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How to Create a New iCloud on Android 2022

How to Create a New iCloud on Android

How to create a new iCloud on Android actually the same when you use an iPhone, this method is done so that you can get services from Apple like an iOS device.

Apple is one of the leading electronics companies that is quite popular, in fact almost all devices with the Apple brand have fantastic prices.

Not only in terms of appearance, but also provides services that are quite interesting, such as iWork, iCloud, iTunes Store, Apple Store, and other services.

Even if you use an Android Smartphone, you will still be able to experience Apple’s services.

Even if you use any type of device, you can still feel the service as an intermediary in making it.

And to how to create a new iCloud on Android not difficult, for those who do not know how, then please listen to the discussion below.

1. How to Create a New iCloud on Android for 2FA Authentication

How to Create a New iCloud on Android
How to Create a New iCloud on Android for 2FA Authentication

You need to know that Apple will require 2-factor authentication or 2FA every user from the iPhone will access iCloud.

So sometimes authentication is needed to access iCloud on Android, because usually the 2FA code will be sent via the iPhone.

However, it is also possible to create a specific password to connect to your Android phone.

And there are 2 steps that you will do if you want to create iCloud on Android for 2FA Authentication.

For the first stage of how to create a new iCloud on Android, you can listen to the steps below, which are as follows:

  • The first step, please enter the browser via Android or a computer, then please enter the address
  • After that, please login or sign in using your Apple ID account that has been created
  • The next step please select the “Generate Password” option and you enter the password you want, then please select “Create”.

And below are the steps for the second stage to add iCloud Email so that it can be opened on Android as follows:

  • Please go to the “Settings” menu and then please select the “Account” option.
  • Next on the menu, please select “Add Account” which is at the bottom of the account list.
  • After that, please select “Personal IMAP” with the Gmail icon.
  • Then please enter the Email address from iCloud, then “Next”.
  • Next, please fill in the password that was generated earlier in the first stage.
  • Then your iCloud Email account is synchronized with Android.
  • Done.

What is iCloud?

Above has been explained about how to create a new iCloud on Android, then we will explain a little about iCloud.

If you are a frequent follower of Apple’s gadgets, you may have heard of the term iCloud.

This is an Apple product, including the iPhone, which is more special than other mobile devices.

For those of you who haven’t had an iPhone for a long time or even just want to have an iPhone, you might question iCloud.

iCloud is a service for storing photos, videos, documents, music and other applications created for Apple inc product devices.

If you use iCloud it will make it easier for you to share photos, calendars, locations and many other things easily.

Besides that you can also use iCloud to find a lost device, so the existence of iCloud is very important.

To get started with iCloud, users must enter their Apple ID on their Mac as well as iOS or iPadsOS devices, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Windows computers.

However, if one day the user no longer uses Apple products, then the user can still access iCloud on other applications such as Android.

iCloud Functions

You already know how to create a new iCloud on Android, you also need to know the function of the iCloud.

You must understand or know about iCloud clearly so that you can take advantage of its functions properly.

The function of iCloud is to securely store important data and information on a remote server, this way all your information will be backed up to a secure location.

It even syncs between all your devices, and backing up your information to the Cloud has two benefits.

If you lose your Apple or Android device, your information, from contacts to photos, will be saved to iCloud.

Then you can go to to retrieve this data or sign in with your Apple ID to restore all this data automatically on the new Apple device.

iCloud’s next function is seamless and almost invisible, something that is taken for granted.

iCloud is what syncs your Notes and Calendar appointments between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, even to your Android.

This is done for many stock Apple apps and even third-party apps that have already been connected to iCloud.

The final word

Thus the discussion of this article that we can describe about how to create a new iCloud on Android.

Hopefully with this discussion on how to create a new iCloud on an Android phone this can be an illustration for you so you can do it easily.

You can also share this information by sharing via social media so that those who don’t know how to create iCloud on an Android phone can be helped by this article.

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