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How to find out your ShopeePay 2022 ID

Don’t worry because on this occasion we will share with you a trick to easily see your ShopeePay ID.

ShopeePay is a digital wallet that is increasingly multifunctional, you can use ShopeePay to shop at Shopee and a number of physical kiosks that support it.

However, do you know how to find out your personal ShopeePay ID?

For those of you who like to shop online or offline, knowing your ShopeePay ID is very important.

If you have trouble knowing your own ShopeePay ID, then you will find it difficult when you want to top up your ShopeePay balance.

Well, now you have several ways to find out the ShopeePay ID that you can use, for complete information, please see below.

How to find out your ShopeePay ID

1. How to find out ShopeePay ID via Shopee Web

How to find out your ShopeePay ID
How to find out ShopeePay ID via Shopee Web

Shopee can be used to shop or send money to your friends who also use Shopee.

To transfer funds between an account and another Shopee account, the recipient’s ShopeePay ID is required.

So, when you want to receive Shopee money sent by a friend, then you must know your Shopee ID first,

How do I find out? Please refer to the steps on how to find out the ShopeePay ID via the following Shopee Web.

  • Run the web browser application which can be used to create a shopee website address, you can use the Smartphone or Laptop version of the web and write down the address Shopee and click Enter.
  • Then click the “Login” button at the top right of the Shopee website page, if you don’t remember your Shopee Username, use your cellphone number or email address and Password to login to your Shopee account.
  • If you successfully login, you will be directed back to the main Shopee page, now your Username or Shopee ID will be displayed on the top right of the home page.

Username is a ShopeePay ID that you can use to transfer funds between ShopeePay, after knowing it you can use it to receive fund transfers from other Shopee users.

Let’s just take a look at how to receive transfers from other Shopee users via ShopeePay ID, including:

  • Run the Shopee application on your cellphone, open the My menu at the bottom right of the Shopee window.
  • After that go to the profile page and click “ShopeePay” which is under the “My Domper” menu.
  • Then press on the “Transfer” option which is the first menu on the Shopee page.
  • Shopee funds can be transferred to a ShopeePay mobile number or ID, provide the ShopeePay ID that you already know by following the steps to find out the ShopeePay ID above.
  • Write your ShopeePay ID in the available search field, the correct Username and username will appear, please press on Username to start the transfer process.
  • Please fill in the nominal amount of funds to be transferred.
  • Shopee users who want to transfer funds can provide a description and add attractive stickers to Shopee fund recipients.
  • Then click the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the ShopeePay transfer page.
  • Enter the Shopee PIN to confirm that it will be transferred to another Shopee user.
  • It doesn’t take long to transfer funds from one account to another Shopee account.

2. How to find out ShopeePay ID via Virtual Account

How to find out your ShopeePay ID
How to find out ShopeePay ID via Virtual Account

The ShopeePay number is a virtual account code consisting of the Bank code followed by your cellphone number.

Usually this code is used when registering a Shopee account, the virtual code is always changing but now the virtual code has been fixed by Shopee.

To find out your ShopeePay ID, you can follow the following steps.

  • The first step to see your ShopeePay ID or Number is to run the Shopee application and login using the registered Password and Username.
  • After successfully logging in you will see your ShopeePay balance on the home page.
  • In the ShopeePay balance section, you will be directed to a special ShopeePay page which will display various menu options such as, Fill Balance, Pay, Pay Code, Request Funds, Transfer, and Withdraw Funds.
  • The first menu that appears on the ShopeePay page is Fill in Balance, there you will find a variety of different payment methods.
  • Please select the Bank transfer payment method and select the Bank according to the Bank that is used daily.
  • Ex. If you are a Bank BCA user, please select Bank BCA (payments will be checked automatically) then click confirm at the bottom of the balance page.
  • Later your ShopeePay number will appear in the Account No. section in the form of a Virtual Account.
  • You can use the ShopeePay number to top up your balance using ATM transfers, e-Banking, e-Banking applications or SMS Banking services.

The final word

ShopeePay ID can be found very easily if you follow the steps we have provided, either using a mobile device or PC.

Now, after knowing your ShopeePay ID, now you can TopUp or transfer money to some friends who also use Shopee.

For those who don’t know the ShopeePay ID number until now, please use the method above to find out now.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to find out ShopeePay ID. Thank you and hopefully useful.