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How to Embed Messages on Telegram 2022

How to Embed Messages on Telegram

How to embed a message on Telegram you can do this if you want to make one of the chats from someone to the top position on Telegram.

As we know that Telegram is a chat application that comes with a variety of very interesting features, one of which is the message pin feature.

And this one feature has a function to embed messages that you consider important in this application.

By taking advantage of this feature, no matter how many messages enter your Telegram, the chat position that you have pinned remains on top.

In terms of embedding this can be a solution for those of you who do have one message or chat that you think is important.

So pinning it will make it easier for you to access and reply to the chat without having to scroll and search for the chat first.

Moreover, this is very important for those of you, including those who are admins of a Telegram group or channel, then this feature is perfect for you to use.

You can pin one of the most important chats or messages to the top so you don’t get distracted by conversations outside the group’s purpose.

Many people use this embedding feature to promote products, services, or provide important information so that all group members can send and read them.

But do you already know how to embed private messages or messages in the group channel, for those who don’t know how and are looking for information about it.

Then you are in the right article because in this article we will discuss about how to embed a message on Telegram personal and channel.

1. How to Embed Messages on Private Telegram

How to Embed Messages on Telegram
How to Embed Messages in Private Telegram

The first thing we will explain in this article is how to embed private chats on Telegram.

The point is to pin the chat on the front page of the Telegram chat list that you consider important from that person.

So in this way, even if there are incoming messages from other people, the chat that you have pinned will still be on top and the conversation will still take precedence.

For more details, please listen to the steps below for how to embed messages on private Telegram, which are as follows:

  • First, please open the Telegram application (Download Telegram App for Android).
  • Then please log in using your mobile number or Telegram account username.
  • Then on the application chat page, please select one of the chats you want to embed.
  • After that, please tap and hold, then at the top a pin icon will appear, please tap on the icon.
  • Then automatically the message you choose will be pinned, and to cancel it you can repeat the above method.
  • Done.

2. How to Embed Messages on Telegram Channel

How to Embed Messages on Telegram
How to Embed Messages on Telegram Channel

Next we will explain to you all about how to embed channel messages on Telegram.

Which means you will prioritize just 1 message at the top of the Telegram channel or group.

And usually the embedded message contains important information such as announcements or others that must be read by all members or group members.

However, to access embedding group messages or channels on Telegram, this only applies to an admin in the channel group.

If you are not an admin in the channel group on Telegram then you cannot embed messages or this feature is only intended by the admin.

You can follow the steps below for how to embed messages on the Telegram channel, which are as follows:

  • The first step, please open the Telegram application, then you enter your Telegram account.
  • Then please open the Telegram channel group that you have.
  • After that, please make an announcement or important information that you will embed, if so, please send the message.
  • If the message has been sent, please tap on the message, then select “Pin”.
  • Next, please tick the Tell all members section or uncheck if it is not needed, continue by clicking “OK”.
  • If you want to cancel the embedded message, then please tap the X or cross icon to the right of the embedded message.
  • Done.

How to prevent embedded Telegram messages from being deleted by others

Above we have explained how to embed messages on private Telegram or messages on group channels.

In our opinion, you also need to know how to prevent messages embedded in Telegram from being deleted by others.

Because you need to know that even though you have pinned the message, anyone in your Telegram group or channel has the right to delete the message.

And to overcome this so that it cannot be deleted by anyone, you can set permissions so that group members cannot embed messages and even delete them.

Immediately, below are the steps you have to do to arrange so that group members cannot pin or delete messages on the Telegram channel, which are as follows:

  • First of all, please open the Telegram application.
  • If you have, then please enter the channel that you manage as an admin.
  • The next step, please enter the group settings by tapping on the name of the channel.
  • Then on the page, please edit, tap the “Permissions” menu.
  • Then please remove the check mark in the message embedding section.
  • Done.
  • In this way, all group members on Telegram will not be able to pin and delete messages that you have pinned.

In addition, this way you can also set group members not to be able to send links, send stickers, videos, photos, or invite members.

The final word

That’s what we can describe in this article about how to embed a message on Telegram whether it’s a private message or a message or chat on the Telegram group channel.

In addition, we have also explained about how to prevent other people from deleting your embedded message.

Hopefully with an explanation about this can make it easier for you to do it and you don’t feel confused anymore, hopefully it is also useful for all readers.