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How to Make a GIF on Instagram 2022

How to Make a GIF on Instagram

How to make a gif on Instagram It’s very easy, Instagram is now a part of social media marketing that is a mainstay of marketers, one of the interesting content on Instagram Stories is GIFs and how to make animations so easy.

So marketers or social media managers can not only use existing GIFs on Instagram, but you can also use personal GIFs for branding.

In addition to making content look more attractive, personal GIFs can also give identity to your brand, and you can also display moving GIFs that will make it look more attractive.

Did you know that making moving stickers or GIFs is actually very easy, you just need to access an application that is dedicated to this activity and upload it to Instagram so that it can be used at any time.

For more details, on this occasion we will share information about how to make a GIF on Instagram with several applications and sites that support this, and see the following reviews.

1. Create Instagram Stickers Using Giphy

How to Make a GIF on Instagram
Make Instagram Stickers Using Giphy

You can use the Giphy site which does work with Instagram to create attractive GIF stickers that you can put into your Instagram account very practically.

This site has a variety of images in GIF format in other words moving images that are often found on Instagram, you can make them with this site too.

Well, see the first step on how to make a GIF on Instagram, what you have to do to start making Instagram stickers that you can follow is as follows:

  • Go to the page. or click on the following link (Here’s the Giphy Site Link).
  • After logging into the Giphy site, click the “Create” button in the upper right corner of the site page.
  • Then upload the photo or image that you will use for the GIF.
  • To make GIF stickers appear moving, upload two images that are slightly different in position, shape, or color on the web page.
  • After that, click the “Continue to Decorate” option.
  • You can add text or other animations at this stage.
  • If it is finished, then you click “Continue to Upload” on the page.
  • Add tags or keywords to make it easier for you to find them in the GIF column.
  • After you finish uploading, you can’t immediately use this Instagram sticker.
  • Wait a few moments for Giphy to verify and rate your sticker.
  • Done, you can also input GIFs to Instagram.

2. Create Instagram Stickers with GBOX

How to Make a GIF on Instagram
Make Instagram Stickers with GBOX

How to make Instagram GIF stickers is to use the GBOX application, which is one application that is often used by GIF makers to make their own creations.

Check out the steps on how to make a GIF on Instagram with GBOX that you can follow, which are as follows:

  • First, make a video recording first using your cellphone camera, respectively.
  • Remove the background behind using the site and re-download it in GIF format.
  • Then, download the GBOX application on the Play Store or via the following link (Download the GBOX App for Android).
  • After that, open Instagram Story and press in the middle until the keyboard appears.
  • Then, click the photo icon at the bottom.
  • There will appear the GIF that you previously downloaded earlier.
  • Then, click on the GIF then the sticker will immediately appear in your story.

You need to know, if you make stickers this way then its use is limited to personal use only, so other people will not be able to use the same GIF as your own.

3. How to Create a GIF on Instagram with AnySticker

How to Make a GIF on Instagram
How to Make a GIF on Instagram with AnySticker

Another solution, which you can use is the AnySticke application, you can create your own new sticker that matches the theme of the content or activity that you are going to upload.

But you need to understand that, this application only allows you to create text stickers such as hashtag stickers which are the default from Instagram in general.

But you don’t need to worry, you can be creative with the text, icons, and colors in the GIF, and see the steps on how to make a GIF on Instagram using AnySticker that you can try, which are as follows:

  • Download the AnySticker application on GooglePlay or via the following link (Download AnySticker App for Android).
  • Open the application and press the “Create Sticker” button, you can also choose the themes that are available in this application.
  • Then, you will be directed to a page where you can add text, choose a color, and choose an icon
  • The next step you will choose the background for the story to be created.
  • After that, you select the “Add to Instagram Story” button.
  • You will be redirected to the Insta-Stories page where you can adjust the sticker size.

How, very easy isn’t it to create and upload your own stickers on Instagram?
it is as easy as making your own WhatsApp stickers.

FAQ How to Make GIF on Instagram

How to Make a GIF on Instagram
FAQ How to Make GIF on Instagram

There are so many questions about how to make GIFs on Instagram and other questions at this time, because GIFs are often used by social media users, such as the questions below.

How to upload GIF to Instagram?

There are two ways you can do the first way is to upload a GIF via If your GIF is verified or worthy of showing, then the automatically generated GIF will be searchable on Instagram.

The second way is manual, namely by making your own GIF and then uploading it to Instastory with the GBOX application, because this application is really widely used at this time.

The final word

Those were some explanations how to make a GIF on Instagram 2022 with some of the applications we recommended above, and indeed these applications are very powerful.

You can be creative with the applications above, and you can create a brand from products sold for promotion on Instagram to increase buyer interest.

Don’t forget to share this article’s information to your social media accounts and friends or close relatives who don’t know how to make GIFs to increase their knowledge.

That’s all of our discussion in this article, about how to make GIFs very easily that you can use for personal purposes. Hopefully useful and good luck.