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How to Fix Video Snack Coin Not Playing 2022

How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing

How to fix video snack coins not rotating need to know so that you don’t get confused if you watch videos often but the coins don’t increase.

The reason is, if the coin does not spin then you can get coins and make money.

That’s because usually when you watch a video on Snack Video the coins will spin and when it’s full then you can earn some coins.

As it is known that the video snack application is quite busy being discussed on social media.

The reason is that this application, which is similar to TikTok, can make money because snack videos present several programs that benefit users.

The Snack Video application itself comes from China and you often see ads on YouTube or the Website.

Snack Video is indeed similar to TikTok because of its appearance and application that also allows users to share short videos.

Some programs that are quite profitable for users in snack videos are watching videos where users can participate in this program and earn some coins.

Even so, there are some users who experience problems when participating in this program such as coins can’t spin and can’t generate coins.

No need to worry, on this occasion we will share with you how to solve video snack coins not rotating. Listen to the end!

1. How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing Easily

How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing
How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing Easily

For how to solve Snack Video coins not rotating, there are several steps you must follow, including the following.

  • The first thing you have to do is fill in the video snack invitation code.
  • Next, clear the cache on the application if you are still experiencing errors.
  • If clearing the cache still doesn’t work, then you can delete the data and log in again.
  • Please uninstall the application and install it again via the Plays Store or App Store according to the device used.
  • Make sure you avoid cheating by doubling accounts in one application.

2. How to Fix Video Snack Coin Not Playing by Calling Help Center

How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing
How to Fix Video Snack Coin Not Playing by Calling Help Center

If the steps above have not produced the expected results due to the problem of the video snack coin not rotating, the user can contact the help center.

As for how to deal with video snack coins not rotating by contacting the online staff help center, they are as follows:

  • Please open the Snack Video application that is already on your cellphone.
  • Then open the application and click the menu icon picture of the person in the lower right corner.
  • Then click “Settings” at the top and tap the “Enter” menu.
  • Choose another question and choose not the problem above.
  • After that click “Switch to Staff”.
  • Write down all the obstacles you experience (Video snack coins don’t rotate automatically or other).
  • Later it will be answered directly by the snack video staff on duty.
  • Done!

About Video Snacks

How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing
About Video Snacks

Video snack coins that don’t run or spin then neither coins will not increase.

Video snack coins are a reward given by the video snack platform to its users.

Each user will get coins according to the applicable conditions and how to get video snack coins can be done in various ways.

One of the tricks to get video snack coins is to watch videos, enter a friend’s invitation code and complete other missions.

Even so, sometimes when users do activities such as watching videos, the snack coins don’t spin so that it has an impact on the coins earned.

In general, if the coins don’t rotate automatically in the snack video, then there is a possibility that the account is having problems.

For example, the user has not verified the cellphone number, did not complete the mission correctly and so on.

If you experience this, there is a way to overcome the video snack coin not rotating that you can use to overcome it.

Why Video Snack Coin Not Spinning?

How to Fix Video Snack Coins Not Playing
Why Video Snack Coin Not Spinning?

Video snacks including social networking applications that contain short videos and others, by joining the platform users are required to follow the rules of the game.

If you violate one of the provisions, the impact can cause the coins to not spin in the video snack in your account.

Users can continue to add as many coins as possible, if there is a problem with the video snack coins not rotating you can check whether you have carried out the mission according to the rules or not.

After knowing how to deal with video snack coins not spinning, it would be nice to know some reasons why this could happen, including:

Haven’t Filled In Invitation Code

Usually, after users install the video snack application, they can directly enter the invitation code.

There are some users who have not entered the invitation code because most of them have problems with coins that cannot spin.

Application Error

The second reason why the video snack coins can’t spin is because the app is experiencing an error.

This can happen because normally coins can spin and when they are full you will get a number of coins.

Double Account Detected

The snack video application can also detect multiple accounts, which is the method most users use to get big results from snack videos.

Even though this method is a user violation because the user is only allowed to use one account in one application.

If a violation is detected, it will cause problems for the video snack account such as coins that cannot spin.

Carrying out the Mission Correctly

Carry out the missions that you get according to the regulations that apply on the video snack platform so that it does not affect the coins collected.

For example, you have to watch 2 videos but only watch 1, you have to like 2 videos but 1 video.

Or also because you don’t run it so that it can cause video snack coins not to spin in the application you are running.

Overcome Video Snack Coins Not Spinning

By participating in an event run by the video snack platform, each user must carry out a mission in accordance with the applicable video snack regulations.

If cheating is found or not in accordance with the provisions, it can have an impact on coins such as coins not being able to spin video snacks.

Also can cancel the reward if the user does not complete the mission according to the conditions.

One way to deal with video snack coins not rotating is to comply with the applicable provisions and implemented by the video snack platform.

Try to check whether you have completed your profile such as Name, Gender and other HP Numbers.

The final word

That’s the information we can share with you about how to solve video snack coins not rotating easily.

To earn video snack coins either by Daily Check-in, through events or missions, invite friends and watch other videos.

If any of the missions mentioned above are not completed, then it can impact the account so that the video snack coins cannot rotate.

Hopefully the information above can help you solve problems related to coins in the video snack not spinning. Thank you and hopefully useful.