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Gold Ranger Caster and Pak Pulung Highlight RRQ Hoshi's Role Exchange on Day Three Closed Qualifier Mobile Legends President Cup 2022 Esports

The third day closed qualifier Mobile Legends The 2022 Esports President’s Cup presents a match that is so exciting and hot. Unexpectedly, RRQ Hoshi had to lose to Alter Ego whose roster was dominated by MDL players. The loss of the king was quite surprising for many parties, especially RRQ Kingdom.

Look, seeing the Alter Ego filled with MDL players certainly makes the expectation of victory fall into the hands of RRQ Hoshi. But in fact, it was the king who had to fall at the hands of the Alter Ego.

Many say that RRQ Hoshi’s loss was due to the exchange role what’s happening inside roster the. The king lowered full team their mainstay, but two players swap roles in the Land of Dawn.

Skylar as jungler with Hero Yi Sun Shin, and also Albert with Hero Wanwan gold laner-his. There may be a specific purpose behind this role swap. However, it’s a shame that victory favors Alter Ego on Day 3 closed qualifier Mobile Legends 2022 Esports President’s Cup.

“Try roster, line up and Hero yes there must be trial and error– yes. The risk from RRQ Hoshi is also small, right, after all they must also enter group stage– right. This defeat may have started from an experiment that did not get maximum results. Wanted to try new things but failed to execute on the pitch,” said the Golden Ranger.

RRQ Hoshi’s defeat over Alter Ego is thought to be due to the exploration of the role swap that hasn’t felt smooth yet. Pak Pulung also commented that it is possible that this experiment will be carried out in the MPL Season 10 tournament if it is successful. Well, this failure might be a lesson for RRQ Hoshi; between needing a special strategy or going back toroster beginning.

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