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Family Review of Cemara the Series Episode 4: About Euis and His Exaggerated Ambition

*Spoiler Alert: Family Review of Cemara the series episode four may annoy those of you who haven’t watched it yet.

End of episode three Fir Family the series closed with a gloomy village gang when they saw their smart schedule. The audience’s big question mark over this scene was finally answered in the fourth episode of this series.

Unlike the previous three episodes. This episode does not focus on the family conflict of one of the main characters. This episode focuses on the main goal of the village gang which is the main premise of this series, which is to win the quiz competition.

Fir Family the series episode four has aired on Disney+ Hotstar, last Saturday, October 15.

Against the defending champion

The puzzle behind post credit the previous episode was finally answered in this fourth episode. Euis and his friends actually have to deal with a high school from Bandung, which every year is a winner. Not wanting his hopes to be buried, Euis continues to learn. He also continues to encourage his friends to be able to compete with one of the favorite high schools in this competition.

Euis and others went to Bandung for a competition there. In order not to get tired, Euis took the initiative to make the five of them stay in Bandung the day before the competition. Even though they were almost constrained, they finally got free lodging in Bandung through Ceu Salmah access.

But it turns out that the inn they live in is haunted. Instead of being able to focus on studying and being able to get enough rest, they are overshadowed by a disturbing astral figure.

From family drama instantly to light and entertaining horror

It’s like being surprised when you find out the serial Fir Family the fourth episode has a mystical nuance. The scenes full of warmth between families that were previously created are now replaced with horror scenes. Don’t worry, the genre of this episode hasn’t really changed drastically, just given a little touch of horror that is still connected to the story idea.

The whole village gang, Ceu Salmah and Kang Romli were overshadowed by the terror of the villa guard. Incident after incident in the villa makes those who will compete to be sleep deprived. Even Andi had to be sidelined and could not participate in the competition due to illness.

Even though it smells mystical, there is no creepy ghost or jumpscare which is surprising. This episode is still very suitable to be enjoyed with family. Although the horror scenes are thin, this episode seems to pave the way for story ideas Fir Family could be explored more broadly.

Euis who came back stubborn

Euis’ ambition in this episode really can’t be hidden. He was already so excited to win the provincial level quiz competition so he could challenge his former best friend in Jakarta. Unfortunately it was too much and made his friends uncomfortable. Euis is too eager to learn just to satisfy his own ego.

Euis’ maturity in the first episode faded in this episode. He doesn’t want to know about other people’s condition. According to him, the most important thing is to win. Euis’ passionate spirit made him blurt out that one of the reasons he was excited in this competition was to beat his old friend.

Unfortunately, this did not become a meaningful conflict for the village gang. Feeling that their intelligence is being used by Euis turns out to be no obstacle that destroys their cohesiveness. Even though this is one of Euis’ biggest secrets that his friends have not known.

Better set than the previous episode

If in the previous episodes of this series it seemed that they were not ready to make a singing competition set for Ima’s character, in this fourth episode, this has been successfully overcome. In the early minutes, there is a scene where Euis dreams of following closely against his old friend. Well, this meticulous set in Euis’ dream is so seriously made.

Not only in Euis’ dream, the smart set when the Kampung Gang actually competed was made much better than the set Ima used in the singing competition in the previous episode. This means that this series is actually still capable enough to make a much more convincing set than the previous episodes.

One thing that is quite disturbing in this episode is when the village gang is on their way to Bandung. The graphics are very visible when they are in the car. Maybe filming using green screen This is used to be more efficient in terms of time effectiveness.

Who is Rindu’s secret admirer?

One riddle answered, one new riddle emerges. Right at the end of this fourth episode, there is one more puzzle that makes the audience curious. In this fourth episode, Rindu was sent strawberry pudding and flowers without anyone knowing who sent them.

If Ima looks close to Andi and Deni is so keen to steal Euis’s attention, it’s really only Rindu who has not seen a partner yet. So, is this Rindu’s secret admirer a potential future partner? We only know the answer in the fifth episode The Series Cemara Family.