watch a different program, the two receivers can be used.

Where, the parallel referred to in this discussion is an active parallel. This means that each television or receiver can broadcast different channels from one another.

Thus, of course, you need an additional receiver in accordance with the added television, guys.

Keep in mind, in general there are actually two kinds of parallel cable TV ways that can be done in your home.

For that, according to the title of the article above, on this occasion we will discuss it for you about the parallel method and precisely the parallel way of cable TV.

So for those who are looking for information or want to know how to parallel cable TV at homethen see the full review below.

1. How to Parallel Cable TV at Home Using a Splitter

How to Parallel Cable TV at Home
How to Parallel Cable TV at Home Using a Splitter

First, for the parallel way using a Splitter, this is arguably the easiest way to be applied to cable TV installations in one house, you guys.

Because by using this method, you only need to add a tool called Splitter and Connector and Coaxial cable (cable length adjusts to the location of the television)

And in the Splitter there are two lines that are used to connect the Coaxial cable from the LNB to the receiver, the line is the input line (1 line) and the output line (2 lines).

The splitter only divides the 2 signals received from the LNB, either Ku Bank or C Band without any adjustment or amplification of the output voltage.

So it is recommended not to use a cable that is too long, because if the cable is too long it will result in the function of the Splitter being reduced.

Ideally, the cable used is less than 10 meters long, so that cable TV installations that use a Splitter can still function properly.

As for this time it’s a step for how to parallel cable TV at home using Splitter are as follows:

  • The first step, please connect the Coaxial cable from the LNB to the Line In Splitter.
  • Then you can also directly connect the Coaxial cable from the Line Out Splitter to each receiver.
  • And the parallel way using Splitter is done. Please just turn on the TV and receiver, then enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Which is where, this Splitter can be found at the nearest electronic stores in your city or at an online shop with a range of between 20-30 thousands.

One thing that Splitter users need to know for parallel, the second television set can only watch broadcasts in the same polarization as the first television.

2. How to Parallel Cable TV at Home Using a Dual Out LNB

How to Parallel Cable TV at Home
How to Parallel Cable TV at Home Using a Dual Out LNB

Second, the parallel way of using the Dual Out LNB is more recommended or recommended than using the first method.

A Dual Out LNB is an LNB that has dual (2) pure outputs (not a dual polarization LNB), where each output has a vertical and horizontal polarity. So that way, there will be no tug of war between decoders.

If how to parallel cable TV at home by using a Dual Out LNB, each decoder will immediately receive a signal from the LNB output.

And if you use more than one LNB (2-4 LNB), please just combine it with diseq 1.0 on each decoder, guys.

Which, this Dual Out LNB can be found at satellite dish shops in your city or online shop for around 75 thousand for Ku Band. While 150 thousand for C Band and S Band.

The final word

Well that’s two how to parallel cable TV at home which we have shared above for all of you, so that way you will not be confused anymore.

Octoberbe if you are interested in trying it, please choose the method that suits you and you think is the best and easiest to do.

Hopefully it can be useful and also helpful and can be used as reference material for those of you who will parallel the cable TV installation.

And if you think this information is important enough, then you can share it with your friends or to your social media accounts. That’s all and good luck.