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How to Create a New Instagram 2022

How to Create a New Instagram

How to Create a New Instagram Account – Do you not have an Instagram account and want to register for an Instagram account, but are confused because you don’t know how to create an Instagram account?

Or maybe you already have an Instagram account created by someone else but you want to create a new Instagram account yourself.

Now you don’t need to be confused and ask other people for help to create your new Instagram account.

Because in this review we will explain in detail and in full how to register for Instagram.

Instagram is an application for sharing photos and videos that become someone’s moment to be uploaded via Instagram.

With Instagram, many things can be done such as finding friends, uploading photos and videos, liking and posting photos, sending messages, live and various other fun activities.

Discussion on How to Create a New Instagram

In Indonesia, the number of Instagram users is quite large, even entering the top 10 countries with the largest number of Instagram users in the world.

There are various types of Instagram users, ranging from children to old age who also have an Instagram account.

Instagram itself can actually be used not only to show off something, follow many people and other social media activities.

However, Instagram can also be used as a medium to promote the business you have.

You can promote your products through Instagram or you can even sell your own products through Instagram.

So how do you create an Instagram account? Without waiting any longer, here’s how to create a new Instagram easily and quickly.

How to Create a New Instagram

How to Create New Instagram Latest

How to Create New Instagram Latest

Here are some steps on how to create a new Instagram by creating a new account first, follow it properly.

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1. First Step

For how to create a new Instagram, the first thing you have to do is create an Instagram account by first downloading the IG application and installing it.

For those of you who use Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store, but if you use an iPhone, you can download it from the Apple App Store.

After the application is installed, please click open, next “Create account with Email or Phone Number

2. Second Step

If you choose to register your Instagram account using a phone number, then enter your phone number, click “E-mail” on the right to register Instagram via email address, click “Next“.

3. Third Step

After following how to create a new Instagram above, please enter your name and password.

The name can use anything, depending on your preferences, because it can also be changed at any time if you want to change it.

Tick ​​”Save Password” if you don’t want to enter your password every time you open Instagram.

You can choose “Go ahead and Sync Contacts” means that you will be recommended to follow people you know who are in your cellphone contacts who have used Instagram, or “Continue Without Syncing Contacts“.

4. Fourth Step

Instagram has created a username or username automatically, but if you don’t like the username you can change it. Please click “Change Username“.

5. Step five

The following way to create a new Instagram is to enter the username you want to use.

However, if there is a red warning message below it, the username is not available or has been used by another user.

6. Seventh Step

But if the username is available, a green mark will appear at the end and click “Next”.

  • Next!, click “Connect to Facebook” if you want to follow Facebook friends who already have an Instagram account.
  • Click “Skip” if you don’t want to follow your friends who are on Facebook.
  • You can directly add your Instagram account profile photo or you can also click “Skip” if you don’t want to add a photp profile first.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully created a new Instagram account.
If you have completed how to create a new Instagram, now you can use the Instagram account, such as finding friends who are already using Instagram and following them.

Upload your first post, create an instastory, do a live broadcast, like your friends’ photos and various other activities on Instagram.

Remember, use Instagram social media wisely, you can find out what Instagram is prohibited on the Instagram community guide page and Instagram user terms.

If you violate these limits, your Instagram account will be penalized by Instagram.

In addition, the post will be deleted and your account may be temporarily blocked from carrying out certain activities.

Accounts that have been deleted or deactivated by Instagram can be recovered by filing an appeal, but very few appeals are received.

The final word

Now that’s how to create a new Instagram account, it’s not too difficult not registering an Instagram account, it only takes a few minutes you already have an Instagram account.

For those of you who want to create a new account for any reason, then some of the steps above are a simple way that you can follow.

If this information is useful to you, don’t forget to share it with your friends or relatives.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to create a new instagram 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.