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How to Buy GIIAS 2022 Tickets

How to Buy Giias Tickets

How to buy Giias tickets which is no different from the previous year, starting from Rp. 50 thousand.

And there are various car brands that will add the GIIAS 2022 exhibition later, starting from BMW, Audi, Chery, Nissan, Daihatsu, Honda, Isuzu, DFSK, KIA, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Wuling, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki and Volkswagen.

There were also commercial vehicles present at the exhibition, such as Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso, and UD Trucks.

There are also motorcycle brands participating in GIIAS 2022, including Alva, AHM, CF Moto, Benelli, Keeway, Pacific Bike, Segway, SM Motor, Selis, SYM, and Wmoto.

But not only that, more than 100 brands from supporting industries are also present at GIIAS 2022.

Giias 2022 carries the concept of “The Future Is Bright” where electric and environmentally friendly vehicles are the pioneers.

And this can be seen from the existence of a special test drive track and electric vehicle test ride at GIIAS 2022, which is located in hall 10, ICE BSD City.

With this track, it is hoped that the GIIAS 2022 exhibition can become an educational event for electric vehicles for the people of Indonesia.

If you want to buy the ticket then below you can follow how to buy tickets giias which is as follows.

1. GIIAS 2022 Ticket Prices

How to Buy Giias Tickets
GIIAS 2022 Ticket Prices

So before you know how to buy GIIAS 2022 tickets, it would be better if you know the ticket prices first.

The following is a list of tickets for the exhibition as reported from the official website of GIIAS 2022.

  1. Monday—Friday (Weekdays) IDR 50 thousand
  2. Saturday—Sunday (Weekends) IDR 100 thousand

In addition, GIIAS 2022 also offers VIP day tickets for Rp. 200 thousand, on October 17, 2022, the ticket price for this exhibition is special, which is Rp. 77 thousand.

But you need to know that for those of you who want to visit GIIAS 2022, tickets cannot be purchased on the spot (OTS), but online.

However, we recommend buying GIIAS 2022 tickets the day before the day of your visit to the exhibition.

2. How to Buy GIIAS 2022 Tickets

How to Buy Giias Tickets
How to Buy GIIAS 2022 Tickets

Now, here is a very easy way to buy GIIAS 2022 tickets, you can buy them via the site or via the Auto360 application which you can download on the Google Play Store or App Store.

However, for those of you who use the Auto360 application, but you need to register and activate an account in the application first for each new user, below are the steps on how to buy GIIAS tickets, which are as follows:

  1. The first step you download the application first (Download Auto360 App For Android) (Download the Auto360 iOS App).
  2. Then you open an account.
  3. After that you select the join menu.
  4. Then enter your personal data, starting with your name, e-mail, and phone number.
  5. Next, activate it at the link sent to your email.
  6. After that you confirm.
  7. Then, you log in to the account in the Auto360 application.
  8. If the above method has been done, then you can buy GIIAS 2022 tickets.

So, below are the steps that must be taken to buy tickets in the Auto360 application.

  1. The first step you have to do is open the Auto360 application.
  2. Then select the exhibition ticket menu on the “Home” page.
  3. Then select the type of ticket, then click the buy menu.
  4. After that, login to your account to make a purchase.
  5. After you log in, you select the date, time of visit, and the number of GIIAS 2022 tickets you want to buy.
  6. Next, you fill in your personal data.
  7. And don’t forget to check the approval checkbox to make a payment.
  8. Then select the type of payment.
  9. And don’t forget to follow the steps.
  10. After that, select “Pay Now”.
  11. Then your ticket purchase was successful.

Now, for those of you who have purchased GIIAS 2022 tickets, you can check them on your registered email, you can also check the tickets via the “My Ticket” page.

When you want to enter the GIIAS 2022 exhibition, then later, you just need to show the QR code on your ticket to be scanned at the entrance of the exhibition.

If later you will visit GIIAS 2022 and do not have a private vehicle, you can use the free shuttle bus that has been provided by the organizers of this exhibition.

But unfortunately, GIIAS 2022 does not provide long-distance shuttle bus services, but this service is only available in the Bintaro, BSD, and Lebak Bulus areas.

The information that we share has been conveyed by the organizers through the official GIIAS Instagram account.

a. GIIAS 2022 Shuttle Bus Location

So, below are the shuttle bus locations provided by the GIIAS 2022 organizer.

Deadlocked Swamp Station
The location of the first shuttle bus is at Rawa Buntu Station, for delivery from this station to ICE BSD which is available from 10.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB.

However, while the ICE BSD trip to Rawa Buntu Station starts from 11.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB, if you forget the shuttle bus schedule, then you can also see the schedule at the shuttle location.

The second shuttle bus location is at AEON Mall BSD, Tangerang which is available from 10.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB for ICE BSD, but for trips from ICE BSD to AEON Mall it will be available from 11.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB.

d. BSD Intermodal Market

The next location is the BSD Intermoda market, Tangerang, where the pick-up and drop-off schedule at this location is the same as the operational schedule above.

For the record, the shuttle bus at the BSD Intermoda Market will only be available for weekends or weekends.

e. Edutown

Then at Edutown BSD, Tangerang, which is the same as in BSD Intermoda Market, at this location, pick-up and drop-off schedules are only available on weekends.

f. Transmart Lebak Bulus

Furthermore, the location of the fifth shuttle bus to GIIAS 2022 is Transmart Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, where the pick-up time starts from 10.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB.

g. Bintaro Xchange

And the location of the last GIIAS 2022 shuttle bus point, namely Bintaro Xchange., for visitors to take advantage of the free transportation every day from 10.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB.

3. Rows of New Cars at GIIAS 2022

How to Buy Giias Tickets
Rows of New Cars at GIIAS 2022

Now for those of you who are curious about what new cars are available at Giias 2022.

Please see below on how to buy Giias tickets, which are as follows:

  1. Honda
  2. Toyota
  3. Suzuki
  4. Kia
  5. Wuling
  6. MG
  7. Audi
  8. Nissan
  9. Subaru
  10. Hyundai

The final word

Well that’s him how to buy tickets giias which you can do very easily.

This GIIAS will introduce battery-based vehicle technology, as well as dozens of vehicles ranging from passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and others.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to buy GIIAS 2022 tickets. Hopefully it’s useful and good luck.