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Changhong Air Conditioning Code 2022 - Cara1001

as well as how to set it which we will discuss in this article, in this case that nowadays there are many electronic manufacturers who offer their superior AC products.

Although the AC products they sell are on average durable or not easily damaged, but not with the remote.

Because the remote can sometimes fall, be crushed, hit by a collision, or get spilled by a drink so this makes it easy to damage.

And each of these manufacturers doesn’t offer separate remotes, thus we need to buy universal remotes like Changhong AC remote.

Therefore, on this occasion we will share some information about Changhong air conditioner code and how to set it up.

1. Changhong Air Conditioner Code

Changhong Air Conditioning Code
Changhong Air Conditioning Code

In general, you can find out the Changhong joker AC remote code by looking at the manual that was obtained when you bought it.

However, sometimes you may experience problems with the manual, such as the manual may be lost or damaged.

Therefore you really need information about this Changhong AC remote code, below are some types of Changhong AC codes, which are as follows:

  • The Changhong AC Main Universal Remote Code is 059, 947, 079, 934.
  • The Changhong AC Series 0 Universal Remote Code is 071, 073, 086, 051, 052, 087, 088, 089, 091, 092, 058, 067, 093, 008, 010, 011, 014, 016, 026, 028, 053, 057
  • The Changhong AC Series 1 Universal Remote Code is 159, 162, 181, 100, 102, 104, 128, 184, 182, 183.

And below is a description of the universal remote code for Changhong AC, which is as follows:

  • This universal remote for Changhong AC only supports 3 digit numbers, unlike other remote codes that support up to 5 numbers.
  • The 3-digit code must be used when synchronizing the remote frequency pattern for the first time, and there is no need to re-integrate thereafter.
  • First, please use the main remote code before you use series 0 and series 1, because these two codes are only used if the main code fails.

2. How to Set Changhong AC Code

Changhong Air Conditioning Code
How to Set Changhong AC Code

Above we have discussed the Changhong AC code, then you also need to know how to set it.

Immediately, here are the steps you must take to enter the Chunghong AC remote code to pair the remote and AC correctly and safely, which are as follows:

  • First, please turn on the AC which will be paired with your universal remote, by using the manual button, because the remote is not yet active.
  • Then make sure the remote is fully charged, if so, please turn on the AC remote by pressing the “Power” button until the temperature indicator appears on the remote screen.
  • After that, please press the “SET” button while holding it for a few seconds until the number “000” appears on the remote screen flashing.
  • Because there is no code number like on the TV remote, so we use the temp plus (+) and temp min (-) buttons to set the AC code number.
  • For example, for AC code 079, we simply click on the plus and minus buttons to arrive at that number.
  • If the code matches, the remote will sound “”Beep”, then you continue by clicking the “OK” button to lock the code.
  • Done.

What is Changhong AC Remote?

The air conditioner can run if there is a command given by someone using a remote.

Therefore, it is very important to have a remote, if the remote AC is damaged, the indoor AC unit will automatically not be able to run again.

And the option that you can use is to use another remote which in fact is multi-functional and has an AC remote code that can be used on all types of air conditioners.

One of the choices for the right AC remote brand is the Changhong AC remote, for the Changhong AC remote code you only need to adjust the AC code you have.

Changhong AC Remote is a universal AC remote that can be used by almost all AC brands marketed in Indonesia, including Changhong AC.

When compared to the default remote, the universal remote also offers no less good quality and longer usage power.

When you first buy a Changhong AC remote, you won’t be able to use it directly.

This is because you have to set it first using a different remote code for each type of AC, nowadays most of the remotes are universal like the Changhong AC remote.

In the previous discussion, we have explained how to set the Changhong AC code, so to set it you can follow the guide that we have explained above.

Which still uses IR (infra red) technology which relies on infrared waves to transmit signal transmissions to an IR receiver on AC.

And this IR signal will not work if there is no code match between the transmitter on the remote and the receiver on the AC.

Therefore the universal AC remote requires a code that is used to match the remote system in order to be able to connect between the two.

The final word

So much information that we can share about Changhong air conditioner code and how to set it, hopefully useful.

Now you don’t have to worry if your AC remote is damaged, because you can use the Changhong AC remote code to solve the problem.

Because if the default Changhong AC remote is damaged, you can use a universal AC remote to solve the problem.

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Don’t forget to also say thank you very much to all readers who have taken the time to read our article.