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Free IPTV Address 2022 - Cara1001

Free IPTV address

Free IPTV address is an internet-based TV broadcasting service using a cable network for delivery.

The network has a high internet connection in order to support the broadcast that is broadcast.

For those of you who want to watch TV with various channels on the IPTV application, then you can access several free IPTV addresses.

Watching TV is definitely still one of the most enjoyable activities in the digital era as it is today, because you can watch various interesting things there, from sports, politics, life style, drama, and weather news to watch.

You can even watch TV on your smartphone to make it more practical and easy to do anywhere.

Well, here we share recommendations free IPTV address which can be accessed if you want to watch a complete TV channel.

1. IPTV M3U Sport Playlist

Free IPTV Address
IPTV M3U Sport playlists

The first free IPTV address that we recommend and you can use to get various channels is the M3U Sport IPTV Playlist.

You only need to upload the file in the settings menu found in the IPTV Application and the IPTV file can be downloaded on the link or link that we will provide.

In the playlist mentioned in the download link, there are lots of channels with sports categories that you can enjoy.

So, this IPTV address is very suitable to be accessed for those of you who like to watch broadcasts about sports.

(IPTV M3U Sport Playlist Download Link)

2. Coday TV

Free IPTV Address
Coday TV

Not only using the IPTV M3U Sport palylist, but you can also use files from a free IPTV address, namely the Coday TV URL.

There are several local channels as well as international channels that can be accessed for free through this IPTV address and make sure you are using the playlist correctly.

In addition, if you have questions or there is a problem with the playlist URL, you can join the Coday TV telegram group which can be accessed via the link:

Meanwhile, to download the playlist URL, please click the link that we will share below.

(Coday TV download link)

3. New IPTV Playlist Perfect Player

Free IPTV Address
New Playlist IPTV Perfect Player

The next free IPTV address that you can access is New Playlist IPTV Perfect Player.

This playlist provides various entertainment categories with dozens of local channels and foreign or international channels.

To be able to use this playlist, you must first download the playlist.

Before downloading the playlist, be sure to follow the suggested setup guide.

(Download New Playlist IPTV Perfect Player)


Free IPTV Address

MKCTV is a free IPTV address application that provides a wide selection of TV channels that you can enjoy easily.

Some of the available channels include reality shows, sports, and others.

Currently, MKCTV is no longer functioning, as announced on its official page.

However, for those of you who still want to enjoy the various channels available on MKCTV through the IPTV application, then you can click one of the playlist URL addresses below:

If you are bothered by setting a free IPTV address, then you can use the updated MKCTV application, namely MKCTV Go.

(Download the MKCTV App)

5. How to Install a Free IPTV Address Channel Playlist

Free IPTV Address
How to Install a Free IPTV Address Channel Playlist

Once the free IPTV address is known, you can download it via the link we have provided.

If it has been downloaded, it can be used immediately and to use it please follow the tutorial that we will share.

For how to install a free IPTV address channel playlist, it is as follows:

  • Make sure the IPTV application is installed on your device and if you don’t have it, please download it via the link we have shared above.
  • Then Download the IPTV TV Channel Playlist then save the file in your smartphone memory or on your STB.
  • After that, run the IPTV application and then go to the Menu option in the upper left corner.
  • Then press the ‘+’ sign to enter the ‘m3u’ format file that was previously downloaded or downloaded.
  • After success, the channel page display will be filled with a wide selection of TV stations from various countries in the world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free IPTV Address

Free IPTV Address
Advantages and Disadvantages of Free IPTV Address

Each application or URL certainly has advantages and disadvantages, as well as some of the free IPTV addresses that we have shared above.

Before using the free IPTV address, it’s good to know the advantages and disadvantages.

Although it has shortcomings, it will not reduce the function of IPTV.

The advantages and disadvantages of a free IPTV address are as follows:

1. Advantages of Free IPTV

There are many advantages possessed by an IPTV address when used to watch TV, namely as follows:

Allows you as a user to access streaming files with higher quality compared to other file formats such as flash.

IPTV M3u files also save data as plain text so they can be easily opened with word processing applications such as Outlook and Word.

IPTV URL M3u is already very popular as a video, audio format and is supported by many playlist applications.

IPTV is able to optimize video playback for any device so that real-time video playback depends on your home internet speed.

2. Disadvantages of Free IPTV

  • Requires quite a lot of internet quota when used.
  • Free IPTV files usually have a limited channel list.
  • Sometimes there are some IPTV URLs that have expired or are not working.

The final word

This is information about free IPTV address which we can convey and can be taken into consideration before use.

There are hundreds of television or radio stations contained in the playlist file and you can easily search for them by country or type in the desired keywords.

It is important to remember, if the IPTV channel playlist file above is a search result from several internet sites via googling.

So at any time some TV server URLs can error and cannot be played, which is usually due to a change in the URL address of the destination server.