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Config HTTP Injector Telkomsel 2022 - Cara1001

You can use this to get free internet quota, even though the latest Telkomsel internet packages are offered at low prices.

However, the free one makes the heart more happy because there is no need to spend money just to buy a quota.

Especially now that the internet is a necessity that is needed in everyday life.

Especially during the pandemic period that makes us do a lot of activities from home, including for online activities.

With the development of the internet today is much needed in helping human activities.

For example, the first in government activities to speed up communication and information to the public.

The second is for school activities, the internet is usually used for online exam learning systems.

The third is for offices, the internet is commonly used for business activities, industry and so on.

Meanwhile, to get an internet network you must have an internet quota, the higher the quota, the more expensive the price.

Also, don’t be surprised if nowadays the use of internet quota is increasing, so you also need a way to get internet quota for free.

Moreover, if your Smartphone or laptop cannot be connected to Wifi, then you are forced to rely on internet packages from HP.

Therefore, so that you don’t waste your quota, we provide a solution for you, you can use Telkomsel HTTP Injector config to get free internet.

What is Telkomsel HTTP Injector Config?

Config HTTP Injector Telkomsel
What is Telkomsel HTTP Injector Config?

HTTP Injector is a special application that you can use to get free internet or change certain quotas to regular quotas.

This can be done with config support and some changes to the settings in the application.

While config is a special code to support free internet applications, including using HTTP Injector.

You can

found many free configs on the internet, one of which is the Telkomsel HTTP Injector config for learning quotas that can be used to change study quotas into regular quotas.

Interestingly, this HTTP Injector config is available for various other providers, but in this article we will explain specifically for Telkomsel.

If you are a Telkomsel customer, you probably already know that this largest provider in Indonesia offers various types of quotas.

The types of quotas in question include study quotas, MAXstream quotas, and even Telkomsel’s mobile quota.

However, these quotas are reserved for certain applications, if you want to access the internet, the main quota is still needed.

By using the HTTP Injector config, you can access the internet anytime for free.

For those of you who are curious about the Telkomsel configuration so you can surf freely, you can listen to the discussion below.

Config HTTP Injector Telkomsel Unlimited

Config HTTP Injector Telkomsel
Config HTTP Injector Telkomsel Unlimited

Telkomsel’s unlimited internet package is a solution for you to surf cheaply without thinking about the quota that is divided based on the application and this is the right choice.

However, this type of package usually also has a usage limit or fair usage (Fair Usage Policy or FUP).

Because if you have crossed this limit, the speed of internet access will decrease or become slow.

If you download the Telkomsel HTTP config file, then you can surf freely without thinking about FUP, remaining quota, or even buying Telkomsel unlimited internet packages.

Please follow the steps below to download the Telkomsel HTTP Injector config file, which is as follows:

  • The first step, please download the HTTP Injector application on your cellphone (Download HTTP Injector App for Android).
  • Please download the Telkomsel HTTP config via the link below to change the settings in the application
  • After that, please open the HTTP Injector application, then please click the File icon at the top right and you select “Import Config”.
  • The next step, please look for the HTTP Injector config that you downloaded earlier on the File Manager menu.
  • Next, please click “Start” to get free internet access.
  • Then please wait a while until the HTTP Injector is connected.
  • Done.

You need to know that in some cases, if you import or enter a config with expired SSH, then you have to change the SSH settings.

For how to change this SSH setting, you can do the steps below, which are as follows:

  • First, please click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. and please select “SSH Settings”.
  • After that, please enter your SSH account username and password.
  • We remind you that don’t forget to change the Port section to 443.
  • Done.

For the HTTP Injector config above, SSH is still active, so you don’t need to change the settings anymore.

If you have followed the steps above, then please check whether you managed to access the internet for free or not.

The final word

That’s the explanation we can share about how to download and enter Telkomsel HTTP Injector config what you can do to change the special quota to regular quota.

Please try the HTTP Injector config above, so you can access the internet without limits and don’t have to worry about quota problems, little or no this can save expenses.

Hopefully the contents of this article are useful for all readers, congratulations on trying to use the HTTP Injector config.

Don’t forget to also say thank you very much to all readers who have taken the time to read our article.