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How to Check Code Adidas Ori 2022

How to Check Adidas Ori Code

How to check the Adidas original code you need to know to avoid counterfeiting on behalf of other products such as Adidas.

Intend to buy original adidas shoes in the near future? Before that, pocket the knowledge to distinguish genuine or fake shoes so as not to be deceived and not to buy the wrong one.

Adidas AG is a multinational company from Germany founded in 1924 and based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany engaged in the design of shoes, clothing and other accessories.

The name Adidas itself is an abbreviation of the name of its founder, namely Adolf “Adi” Dassler and until now Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe.

So it’s not surprising that in the midst of the flood of new shoe products, Adidas remains steady and as a senior has authority that is respected by competing brands.

However, not a few fake Adidas shoes circulating in the community that have a level of resemblance that is almost indistinguishable.

Therefore, you need to know how to tell the difference between original and fake Adidas shoes so you can tell the difference between genuine and fake.

Well, in this article we will share how how to check adidas original code in the review below.

1. How to Check Adidas Ori Code

How to Check Adidas Ori Code
How to Check Adidas Ori Code
The higher the sales of shoes and accessories from Adidas, the more product counterfeiters will take advantage of this momentum.

Then how to check the authenticity of adidas products to ensure that the product to be purchased is original?

As previously explained, checking the Adidas code is one of the easiest ways to guarantee the authenticity of the Adidas product you buy.

The way to check the Adidas original code is as follows:

  • First, find the original Adidas code on the inside of the shoe behind the shoe tongue. Shoe tongue itself is the part of the shoe that is shaped like a tongue on the back of the foot.
  • The Adidas original code has a different number on the left and right of a pair of shoes. You have to be careful if the left and right shoes have the same code, it is almost certain that the product is a fake.
  • The next way to check the Adidas shoe code is to match the serial number code listed on the box with the serial number code attached to the shoe, if it is different then the product could be fake.
  • In addition, also check the barcode listed on the box, you can scan the barcode listed on the box or on the shoe tag to ensure the authenticity of the shoe.
  • However, if you have trouble scanning the barcode, the way to check the Adidas original code is to type the serial code number in Google search, then click search. If the results reveal the Adidas series and the size is the same as yours, then it can be ascertained that it is original, but if the search results show a different size or not even found, it can be ascertained that your shoes are not original.
  • Use the help of a paid website for how to check the Adidas original code, the website is like: and

Although most of the fake products come from China, you don’t have to worry if you find original Adidas with the words “Made in China“.

This is because, since 1994 Adidas has moved almost all of its products to third world countries to increase the output of its products.

Therefore, nowadays we rarely find the latest Adidas series with the words “Made in Germany“.

However, Adidas product barcodes produced from any country will still contain a German code, which is three digits consisting of the numbers 400 to 440.

2. How to Check Adidas Original

How to Check Adidas Ori Code
How to Check Adidas Original
Currently, Adidas shoe counterfeiting techniques have become increasingly sophisticated so that it is difficult for people to distinguish which Adidas shoes are original or kw.

To be able to distinguish them, not only pay attention to the physical shoes but also other important aspects.

For those of you who often shop online, especially when buying shoes, you have to be careful because you can’t check the goods directly.

Well, in addition to how to check the Adidas original code that we shared above, we also share how to check the Adidas original, which is as follows:

  • Look at the back of the heel label on your pair of Adidas shoes:

Fake Adidas shoes have a triangular pattern on the heel that is sewn at the point where the top layer meets the second layer of leather. Original Adidas shoes have no such thing.

  • Original products are not packaged carelessly:

Original Adidas shoes come with extra laces that are neatly rolled up and sealed in a plastic bag, while fake Adidas shoes are usually packaged in original.

  • See the stitching on the purchased Adidas product in detail:

Authentic Adidas products are sewn neatly and neatly, while fake products have poor and loose stitches, uneven stitching makes fake Adidas products easy to identify.

  • The purchase price of the original Adidas product will be in accordance with the official price, be careful if you buy at a low price.
  • All original Adidas products have a serial code number on the tag affixed to the product:

The tag contains product size information on the inside of the shoe, Adidas ori shoes will have tags with different serial numbers for left and right shoes.

The final word

That’s the entire content of the discussion that we can share with you about how to check adidas original code.

Buying fake products has a lower quality than the original, shoes will be easily damaged because they are of poor quality.

Therefore, in order not to be deceived by fraudulent sellers, you need to know how to distinguish original and fake Adidas by understanding the guide above.

That’s the information we can share with you about how to check the original Adidas code in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.