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How to Complete All Bully Ps2 2022 Missions

How To Complete All Ps2 Bully Missions
How To Complete All Ps2 Bully Missions – To complete all missions in a game is not easy.

Because every game is required to uncover all the mysteries of the game.

Of the many PS2 games, there is one game that makes everyone curious to complete all its missions, namely the Bully game.

Because to complete the game you have to solve the difficult mysteries contained in the game.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to complete all Bully Ps2 missions, please refer to our explanation below.

How to Complete All Ps2 Bully Missions

How to Complete All Ps2 Bully Missions

How To Complete All Ps2 Bully Missions
How to Complete All Ps2 Bully Missions

For how to complete all Bully Ps2 missions, you must know the mandatory things that will be done to complete this game, for the following steps:

  • Complete the main mission (the main mission is the initial mission that you get when you first play this bully game, this mission is marked with a yellow color on the map and this mission will be completed if you have defeated Gary in chapter 5).
  • Complete additional missions after completing the main mission (additional missions are missions related to the main mission storyline, one of these additional missions is a mission with zoe).
  • Complete all classes until term 5 (then Complete all classes such as, English, Photography, Art, Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology).
  • Complete all missions in order to get a house (Save Point) (marked with a red star in the map, the number of missions is 5, because it represents all the gangs in the bully game).
  • Complete all bicycle race missions (for the next mission you must complete the race 14 times).
  • Complete all Go-cart racing missions (first you are required to be able to follow all the races in the carnival for 5 races, and later there will be 2 new races and also 1 last race in the city).
  • Complete more than 35 Errands (Eraands Is a mission that you can get randomly, this mission is marked with a blue X).
  • Complete the “Paper Route” newspaper delivery mission (for the Paper Route mission you must find 24 customers to complete this mission).
  • Complete all Lawn Mowing missions (for lawn mowing missions you must mow at least 2 lawn mowings, the first is to cut the grass in the housing and the second in the garden, both of which you must complete until you reach level 3).
  • Complete boxing side missions (go to boxing practice, there you will be given boxing side missions like you have to beat Chand, Justin, Nut Shot and Monkey fling and one random boxer).
  • Get the highest score in the game Nut Shots, Consumo, and also the Monkey fling game (you must be able to beat the highest score from each gang).
  • Fail three or five times in class
  • Defeat the Stranded Pirates
  • You have to go to Bullworth Vale which is located on the beach, then you have to swim to a mini island where there is a shipwrecked, then you will find a pirate who will challenge me to a fight, defeat the pirate and you will get a pirate hat.
  • Ride three games at the CarnivalSome of the games at the carnival that can be ridden are Rollercoster, Ferris Wheel, and Octopus.
  • Collect 75 Rubber bands.
  • Collect 50 G&G cards.
  • Complete the geography class mission and you will get a reward.
  • Complete all photos of school children in the annual album, after you complete Photogarfi class 2, then you will receive annual photos that will be completed or arranged.
  • Destroy 25 Gnomes.
  • Destroy 27 Pumpkins on Halloween.
  • You and Gary are together in the school basement.
  • Destroy 19 Tombstones on Halloween or in the Blue Skies Werehouse. If you can’t destroy all of the Halloween Tombstones, that’s okay because you destroyed them in the Blue Skies Werehous with Zoe.
  • Buy all the clothes that are sold at the school and Bullworth town. Open or check the Map to see all the locations of the clothing sellers in Bullworth town, the amount you will get is around 300 more.
  • Buy all the goods/accessories at the Carnival you will really need a poly ticket from winning the match which can be exchanged for the grant tent.
  • Buy 100 sodasBuy soda at the free help shop, find another free help shop in town when out of stock.
  • Traveled 100 km by bicycle.
  • Traveling 100 km on foot.
  • Cover a distance of 50 km using a Skateboard.
  • Win as many as 4 games in Carnival, at least once you can complete 4 games.
  • Win the Penalty Shot and Step Up missions. The location for taking the Penalty Shot is on the Jocks basketball court, while the location for Step Up is on the Jocks rugby court.
  • Drink 500 sodas Can be completed by buying soda at the grant shop, or buying it at the soda machine.
  • Spray or draw Graffiti on the territory of each gang that exists.
  • Taunt (ridicule) people 50 times.
  • Press the alarm 20 times.
  • Kick the Ball 100 times.
  • KO 200 people.
  • Take/buy 50 flowers.
  • Kiss a woman 25 times.
  • Kiss a man 20 times.
  • Throw the egg 25 times at the car.
  • Complete some additional missions.

The final word

Do you like playing Bully? But still confused by the difficult missions of the bully, hurry up and try the method above so you can finish the bully game quickly.

The way to complete the bully game above is only for playstation 2 users, and not for PC bully games and others.

What are you waiting for, hurry up and play the bully game on your playstation 2 and complete the bully mission quickly and easily.

This is our discussion this time about how to complete all PS2 Bully missions 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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