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How to Make LINE No Punctuation 2022

How to make lines without punctuation

Where at that time you are lazy to reply to someone’s chat, what’s more, if you open the message, you are afraid that you will be caught reading the message.

In fact, you don’t feel good if you don’t reply to the chat right away, where you use the Line application, which has no settings to hide notifications, whether the message has been read or not.

How about it? So, who said the Line application can’t read the chat without being caught by the person who sent the chat? So let’s see how to prevent Line from having punctuation marks.

Discussion on how to make lines without punctuation

Well there is a way that is quite simple actually, you only need an additional application called recent notification.

Where most of you have heard of the name of the application, here I will not explain in detail about the application.

If you are still curious and want to know more about the recent notification application, then please visit the recent notification application site via the following link (

Long story short, the application is very functioning to record all incoming messages from the smartphone, later all messages that have been entered can be read in the recent notification application, you know.

That way you don’t need to anymore, you know, open the message directly in the Line application without the need to be caught by the sender of the message.

So here’s how to make Line without punctuation easily, you know, then follow and see the reviews below.

How to make lines without punctuation

1. How to make LINE no punctuation

How to make lines without punctuation
How to make LINE no punctuation

Even this method, you know, is very simple, but for those of you who have never set up this Line application, there may be a little confusion and don’t miss the explanation below.

That way, let’s follow the steps on how to make Line no punctuation marks, which you can see in the following reviews:

  • First you install the Recent Notification application, after that please visit the application download site on Playstore via the following link (
  • Well, for you the application is not required to be used, you can even use other applications that have the exact same function, in this article we recommend the application because this application has many downloads.
  • After that you open the Recent Notification application, then click on the Get Started menu.
  • Then you will be asked to give certain permissions to the application, so you just press “Continue”.
  • After that, you will be taken to the “Notification Access” setting as shown on the page below on the Notification Access menu, then click the checkmark for the Recent Notification icon so that it turns green, then click and a permission notification will appear for the Smartphone device, continue clicking Allow.

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  • For this last step, so that the settings are complete and ready to use, then click the Continue menu > Test Notification is complete.
  • If you have set it as above, where recent notifications can record messages from their cellphones, after that you wait for incoming messages in the Line application so you can read this message through the Recent Notification application.

The final word

How about it guys, it’s very easy to make the line without punctuation at the top without even being caught by the chatting opponent, you know.

You need to remember, yes, this method above can be done, you know, but you can’t use this method to run away from the problems you are facing.

Even other interests that are very detrimental to others, maybe this method can be used if you are lazy to reply to messages from someone aka mager.

That’s the discussion of our entire article about how to make line no punctuation 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.