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How to Make Videos HD in Capcut 2022

How To Make Videos Into HD in Capcut

How To Make Videos Into HD in Capcut currently being sought after by smartphone users.

Quality videos are not only seen from the content or taking pictures, but videos with smooth and sharp images are also included in the criteria for quality videos.

It’s not easy to make an HD video because it takes skill and patience, guys.

However, with the development of the times, of course there are various kinds of applications that appear and of course facilitate your various activities. One of them is Capcut.

Which is, Capcut itself is one of the video editing applications on Android phones with many features in it.

Many content creators especially on TikTok use this application to edit their video content.

For example, making pause videos, making transition videos, editing anime videos, short movies and many others.

In making videos, one of the things that counts the most is the appearance of the video, guys.

Many content creators complain that when exporting an edited video it looks smudged and not HD.

This will make followers who watch your video dissatisfied, thus giving negative comments. Especially if most of them are devotees of HD graphics.

Actually, to produce videos with HD display, you only need to make some settings in video editing and when exporting them and you can do this in the Capcut application.

Now in this discussion, we will discuss how to convert or make a video into an HP in Capcut.

In this way, it is hoped that the video that you export will be clearer and better, you know, guys.

And as we wrote above, nowadays most people really need HD video and the results are indeed better to see. But, what’s the point if you don’t know how.

For those of you who don’t know and are new to Capcut, then you can follow the guide we provide regarding how to make video to HD in Capcut below this.

1. How to make videos into HD in the latest Capcut

How To Make Videos Into HD in Capcut
How to make videos into HD in the latest Capcut

As for the steps for how to make video to HD in Capcut which you can easily follow are as follows:

  • The first step you have to do is open the Capcut application on the Android or iOS you are using.
  • Then enter the video by clicking New Project > select video to make HD > Add.
  • Then you can directly click the Overay menu > Add Overlay > Photo select a black photo > Add and then adjust the black photo until it fills the layer.
  • Which, please adjust the duration of the black photo until it matches the main video.
  • Click Merge > Soft > lower the opacity to 75 to 85.
  • After that please go to Filter, then increase the Saturation and Lighting to the needs of the video.
  • The next step is to adjust the filter duration to the main video.
  • Well, if everything is set, please export the video and see the results.

2. The Advantages of Editing Videos to HD in the Capcut Application

How To Make Videos Into HD in Capcut
The Advantages of Editing Videos to HD in the Capcut Application

Well, after you know how to make video to HD in Capcut. Now you should know the advantages of editing videos to HD in the Capcut application, which are as follows:

An Android app is made for the convenience of its users and that’s what this one of the best editor apps has to offer.

With a very simple display, you can get various needs to beautify videos and photos.

Which is where the tools provided are also quite a lot with of course the basic tools such as Cut, Reserve and speed are also definitely available.

  • Advance with High Enough Quality

One of the next advantages is when you download the Capcut pro mod Apk, which is high quality with various advanced settings, but can be used very easily.

  • Has Various Features

The Capcut app brings a wide range of useful editing features, creative effects, filters, stickers and video fonts and templates to easily produce great videos.

Starting from the font or text, you can choose the type, color and even the transition of the text, you guys.

Now with the features of Capcut, you can make your videos more interesting and unique. You can apply it according to your own creativity.

3. Is this Tutorial How to Make or Convert Videos to HD in Capcut Guaranteed to Work?

How To Make Videos Into HD in Capcut
Is this Tutorial How to Make or Convert Videos to HD in Capcut Guaranteed to Work?

Please note, there is no guarantee that this method will work 100%. Where some experiments were carried out, only anime videos could be made a little clearer and HD in this way.

But unfortunately for other videos, the results are not very satisfying, guys and it can be said that this makes you a little annoyed.

But, at least the method above is worth trying on your video who knows if it works because most of the people who tried it said that it worked.

The final word

Well, that’s how to make videos into HD in Capcut along with the advantages of the Capcut application that we have shared above for you, that way you won’t be confused anymore.

How easy enough isn’t it to do? And of course the above method will not spend so much of your time, guys.

If you want to try it, then you can immediately follow the above method correctly and precisely so that the process is successful.

However, you need to remember that this method does not 100% guarantee that your video can be HD.

However, at least it can make the video you have clearer and if you think this information is important, please share it on your social media accounts. Hopefully useful and good luck.