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How to Buy BCA 2022 Shares

How to Buy BCA Shares
How to Buy BCA Shares now it’s very easy for you to do, to be able to find out more details! Please read the review until it’s finished.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult if you want to buy up a lot of stocks, it only takes a few minutes, the stocks you like are already yours.

There are so many stocks that you can choose from and one of them is buying BCA shares.

As a beginner, of course they will not want to take a very high risk and as a beginner investor who has just jumped in.

Then they will tend to choose blue chip stocks, because they have stable and good company performance.

In a variety of economic conditions, this BBCA may be one of your choices all.

This blue chip stock is often dubbed as one of the resilient stocks, so how can you not?

They will continue to increase their income or income from year to year so that they continue to experience a very exponential increase.

When the national economy is in a downturn, they will try to stabilize profits so that they continue to lead to a profit. When distributing dividends, for example, such as BCA shares.

This way to be able to buy BCA Shares is actually quite easy for you to do, especially if you buy it in the MyInvest application.

Armed with very sophisticated features in the form of instant market price execution, a very light application, and also the most routine daily stock recommendations.

There are so many people who are curious, how do you buy BCA shares?

Are you also eager to know how to do it, in order to become one of the owners or shareholders of BCA?

BCA shares, which have been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange using the issuer code BBCA, are already well-known as a type of blue chip stock.

Which means, stocks with large capitalization, have a high value and also tend to be more stable.

If the JCI compactly undergoes a contraction process, the stocks that are included in this bluechip stock can be said to be able to stay in their position.

However, they also fell, but not as much as stocks with medium and small capitalizations.

This bluechip stock issuer company is usually very well known as a leader in its market. The product is quite famous and many people have used it, and its reputation has been proven.

If you are a beginner in the world of stock investment, of course, it will often be advisable to start your investment process directly from bluechip stocks.

In order to reduce the level of risk of fluctuations in stock prices that will indeed fluctuate highly in the capital market, one of which is BCA shares.

And for more details, please refer to a more complete review about how to buy BCA shares the following.

Easy Way to Buy BCA Shares

How to Buy BCA Shares
Easy Way to Buy BCA Shares

This way to buy BCA shares only takes a few minutes, choose securities that have permission from the OJK.

This InvestmentKu application is a trusted stock trading application and already has official permission under the auspices of PT Mega Capital Sekuritas.

Before you buy shares, please download the InvestmentKu application stock investment application by clicking the following link: My Investment.

And go straight to the steps how to buy BCA shares easily below;

  • Please do the registration of Personal Data
  • After that click the option “You don’t have an account yet?” and after that you fill in your full name, active email address, cellphone number, password, and password confirmation, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions option.
  • Then verify E-KYC in this step, you are required to immediately take a photo of your ID card. Try to take a photo of the latest ID card in bright conditions so that it is clearly visible. This makes it easier for the InvestasiKu application to verify your ID card.
  • This biometric system requires you to scan your face or selfie.
  • After that, you just have to wait for approximately 24 hours or 1 working day if there are no problems.
  • After that open the Customer Fund Account
  • When you have finished opening an account, then congratulations! There is only one step left to be able to buy BCA shares.
  • Please search for stocks using the BBCA code, please analyze the chart first.
  • If you intend to be able to invest in order to get dividends, you can immediately click the buy option button.
  • Done.

For BBCA’s share price today, Rp. 7,450 per share. which if you buy per lot it costs IDR 745,000.

This is due to positive sentiment, where BBCA market participants will continue to make purchases.

Since 2006, if you look at the BBCA chart the price will continue to rise until last October 2022.

That’s the advantage of this blue chip stock, that’s why we wrote this article so that it can help novice investors.

After that, understand and study your risk ratio in stocks and one of them is setting lots.

You have to consider this to be able to survive in the long term. Moreover, you are a scalper, so risking 2% per share trade is a very mandatory thing for them.

The final word

That’s the whole content of our discussion in this article about how to buy BCA shares. Hopefully useful and good luck trying it.

How to buy BCA shares through Smartphone devices is very important for us to discuss.

Not because BCA is the best bank in Indonesia right now, but also because the opportunity to be able to buy and sell shares is now very easy.

Almost everyone knows and understands about the achievements and network of Bank BCA, as well as the advantages of the bank belonging to the Djarum group, there is no doubt