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How to Embed WA Chat on iPhone 2022

How to Embed WA Chat on iPhone

How to embed WA chat on iPhone you need to know so that if there is an important chat list, it can still appear at the top on the main page of the WhatsApp application.

And you can also use this if you have too many chats in your WhatsApp application, and you want to prioritize chats that you feel are important.

You can pin chats on WhatsApp such as private chats or even group chats, if you pin, the chat will appear at the top.

In the WhatsApp application that pinning is known as a PIN, this feature is almost the same as the PIN feature in Windows and technically the function is the same.

For those who don’t know how to embed WA chat on iPhoneplease listen to this article until the end because we will explain how so that you are not confused anymore.

1. How to Embed WA Chat on iPhone

How to Embed WA Chat on iPhone
How to Embed WA Chat on iPhone

Pinning chats on WhatsApp is to minimize the sinking of important messages that come in, because every new message that enters your WhatsApp account makes old chats slide down.

Because WhatsApp itself displays chats in chronological order by default, therefore every new message that comes in will appear at the top of the message list.

And taking advantage of the chat embedding feature on WhatsApp can make it easier for you to receive messages from pinned contacts.

Because this way the conversation that you pinned will appear at the top of the chat tab, making it easier and faster to search without the need to scroll through the screen.

You all need to know that the embedding feature on WhatsApp can only be used for a maximum of three chats and this applies to all types of chats.

For more details, here are the steps you must follow for how to embed WA chat on iPhone, as follows:

  • The first step, please open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone (Download the WhatsApp app for iPhone).
  • After that, please select one of the chats to be pinned from the existing chat list.
  • The next step, please slide the chat to the right, then the “Pin” option will appear, please tap on that option.
  • Then the chat has been successfully pinned.
  • Done.

And if you want to unpin a chat that you have pinned, then you can do the same by swiping the chat to the right.

After that, please tap “Delete chat”, then automatically the chat will no longer be displayed in the top list of chats.

You need to know that this feature of embedding messages in WhatsApp will not be known by the contact in question.

And the chat that you pinned will remain at the top as long as you don’t remove the embedded feature.

What is WhatsApp?

Instant messaging-based social media is one application that must be owned by smartphone users today.

The need for information and communication is very important to support productivity and social which will certainly be needed.

WhatsApp is one of the most dominant instant messaging applications in Indonesia, WhatsApp is a free cross-platform instant messaging application that also utilizes Voice over IP technology.

With WA you can use it to send text and voice messages to each other, make voice (audio) and video calls, share pictures or photos, videos, documents, locations, and other types of media formats.

This WhatsApp application was released on October 18, 2010 which has been used by more than 5 billion users with a rating of 3+.

This application has been used by many, namely more than 180 countries, this WhatsApp application is fairly simple, reliable, and private.

That way you can easily establish relationships with friends and family online.

The WhatsApp application can be used on mobile devices, computers or desktops even with a slightly slow internet connection without a subscription fee.

But here of course the applications used in the operating system between Android and iPhone have some differences such as appearance and others.

In this case, many iPhone product users, especially beginners, ask about how to embed WA chat on iPhone.

While the Android phone operating system has a different appearance from the cellphone on the iPhone to embed chat on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat Embed Function

In the previous discussion, we explained how to embed WA chat on iPhone, and it was also necessary to know the function of embedding the WhatsApp chat.

The WhatsApp embed chat feature works for users if you don’t want to bother looking for messages that you think are important.

By pinning the message, an important chat will automatically be at the top of the chat list.

You can do a maximum of 3 pinned chats on private chats and group chats, the pinned chat will have a Pin sign on the right.

With this embed feature, the chat that you pinned will always be displayed at the top, it will not be shifted even though there is a new chat coming in.

Once again, you don’t have to bother scrolling and looking for conversations to the bottom because it’s already at the top automatically.

Of course this will make it easier and faster to reply to chats with people you think are important.

The final word

That’s the entire contents of our article this time which discusses about how to embed WA chat on iPhone and the function of the embedding.

WhatsApp is one application that is widely used today, for that please share this article by sharing it on social media.

So that other WhatsApp users know the information contained in this article, hopefully it will be useful for all readers and add insight as well.