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How to Live on Snack Video 2022

How to Live on Snack Video

How to live on Snack Video much sought after, considering that Snack Video is a platform that offers many conveniences for influencers to earn additional income.

Snack Video is starting to attract a lot of attention because it allows users to make money quickly.

Now, live streaming on Snack Video is also quite promising to get a lot of followers and followers.

You can do a video snack list very easily and can also invite friends to earn money.

Similar to other video sharing applications where you can also do live broadcasts to get a wider audience reach.

The streaming system in Snack Video also uses gifts which you can later exchange into money.

The more viewers, of course, the gift you get also has a greater chance.

In order to be able to broadcast live, the conditions that you meet are not so difficult as long as you have friends and connections, then there is a big chance.

Directly on Snack Video, there is a menu for live broadcasts that can be opened if you meet the requirements.

For more details, you can listen how to live on Snack Video which we discuss in the article below. Listen to the end!

Terms of How to Live on Snack Video

How to Live on Snack Video
Terms of How to Live on Snack Video

So that you can live, then one of the conditions that you must complete is to have 100 followers, that is to ensure all gift features are active.

You can invite friends, family or other people to follow the account and watch live.

For those of you who have less than 100 followers, you can still go live just to reach a few accounts.

The main key to earning is to continue to live stream so that your account continues to be active and visible in searches.

Also make sure your live content is really useful or makes the audience feel at home.

This is equivalent to many people starting to switch to Snack Video because of the lure of big income, so there’s no harm in trying this live method on Snack Video.

By doing live streaming, users have the potential to get more followers by doing live broadcasts.

Especially if the content presented can attract the attention and interest of other users, in other words, it has its own uniqueness.

So, don’t be surprised if Snack Video can be a fun social media choice to try.

It doesn’t stop there, through this social network, users also have the opportunity to earn cash by streaming your first video.

1. How to Live on Snack Video Online

How to Live on Snack Video
How to Live on Video Snack Online

For those of you whose followers are still below 100, please try using the live feature first, who knows.

Every account sometimes has different features, if you are still confused, you just have to follow the live method on Snack Video by following these steps, which are as follows:

  • Please open Snack Video and press the “+” icon.
  • A camera will appear, please click on the “Live Broadcast” section at the bottom.
  • You can install interesting Thumbnails by pressing the words “Change Cover”.
  • Choose a photo from your gallery that is considered interesting and makes you curious.
  • Then crop the Thumbnails to your liking and click the tick icon.
  • Next, type the live title in the column according to your wishes.
  • Continue by pressing “Start Live”.
  • Several Pop-Ups will appear and press the “Agree” section.
  • Up to this point, your account is already live on Snack Video.

2. How to Live on Video Snack But Fail? Here’s How To Overcome It!

How to Live on Snack Video
How to Live on Video Snack But Fail? Here’s How To Overcome It!

If it turns out that you can’t do a live broadcast or live streaming on Snack Video, then you can report the problem directly through the “Settings” menu.

How to access it is very easy and effective so that you can restore the live streaming as before.

Problems like this are not only experienced by you alone, but several other users have experienced the same thing.

It can’t be said what the problem is, sometimes this problem occurs even though you have followed the steps above correctly and according to the directions.

To overcome streaming failure, here’s how to live on Snack Video but it fails that you can follow as a guide, which is as follows:

  • Please enter the “Settings” menu in Snack Video.
  • Then select “Help Center”.
  • Then a message will appear and type a request about the account not being able to live.
  • Then press “Send” and wait until you get a reply from Snack Video.

The final word

This is brief information about how to live on Snack Video that we can share and you can try to practice.

To reach more accounts when doing live broadcasts, make sure you already have more than 100 followers.

As we explained above, if it is less than 100 then you can only reach a few accounts.

To be able to get more followers in an instant, you can present content that if it is able to attract other users’ interest in watching.

If you are an old user and have collected a lot of gifts and want to exchange them, then withdrawals can be made easily via OVO, GoPay and DANA.

If you want to get articles and other related information, you can visit our website directly and find the desired article.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, relatives and relatives who want to get additional income with only HP and internet quota.

This trick is also very suitable and needs to be known for students who want to have additional income and side jobs.