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Cool! Here's Everything New in Minecraft Update 1.20

At the Minecraft Live 2022 event, Mojang as developer give announcements about everything new in the universe Minecraft. Lots of announcements were presented, starting from Minecraft Legends, Minecraft Dungeons, and those present in the game updates latest 1.20

This time, KINCIR will discuss thoroughly about what is present in the event updates the most recent. For those of you who don’t know, just take a look at the following article!

After discussing Minecraft Dungeon and Minecraft Legends previously, Agnes Larsson as the director of Mojang Studio is here to provide information about the next update from Minecraft.

Agnes explained that updates 1.20 does not have a name, because a lot of details will be added in Minecraft. Different from updates Previously, version 1.20 will focus on realizing the wishes of the community of lovers Minecraft.

You could say, Mojang Studio really hears all of your aspirations! In development stage updates In this latest update, the developer is actually picking up comments or creative ideas from fans and trying to include them in his blog Minecraft.

Default skin new

New Minecraft Skin Defaults

New Minecraft Skin Defaults

From the beginning of the release Minecraft up to now, there are only two default skin namely Steve and Alex only. Steve represents a man with a strong beard for exploration, while Alex represents a woman who likes to explore and is not afraid of all challenges.

In updates version 1.20 later, Minecraft will have default skin new. Not just one or two but seven! The goal is for players to be more comfortable with the characters they play and explore them further. With the hope of improving sense of belonging them to each character.

These characters will also later appear elsewhere than in the game. For example, the trailer used to only use Steve and Alex.

Hanging signs

Hanging Signs Minecraft

Hanging Signs Minecraft

A block new to Minecraft which allows you to hang it on the ceiling of your house or other places. You can also make it using any type of wood in Minecraft and will produce different colors.

Hanging Signs have three variations, the first is the type with a heart from below. This type is the standard type of Hanging Signs that can exist if you place it from under the Block.

The second variation is from the side. Hanging Signs you can hang if you put it next to Block which gives a new variety. The third is the V variation. For this variation you can only use thin blocks such as fences and chains.

Bamboo Block

Minecraft bamboo blocks

Minecraft bamboo blocks

As usual, Minecraft will introduce at least one new block type in every update. This time, bamboo will get its own block. Previously, bamboo had no definite purpose and was only for fuel and food for pandas.

Just like wood in general, bamboo will have many variations such as stairs, doors, fences, slabs, trapdoors, and many others. Uniquely, bamboo will have another variation that distinguishes it from wood, namely Bamboo Mosaic. It seems that this new type of bamboo will be used more often for aesthetic purposes.


Raft Minecraft

Raft Minecraft

Yup, that’s right, canoes or bamboo boats will also be added in Minecraft updates 1.20 coincides with the arrival of the bamboo block variation. Not too different from the regular boats in Minecraft. Raft can also be added with chestbut what is different is the more adventurous feeling when using Raft.

Chiseled Bookshelves

Chiseled Bookshelves Minecraft

Chiseled Bookshelves Minecraft

No one expected, the bookshelf would get an update. This time, the bookshelf is not just a display, but now you can store your books there which are called Chiseled Bookshelves.

Not only books can, you can also store books enchantment and book and quill here. Uniquely, these Chiseled Bookshelves have a different texture or model from the previous bookshelf. If you take out one of the books, that place will be empty and can be a new inspiration in your world.

This becomes a very useful feature, because previously when saving a book in chest, the books can not be put together and take up more space. As is updates In this way, storing books will be more interesting and certainly more aesthetic.

Cool again, this bookshelf will respond and can be connected with Redstone. So you can create a secret passage using this new bookshelf to prank your friends in Minecraft.


Minecraft Camel

Minecraft Camel

Friendly mob new to Minecraft namely Camels or camels. Camels can be found only in the desert. Before you can ride, the camel will get up from its seat and will slowly get up and stand up straight.

Unlike horses, camels you can ride alone with your friends. Another unique thing is that the camel can jump over a large chasm with very funny animations.

Another advantage when you ride this camel is mobmob small can’t attack you. The camel’s high posture makes them unable to reach you. Even if someone is able, this camel can run, you know!

Mob Vote Winner

Mob Vote Winner Sniffer

Mob Vote Winner Sniffer

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for has arrived. After unlocking phase voting at the event Minecraft Live 2022, the determination of the new monster was determined! The winner of this vote is Sniffer.

Sniffer managed to defeat Tuff Golem and Rascal. Because, in the early phase voting, Tuff Golem had excelled. In the end it was Sniffer who had a higher level of popularity.

When is the release time updates 1.20 Minecraft?

Regarding the release date, Mojang Studio has not announced the exact date or month. However, it is predicted that in 2023 you will be able to experience all the new things that we discussed earlier. It could be, the middle of the year will be chosen considering the existence of events their year.


It does have to be a little patient to be able to play all the new things earlier. While waiting, you must continue to visit KINCIR so you don’t miss the latest information about games and other esports.