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How to Login LinkAja without OTP code 2022

How to Login LinkAja Without OTP Code

How to login Linkaja without OTP code Very easy to do, LinkAja has recently become one of the most popular e-wallet or digital wallet applications.

Because its prestige is increasing day by day after the number of advertisements in several major media and in collaboration with various merchants.

LinkAja offers many advantages, this is what will make it successful in attracting the hearts of Indonesian people to use it, especially in this era.

E-wallet users are on the rise, plus LinkAja is a subsidiary of a state-owned company so the potential for development will continue to be sustainable.

It is possible that the previous application called TCASH will dominate the Indonesian digital wallet industry beating other competitors who are already popular first.

Like OVO and GoPay, that’s how LinkAja’s brief explanation is, then we will share information how to login LinkAja without OTP code as follows.

1. How to Login LinkAja Without OTP Code

How to Login LinkAja Without OTP Code
How to Login LinkAja Without OTP Code

After registering an account using an email address at LinkAja, the next process is to verify the email. This is so that the account runs well and becomes a requirement.

To upgrade a full service or premium LinkAja account, if the LinkAja account has not upgraded, it will not be able to make cash withdrawals, send money.

Along with the maximum limit for storing a limited balance, for that the first step that must be done is to verify the LinkAja email for those of you who have not done the process

How to login LinkAja without OTP code is as follows:

  • First of all, open the LinkAja application on your cellphone, if you have logged in and enter the PIN code.
  • If you are on the home page, please click the Account or Profile menu then you will find the Email option there is a description of “Email Not Verified” after that, continue by clicking the menu and then selecting the send email option to be able to send a verification code.
  • After that you continue by opening the email account, be it Gmail or Yahoo, because later a message for email verification from LinkAja will land in your email. If the LinkAja verification email has not arrived, just look in the spam folder and make sure to send an official email from LinkAja with the email address
  • At this stage, please check the message from LinkAja and continue by pressing the Verify button if the LinkAja verification button cannot be clicked. Just copy the verification URL after that paste it in the Google Chrome browser.

How easy is it not to login LinkAja without an OTP code? However, there are many cases that are often found, such as complaining about not being able to verify your LinkAja email or verify your LinkAja email.

Failed even though you have followed the guide, if you are one of the users who experience such problems, we will present the solution below.

2. Causes and How to Overcome LinkAja Verification

How to Login LinkAja Without OTP Code
Causes and How to Overcome LinkAja Verification

If you already know how to login LinkAja without an OTP code, then, as explained above, we will share information about the causes and how to overcome LinkAja verification.

There are several causes and ways to overcome LinkAja verification, which are as follows:

1. LinkAja Verification Email Not Entering

The cause of the LinkAja login method without this OTP code is the most common, namely an email that doesn’t come in, if the email verification has been sent from LinkAja.

However, you still haven’t received it, there may be two possibilities, namely incorrectly entering the email address data or incorrectly writing the email.

As for this case, you can change your email address on your profile page or if you can’t, you should immediately contact LinkAja’s customer service.

The second possibility is that the system at that time was having problems, so the verification email did not enter the inbox, while to overcome this you can check the spam folder.

Promotions and socials are usually verification messages from LinkAja contained in that folder, not only that, it’s possible that the email account being used has a full storage capacity.

So when there is an incoming email message, then your email is no longer able to accommodate the message, please try to delete the email message which he thinks is not important in your email account.

2. LinkAja Verification Button Not Working

Even though sometimes you have received a LinkAja verification email, the button for verification doesn’t work or can’t be clicked.

To be able to overcome the LinkAja login method without an OTP code, there are two ways, namely, mark messages to important folders and unmark spam (only for those of you who receive the verification code in the spam folder).

Not only that, you just click the verification link under the button that doesn’t work, where LinkAja will provide him with a verification method, namely using buttons and links.

If the button can’t be used, you can use the link below if the URL link can’t be clicked, just click the link or verification url can be copied and pasted in the Google Chrome browser.

3. LinkAja Verification Link Expired

When you click the LinkAja verification link and are directed to the verification page, the verification fails because the link has expired.

That means you can’t verify your account using the link, aka you have to change the expired link, usually because you just clicked the verification button.

After a few hours the message enters your email, any verification link usually has a time limit and if it has been passed, it can no longer be used.

The way to fix this is quite easy, you know, you can ask for the verification code again but make sure this time you can check email messages as soon as possible.

If you successfully receive a new verification code, just click the link or button to complete the LinkAja email verification stage.

The final word

That’s the whole content of our article this time about how to login LinkAja without OTP code which we have conveyed above for you to use.

There are several steps that you must follow to easily log into the LinkAja application without the OTP code.

Hopefully, the information that we have shared above can be useful for those of you who are using the LinkAja application for the first time.