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Hard to Kill? Here are 5 Counter Hero Brody that Keeps Him from moving in the Land of Dawn

Hero counter Brody is now wanted because he is a gold laner figure enough to watch out for. Because, in meta now, not many heroes marksman capable enough to facilitate victory. No doubt Brody finally became the prima donna in the match

But don’t worry, if you have trouble fighting Brody, maybe your Hero choice is wrong. You see, in the game Mobile Legendswant the Hero to be as strong as anything there must be counter-his. Like 5 Heroes counter The following best Brody.

Curious who is on the list? Here’s 5 counter Hero Brody who keeps him from moving in the Land of Dawn version of KINCIR.

1. Nana

Hero Mage Mobile Legends, Nana.

Hero Mage Mobile Legends, Nana. Via


Nana is one of mid laner mage who have more ability totake down Brody easily. Sometimes Nana likes to be underestimated by her opponents in the Land of Dawn. But for sure this Hero is quite easy to kill marksman this one.

Method kill Brody that is turning him into a doll from skills two Nana and continued with ultimate filled with damage turn off. Combo This usually works if it hits target to target.

2. Natalia

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends, Natalia.

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends, Natalia. Via


Natalia is one of the counter The right hero for Brody. His disappearance ability can certainly stalk his opponent very easily. But don’t forget, spell used is execute to minimize failure.

step to-take down Brody had definitely disappeared and was stalking his movements. Make sure no other heroes are with him. Next time Natalia can stab with ultimatefrom behind and closed with spell execute.

3. Chou

Hero Fighter Mobile Legends, Chou.

Hero Fighter Mobile Legends, Chou. Via


The third came from the Hero fighter which has quite a lot of ability. Stun effect on skills and ultimatethere is no need to doubt it. Many victims have fallen from the hands of a Chou.

Tips forcounter Brody if you use Chou is use skills 1 for knock up then continue with ultimate-his. This method is guaranteed that the target cannot move instantly. In fact, this ability could be counter of almost all Heroes in Mobile Legends.

4. Saber

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends, Saber.

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends, Saber. Via


Assassin this one is very happy to meet a thin Hero like Brody. Saber has the support of skills one and ultimate-his. Nge-lock one target is an advantage that is on him. In fact, its presence can be a frightening specter in the Land of Dawn.

It’s easy enough totake down Brody moment gameplay ongoing. You just need to activate skills one then continued ultimate to the enemy target. In fact, this Hero cancounter marksman others such as Claude, Wanwan and Clint.

5. Ling

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends, Ling.

Hero Assassin Mobile Legends, Ling. Via


The last hero that made Brody not move of course came from role assassin, Ling. His ability can surpass the existence of the target very easily. Has an advantage on skills and ultimatecan make the opponent helpless.

Marksman this one became one of the easy targets for Ling. You just need to do the initiation up the wall (skills 1), then make sure Brody as your main opponent. If you feel the Hero is dying, then you can end it by using ultimate-his.

That’s 5 Heroes counter Brody who kept him from moving in the Land of Dawn. Don’t forget to keep visiting KINCIR to get the latest information about games and esports yes!