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How to Make Potions in Minecraft 2022

How to Make Potions in Minecraft

How to make potions in Minecraft can make it easier for us to do activities in Minecraft.

For example, by using the water breathing potion we can dive in water for a long time so that we can explore the underwater world freely.

You can also make a fire resistance potion so you don’t have to worry about fire, even swimming in the lava is okay with being afraid of getting burned and dying.

In addition to the two examples of ingredients above, in fact there are still many herbs that can be used and of course have different effects.

Well, for those of you who don’t know about how to make a potion, this time will discuss about how to make potions in Minecraft.

Minecraft Potion Making Tools & Materials

There are several lists of materials you need, including being in the Nether so you need to build a portal, enter the underworld, defeat monsters and find the Nether Fortress.

You need to remember, every block taken in the Nether is equal to eight blocks taken in Overworld.

The tools and materials for making potions in Minecraft are as follows:

a. Tool

Serves as a place for potions and when the potion has been used the glass bottle can be reused.
To make it, you need to burn sand to make glass, then the glass can be made into glass bottles.

Made of fire sticks and cobblestones, the potting stand served as a place for the potion-making process.

It can hold up to 3 bottles of water so you don’t have to go far to find a water source.

b. Materials

  • Netter Wart, can be found in Netter, precisely growing on the sand of the soul in the Netter fortress.
  • Sugar, made from pieces of sugar cane.
  • Pufferfish, obtained by fishing.
  • Spider Eyes, obtained by defeating ordinary or cave spiders and witches.
  • Spider Eye Fermentation, made by combining spider eyes, mushrooms and sugar.
  • Glitter Melon, made by placing 8 Gold Nuggets around a melon.
  • Golden Carrots, made by placing 8 Gold Nuggets around a carrot.
  • Flame Powder, made from a single flaming stick dropped by the flames.
  • Cream Magma, obtained by defeating Magma Cubes or creating them by combining flaming powder and slime balls.
  • Ghast Tears, obtained by defeating ghasts.
  • Rabbit’s Foot, obtained by defeating the rabbit.
  • Ghost Membrane, obtained by defeating ghosts.
  • Turtle Shell, made from 5 skates obtained from turtles that are growing up.
  • Red Stone, obtained by mining with an iron pickaxe or higher.
  • Shining Stone Dust, obtained by breaking the shining stone blocks in Netter. Each block will produce 4 shining stone dust.
  • Gunpowder, obtained by defeating creepers, ghasts, and mages.
  • Dragon’s Breath, obtained with a glass bottle when the ender dragon emits fire.

1. How to Make Potions in Minecraft

How to Make Potions in Minecraft
How to Make Potions in Minecraft
If you play Minecraft in Survival Mode, crafting potions can be useful for you to increase melee attacks, speed even to breathe underwater.

Immediately, you follow the guide on how to make potions in Minecraft and even potions that you can throw at the enemy, which are as follows:

  • The first step, please fill the glass bottle with water from a water source or crater.
  • Please place the bottle filled with water and fire powder into the banquet holder.
  • You can place 3 bottles at a time in the brewing holder, while the burning powder will serve as fuel which will run out after 20 uses.
  • After placing the water bottle and fire powder, you need to make the basic ingredients first and there are 4 basic ingredients that can be made, namely:
    • Awkward Potionmade with a water bottle with added Netter Wart.
    • Thick Potionmade with bottled water and added Glowstone Dust.
    • Long Mundane Potion, made with a water bottle plus one of the following ingredients: Spider Eye, Sugar, Pufferfish, Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, Ghast Tear, Rabbit’s Foot, Phantom Membrane, Turtle Shell.
    • Mundane Potionmade with Redstone-added water bottles.

Because the basic potions have no effect at all when used, the next step is to add the main ingredients to the basic potions in order to make potions useful or have effects.

The main ingredients that can trigger the effects of the basic ingredients are as follows:

  • Awkward Potion + Golden Carrot:

Night Vision Potion so you can see in the dark for 3 minutes.

  • Awkward Potion + Blaze Powder:

Strength Potion to increase (+130) attack damage for 3 minutes.

  • Awkward Potion + Pufferfish:

Water Breathing Potion so you can breathe underwater for 3 minutes.

  • Awkward Potion + Magma Cream:

Fire Resistance Potion to resist fire and lava for 3 minutes.

Speed ​​Potion to increase (+20) speed for 3 minutes.

  • Awkward Potion + Glistering Melon:

Healing Potion to restore 2 hearts instantly.

  • Awkward Potion + Ghast Tear:

Regeneration Potion can restore 1 heart every 2 seconds for 45 seconds.

  • Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot:

Leap Potion so you can jump block higher for 3 minutes.

  • Awkward Potion + Tortoise Shell:

Master Tortoise Potion can reduce (-60) speed for 20 seconds.

  • Awkward Potion + Ghost Membrane:

Slowly Fall Potion to reduce the speed of the moment from the air for 1.5 minutes.

  • Awkward Potion + Spider Eye:

Poison Potion to remove 1 heart every 3 seconds for 45 seconds.

2. Adding Enhancements or Modifiers

How to Make Potions in Minecraft
Adding Enhancers or Modifiers
If you want to improve or change the potions that have been made above, you can add materials such as Redstone, Glowstone Dust, and Fermented Spider Eye.

Each ingredient how to make potions in Minecraft will have different effects and can even make new potions, but not all potions can be added to this ingredient.

Here’s a list of potions that can be upgraded or changed and their results:

  • Night Vision Potion + Redstone:

Night Vision Potion+ (can see in the dark for 8 minutes).

  • Night Vision Potion + Fermented Spider Eye:

Disappearing Potion (make invisible for 3 minutes).

  • Invisible Potion + Redstone:

Disappearing Potion+(make invisible for 8 minutes).

  • Strength Potion + Redstone:

Strength Potion+ (increases (+130) attack damage for 8 minutes).

  • Power Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Strength Potion II (increases (+260) attack damage for 1.5 minutes).

  • Strength Potion + Fermented Spider Eye:

Weakness Potion (reduces (-0.5) attack damage for 1.5 minutes).

  • Weakness Potion + Redstone:

Weakness Potion+ (reduces (-0.5) attack damage for 4 minutes).

  • Water Breathing Potion + Redstone:

Water Breathing Potion+ (can breathe underwater for 8 minutes).

  • Fire Resistance Potion + Redstone:

Fire Resistance Potion+ (resist to fire and lava for 8 minutes).

  • Ramusn Speed ​​+ Redstone:

Speed ​​Potion+ (increases (+20) speed for 8 minutes).

  • Speed ​​Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Speed ​​Potion II (increases (+40) speed for 1.5 minutes).

  • Healing Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Healing Potion II (recovers 4 hearts instantly).

  • Regeneration Potion + Redstone:

Regeneration Potion+ (recovers 1 heart every 2 seconds for 2 minutes).

  • Regeneration Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Regeneration Potion II (recovers 1 heart every second for 22 seconds).

  • Regeneration Potion + Fermented Spider Eye:

Potion of Decay (Winter II for 40 seconds).

  • Leap Potion + Redstone:

Leap Potion+ (can jump block higher for 8 minutes).

  • Leap Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Leap Potion II (can jump 1 block higher for 1.5 minutes).

  • Tortoise Master Potion + Redstone:

Master Tortoise Potion+ (reduces (-60) speed for 40 seconds).

  • Master Tortoise Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Master Tortoise Potion II (reduces (-90) speed).

  • Slowly Falling Potion + Redstone:

Slowly Falling Potion+ (reduces current speed from the air for 4 minutes).

Poison Potion+ (removes 1 heart every 3 seconds for 2 minutes).

  • Poison Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Poison Potion II (removes 1 heart every second for 22 seconds).

  • Poison/Healer Potion + Fermented Spider Eye:

Woe Potion (reduces 3 hearts instantly).

  • Poison Potion II/ Healer II + Fermented Spider Eye:

Woe Potion II (reduces 6 hearts directly).

  • Woe Potion/ Glowstone Dust:

Woe Potion II (reduces 6 hearts directly).

  • Speed/Leap Potion + Fermented Spider Eye:

Slowness Potion (reduces (-15) speed for 1.5 minutes).

  • Potion Speed+/ Leap+ + Fermented Spider Eye:

Slowness Potion+ ( reduces (-15) speed for 4 minutes).

  • Slowness Potion + Redstone:

Slowness Potion+ (reduces (-15) speed for 4 minutes).

  • Slowness Potion + Glowstone Dust:

Slowness Potion IV (reduces (-60) speed for 20 seconds).

The final word

That’s the entire content of the discussion that we can share with you about how to make potions in Minecraft.

There are so many ingredients in the Minecraft game itself that you won’t be confused about it now.

However, make sure you immediately know how to make potions in Minecraft so you won’t be confused later after you know what recipes have appeared now.

That’s the information we can share with you about how to make potions in Minecraft in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.