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Explore Cloud9's New Valorant Roster Ability, VCT 2023 Dominator Candidate!

After undergoing a match in the 2022 Valorant Champions Tournament, the Cloud9 team changed its team composition. In the introduction video roster Recently on their YouTube channel, it was seen that there were two new players in their team.

Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro and Jacob “Yay” Whiteaker have officially joined Cloud9 for the 2022/2023 season which will start running later this year. However, are these two additional ammunition able to complement Cloud9’s performance in the competitive scene?

This time KINCIR will discuss one by one roster The recently announced Cloud9. Curious? Check out the following article.


C9 vanity

C9 vanity

Vanity is one of the long-standing members of Cloud9. Vanity is the team captain of the Valorant Cloud9 roster. In the previous tournament, VCT 2022: NA LCQ, Vanity brought Cloud9 to the semifinals but was defeated by the champion, 100 Thieves.

In the same tournament, Vanity took first place with the highest KDA gain of all Cloud9 members and all other participants. In the 2022 VCT yesterday, he collected 1.9 of his overall appearances. Not so bad for a team captain and it looks like Vanity is still sharp and ready for the next tournament.


C9 leaf

C9 leaf

Nathan “Leaf” Orf is a member roster The oldest Valorant Cloud9. Because, he’s officially become pro player Cloud9 from January 2021 to present. Leaf has his own nickname in Cloud9 which is the “ace”.

Besides being great and having skills tall, Leaf also has gameplay very agile and not easily predicted by the opponent. In the previous tournament, Leaf was a duelist which has a unique style. It plays the role of Fragger with Hero Skye.


C9 Xeppa

C9 Xeppa

Still discussing the old members of Cloud9, Xeppa is the last surviving member after Vanity and Leaf. Before so pro playerXeppa’s name had already risen in prestige because he was a streamer popular on Twitch.

Don’t ask Xeppa a question skills and gameplay. He is the one who puts the most on style and loves to show off skills beautifully. Xeppa wants to always be in the spotlight thanks to his deadly aesthetic playing.


C9 yay

C9 yay

Finally, Jacob “Yay” Whiteaker announced which team he would choose. Previously, Yay was a dance member of the OpTic Gaming team who moved because OpTic did not get a partner with VCT. Because of this, a few months ago after the completion of the 2022 VCT Champion, many rumors were speculating which team Yay belonged to.

Who doesn’t know Yay? The person who really shone in the 2022 VCT Champion and almost won the tournament. Too bad the win was just a dream and OpTic was beaten by LOUD. Now, Yay will take his revenge with Cloud9.

Rumor has it, Yay is currently so pro player Valorant with the highest salary in the world. Cloud9 clearly agrees to this, considering Yay is a valuable asset in his team. Yay’s ability is unquestionable. In fact, he became the most highlighted player at VCT 2022 yesterday because he managed to collect 460 kills.


C9 Zellsis

C9 Zellsis

Previously Zellsis was a Version1 member borrowed by Sentinel to fight for the last position of NA in the round last chance qualifier. Even though he has fought hard with Sentinel, Zellsis has not had the opportunity to become a champion in the 2022 VCT Champion.

Speaking of abilities, Zellsis once placed seventh rank Radiant on North American servers. From this we can see that Zellsis is indeed a player to be reckoned with. Moreover, he is called the king clutch. Several times he created moments comeback which is very memorable.


With the arrival of Yay and Zellsis, it can be predicted that Cloud9’s performance will accelerate. Chemistry Xeppa, Leaf, and Vanity can be enhanced with the quality of their new two players. So it’s even more curious to see them appear on scene esports Valorant international.

For those of you who are curious about their appearance, don’t forget to keep visiting KINCIR so you don’t miss the latest information about esports and other games.