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How to Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret 2022

How to Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret

How to Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret is currently the easiest alternative for customers who are active in saving or just saving money temporarily without a savings account and without long queues.

This banking activity has become something that is commonly done by many people for certain purposes, starting from sending money, transferring money, withdrawing cash and other financial activities.

Bank BCA is one of the most popular banks today because it provides many options. If you want to make a cash deposit, you can come directly to the nearest BCA bank.

Often if you deposit cash at a BCA bank or other bank, the queue is long, so you can turn that number too.

For workers or those who are lazy to queue, it is a waste of time, even though they only deposit cash or save through a teller.

Yes, even though it’s free but sometimes it takes a long time, for that it’s better to spend a few thousand admin fees then come to Indomaret or Alfamart to deposit cash.

Indomaret and Alfamart are minimarket franchise partnerships in Indonesia with a very wide network, you guys.

As a BCA bank customer, you may be asking how do you deposit BCA cash at Alfamart or Indomaret?

It is undeniable that BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia that always provides transactions for its customers.

In addition to the best service, BCA’s stock capitalization coded BBCA is also one of the stocks with the largest market capitalization in Indonesia.

Please note, in terms of services and shares, there is no mistaking that BCA is the best bank in Indonesia.

BCA customers who frequently make cash withdrawals or cash deposits at ATM machines or tellers can also make cash withdrawals or cash deposits at Indomaret and Alfamart.

Which is, facilities like this are a form of service from the BCA bank that probably not many people know about.

You may have noticed that there are not as many BCA branch offices as state-owned banks because state-owned bank branches are almost in every sub-district.

And according to the main discussion of this article about how to deposit BCA cash at Indomaret, therefore we will focus on this one method.

Of course, before making a cash transfer at the nearest Indomaret and also depositing BCA cash at the nearest Alfamart, you have to prepare the things you need to prepare, namely the account number, the name of the recipient and also the identity of the recipient (yourself).

For more details, please see directly how to deposit BCA cash at Indomaret which is below until it’s finished!

How to Easily Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret

How to Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret
How to Easily Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret

As for these are the steps to do how to deposit BCA cash at Indomaret what you can do easily is as follows:

  • The first step to take is to come directly to the nearest Indomaret in your area.
  • Then just meet the Indomaret cashier and convey your goal, which is to make a cash deposit at BCA.
  • And later the Indomaret cashier will ask about the name, account number of the recipient and the amount of money to be deposited.
  • If the data has been inputted, please just submit the deposit according to the amount and the cost and generally it will be charged from 15 thousand to 25 thousand rupiah.
  • After that, wait a while until the Indomaret cashier finishes his work.
  • Now when it’s finished, the cashier will give you a deposit receipt according to your account number or the destination account number.
  • Done.

How very easy is not it? Octoberbe you can do this if you really don’t want to bother and queue for a long time at the BCA bank office.

And maybe for those of you who are curious about the administration fees applied by Indomaret ranging from 15,000 to 25,000.

Depending on the amount of money deposited, usually for an amount of 1-5 million rupiah, an admin fee of 15 thousand will be charged, while above 5 million an admin fee of 25 thousand will be charged.

Please note, unlike cash deposits through BCA cash deposit ATMs, there are no fees at all, you guys.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BCA Cash Deposits at Indomaret

How to Deposit BCA Cash at Indomaret
Advantages and Disadvantages of BCA Cash Deposits at Indomaret

Well, after you know how to deposit BCA cash at Indomaret the. Now is the time for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of depositing BCA cash at Indomaret, which are as follows:


  • Indomaret branch which is quite easy to find
  • Holidays still open
  • Some Indomaret are open 24 hours
  • Which, all denominations are accepted (not necessarily 50 or 100 thousand)
  • The process is also easy


  • The admin fee is quite large
  • Limited amount of money deposit
  • Sometimes there is a network interruption, so it does not accept cash deposits

The final word

That’s it how to deposit BCA cash at Indomaret along with the advantages and disadvantages that we have shared above for you, so that way you will not be confused anymore.

Please note, that a cash deposit is usually required when you are going to make a transfer but your savings are not sufficient.

However, there are also people who make cash deposits just to save, you guys. And the easiest and most cost-free cash deposit is by going to the bank directly or through a cash deposit ATM.

However, Indomaret can be an alternative place to make cash deposits when you don’t have time to go to the bank or to an ATM.

And if you think this information is quite important or useful, then you can directly share it on your social media accounts. Hopefully useful and good luck.