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How to Check Axis 2022 Credit

How to Check Axis Credit

How to Check Axis Credit – Axis is an operator that provides very cheap and economical services for its customers.

With Axis carrying a cheap and economical concept, Axis has also become one of the most developed operators in Indonesia.

Looking back, Axis is a fairly new company compared to other operators.

In 2008 Axis founded his company to provide services and convenience in communicating nationally.

Discussion on How to Check Axis Credit

The emergence of Axis attracted a lot of attention from the public and young people at that time, by carrying the cheap and economical concept that was echoed by the Axis.

With the issue of cheap and economical Axis offers, users of other operators mostly switch to choosing Axis as the operator they use.

Over time, the Axis underwent significant changes or developments.

In 2011, Axis changed its company name from PT. Natrindo Telpon cellular to PT Axia Telekom Indonesia.

And in 2013, PT XL AXIATA acquired PT. Axiata Telekom Indonesia, therefore Axis and XL have become one business entity.

Axis and XL have quite different characteristics, but their goal remains the same, namely to provide safe and comfortable services to their customers.

This of course can make customers can enjoy Axis services cheaply and economically.

With the concept of iritology which means economical in technology, Axis invites its customers to follow the concept.

Not only providing cheap and economical, Axis also pays attention to the safety and comfort of its customers.

This is indicated by the 4G signal that is already available in various places in Indonesia, but it turns out that there are still many Axis users who are confused about how to check the amount of credit they have.

Therefore, on this occasion we will share how to check the remaining Axis credit, just go to the Axis pulse check method below:

How to Check Axis Credit

Easy way to check Axis credit

How to Check Axis Credit Easy
How to Check Axis Credit Easy

When you’re busy calling, suddenly your pulse runs out. Communication with your friend is cut off!

To avoid such incidents before you make a call, it would be nice to check your Axis credit first so that the phone doesn’t get disconnected.

Here are three ways that you can choose or use to check the remaining Axis credit.

What are you waiting for? Immediately, you see below how to check Axis credit easily:

1. How to Check Axis Remaining Credit By Phone

The first way to check Axis credit is through a diall phone code or by telephone, just see below:

  • Open the call menu or dial up.
  • Then you type *123#.
  • Then you click call or OK
  • You will immediately receive a notification or notification of the remaining Axis credit you have.
  • Done

2. How to Check Axis Credit Remaining Via SMS

In addition to telephone or dialing code, Axis customers can also check credit via SMS.

You only need the Messages or Messages application/menu, then type it using a certain format.

You can check your remaining Axis credit by typing CEK, then sending it to 123, please wait a while until you get a reply containing the remaining credit from the Axis operator.

3. How to Check Axis Remaining Credit Through the AXISNet Application

Like other operators, Axis also has a special application to make it easier for its users, just go to the steps:

  • Please download the AXISNet application on the Play Store or via the following link: AXISNet.
  • If it has been successfully downloaded and installed, immediately open the AXISnet application.
  • Then you register with an Axis card that will check the credit.
  • If you have successfully registered, on the main page you will immediately see the remaining credit you have.

Besides being able to check the remaining credit, in this AXISNe application, you can also check the remaining Axis quota, and can also buy various products that have been offered.

The final word

If your active period has expired, it would be nice to immediately top up your credit, so that your Axis number is not blocked or can’t be used anymore.

If your Axis number cannot be used anymore, then you have to buy another new Axis card, and have to register again, complicated.

Therefore, to avoid numbers that cannot be used, check your credit regularly so that you avoid the number being scorched due to the expiration of the active period.

All the conveniences in one application and enjoy a variety of Axis services, such as credit transfer, credit sharing, buying quota, and others.

This is our discussion in this article about how to check Axis pulses 2022. Hopefully useful and thank you.

Dody S.

Technology practitioner, editor and journalist at 1001Media.