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How to Check Laptop Keyboard Online 2022

How to Check Laptop Keyboard Online

How to check laptop keyboard online can be used to find out what keyboard keys are not working.

This is the first solution you can do if you feel that one of the laptop keyboards is not working properly.

Checking the keyboard keys on the laptop is still normal or not, it will be troublesome if it is done manually when there is no benchmark.

Therefore, the solution is to use additional applications that are already available both offline and online.

After knowing the problem with the keyboard, that way you can take further action to fix the laptop.

For example, do you just need to replace the keyboard or there are other problems that cause the keyboard not to function optimally.

Now there are many websites that can help you to test a laptop keyboard online which is easy and practical.

For those of you who want to check the laptop keyboard, the following will explain how to check laptop keyboard online below this.

How to Check Online Keyboard Through Website

1. Laptop Keyboard Tester

How to Check Laptop Keyboard Online
Laptop Keyboard Tester
Laptop Keyboard Tester is available for free, so you can check the laptop keyboard online.

This online keyboard check platform can also be used for all types and brands of laptops that want to check the keyboard.

If you want to use the Laptop Keyboard Tester, you can visit the following page:

After that press all the keys on your PC or laptop keyboard so that the Laptop Keyboard Tester will display a sound when the keys on the keyboard are pressed.

In addition, the display on the Laptop Keyboard Tester will turn green if the button is still functioning properly.

2. Keyboard Test

How to Check Laptop Keyboard Online
Keyboard Test
Next, how to check a laptop keyboard online is to use the Keyboard Test which can diagnose keyboard problems online.

Through this Keyboard Test, you can detect the health of the keyboard in just a few seconds.

KeyboardTester itself is a keyboard checking application that is no less interesting and can be accessed online without having to install it on your laptop.

All you have to do is visit the official website at and you can use it right away.

This relatively new application offers an easy-to-use user experience with the appearance of the application being quite simple and simple.

Keyboard Test is also available for free, you just need to open the Keyboard Test site at and pressing one by one your keyboard.

You also don’t need to read the instructions and can directly check the keyboard in Keyboard Test.

3. Online Mic Test

How to Check Laptop Keyboard Online
Online Mic Test
Online Mic Test can also be used to check online laptop keyboard errors and can check Microphone, Webcam, Mouse and Sound.

The way to check the keyboard on the Online Mic Test, you just need to visit the address

After that you just click “Tools” on the left, then select “Keyboard Test” if you want to check the keyboard keys.

If there is no problem with the laptop keyboard button, then the display on the Online Mic Test will turn blue after pressing the keyboard.

4. Keyboard Checker

How to Check Laptop Keyboard Online
Keyboard Checker
The next way to check laptop keyboard online is Keyboard Checker, how to use Keyboard Checker by pressing all the keyboard keys one by one.

After pressing all the keys, you can see the keys that don’t turn green in Keyboard Checker.

If any key doesn’t turn green, then the keyboard key is having a problem.

The appearance of this application can be said to be easy to understand because it is minimalist, when you open the application you will also be immediately confronted with an interface to check the laptop keyboard.

If you want to use this website to check the keyboard, you can visit the address

Tips for Caring for a Laptop Keyboard to Make it Last

In addition to how to check the laptop keyboard online, of course you also need to take care of the laptop keyboard.

That way, problems that appear on your keyboard can be avoided from various causes of laptop errors.

Here, we have also summarized the following tips to keep your keyboard safe:

a. Keep Keyboard Away From Water

Like other electronic devices, most laptops are devices that cannot be exposed to water.

If the laptop keyboard is exposed to water and gets in between the keys, this is what makes the laptop keyboard not work.

Even water will not only damage the laptop keyboard, but will also damage most of the other hardware on the motherboard.

Therefore, you need to stay away from the keyboard from water and do not put drinks near the laptop such as tea, coffee and others.

b. Clean the Keyboard Periodically

If you pay attention, there must be a gap between the laptop keyboard button holes, through the gap there is a possibility that dust and dirt can enter.

In addition, dust and dirt can also enter through the small holes in the laptop device.

Therefore, you must clean the laptop keyboard on a scale so that the keys can always function as they should.

c. Don’t push the button too hard

Pressing the keys too tightly on the laptop while typing is also one of the things you need to avoid.

Because when you press the keyboard button too tightly, the components inside the button can be problematic for a certain period of time.

d. Use Keyboard Protector

As the name implies, the keyboard protector can be used to protect your laptop keyboard.

This tool can renew you to prevent dirt from entering between the key holes on the keyboard.

That way, the keyboard on your laptop will be safe and protected from dirt that can damage it.

The final word

That’s the entire content of the discussion that we can share with you about how to check laptop keyboard online.

You can try some of the ways above as a solution if your laptop keyboard is having problems.

Therefore, you also need to take care of the laptop keyboard through some of the tips we have shared above.

Thus the information that we can share with you about how to check a laptop keyboard online in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.