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Alimine VIP Login 2022 - Cara1001

Alimine VIP Login

Alimine VIP Login is the latest money-making application that you can try, because it is very legit and much in demand by all Indonesian people today.

Not only is it legit and much sought after by people, but this application is also reported to be an application that was founded by a well-known company.

While the company that developed the Alimine Apk is Alibaba Cloud Super Computing Co Ltd.

In the Alimine VIP application there is also an investment that can be used for you to earn an income.

But there is an investment package that you can follow for free and for those of you who are curious about an application Alimine VIP Login this money maker, then you can immediately see the full review below.

Alimine VIP Login Apk Features

Alimine VIP Login
Alimine VIP Login Apk Features

Each application is certainly equipped with various interesting features, as well as the Alimine VIP Login Apk.

The Alimine VIP Apk Login features are as follows:

1. Bonus

In there is a bonus. The bonus itself is a nominal amount in the form of a balance that is used as a tool to buy a mining machine or in short as investment capital.

So the bonus on the Alimine application is not only a balance that can be withdrawn, but funds that you can use to invest or mine.

Therefore, you should use this earned bonus as mining or investment material.

If you have a lot of bonuses, then you are likely to get a large asset as well.

While the ways that can be used to get bonuses, such as completing missions in the application.

2. Asset

In addition to bonuses, there are features in the form of assets which are funds that can be disbursed into the account.

These assets are the result of your hard work while working as a miner on

This asset can also be used to buy bonuses, because it is a nominal value that can be used for transactions.

You can withdraw this asset using an e-wallet such as Dana or using a local bank account.

3. Mining

The next feature that Anime VIP has is mining or mine. Mine or mine is a process carried out by the system to dig coins that will turn into assets.

Mining can run smoothly if you use the bonus as a tool for investment.

When you use a large bonus to mine, then the daily income limit that can be obtained will increase a lot.

While the duration of the mining process varies, there are one day (free), 3 days, 10 days, and so on according to the capital you spend.

Download Alimine VIP Login

Alimine VIP Login
Download Alimine VIP Login

If you want to try this one money-making application and it’s called Alimine VIP login Apk, then you can download it via the link we provide.

Considering the application will not be available on the Google Play Store or App Store, so it must be downloaded via the link.

So you don’t have to bother to get the app to download it.

To download, please click on the following link (Download Alimine VIP Apk).

After you have successfully entered the link, then you can immediately use the Alimine Apk application.

Meanwhile, to use it, you must register the application first.

Now, how to register in the money-making application that we will provide is very easy and can be directly applied guys.

How to Register Alimine VIP Login Apk

Alimine VIP Login
How to Register Alimine VIP Login Apk

As explained earlier, Alimine VIP Login Apk is very easy to use, especially for the account registration process.

How to register for Alimine VIP Apk is as follows:

  • The first step, you can just enter the registration link as follows (Alimine VIP Apk Registration Form login).
  • After entering the list link, you can immediately fill out the form provided such as filling in the phone number, username and password that are easy to remember.
  • Then you can just fill in the OTP code that goes into the phone number you are using, to do a verification.
  • The last step, you can just click the available Register button.

How to Use Alimine VIP Login Apk

Alimine VIP Login
How to Use Alimine VIP Login Apk

For those of you who have registered for this one money-making application, but don’t know how to use it.

So there’s no need to worry, because we will share a method or tutorial for using Alimine VIP Apk.

For how to use Alimine VIP Login Apk, they are as follows:

  • The first step, please open the application that was downloaded earlier and then login using the account that has been registered.
  • Then click the Get Money button so that you can claim a cash bonus of Rp. 200,000
  • After that you can make an investment by ticking the Mining menu.
  • Then check the Select button on the investment then click Confirm.
  • Select the investment amount you want, then click the available payment button.
  • You can invite friends to earn an income by clicking the Aaya menu, then clicking the Invite Friends button.
  • If you have a lot of balance, then you can immediately make a withdrawal by pressing the Withdraw Money button. Fill in the nominal you want to withdraw, then enter the bank account number, then press Confirm, done.

How to Get Bonus on Alimine VIP Login Apk

Alimine VIP Login
How to Get Bonus on Alimine VIP Login Apk

How to get a bonus for investing in the Alimine VIP login Apk can be done in several ways, one of which is by completing missions.

You can open Alimine APK then click on Tasks located under the app.

The tasks that must be carried out in order to get the bonus are as follows:

  • Account registration for the first time will get a prize = RP 200,000
  • Log in to your account every day and get a prize = RP 20,000
  • 7-day ticket prize = IDR 150.000
  • Login for 14 days with reward = IDR 300,000
  • Login prize for 28 consecutive days = RP 600,000
  • Invite 10 friends = IDR 150.000
  • Reward invite 100 friends = RP 600,000

How to Withdraw or Withdraw Money in Alimine VIP Login Apk

Alimine VIP Login
How to Withdraw or Withdraw Money in Alimine VIP Login Apk

Just like banking, Alimine VIP login Apk also has a minimum balance and you can only withdraw money if the minimum balance has reached IDR 100,000.

If you want to withdraw or withdraw money in this application, first make sure the balance you have has reached or even exceeded the minimum balance.

For how to withdraw or withdraw money at Alimine VIP Apk login as follows:

  • On the Home menu, please click the Withdraw Money option.
  • Then enter the withdrawal amount, account holder name, bank name, and account number. Make sure the data is complete and correct.
  • If everything is valid, please immediately click Withdraw.
  • At this point, the money withdrawal stage has been completed and you just have to wait for the money to enter the account that was previously inputted.

Is Alimine VIP Login Apk Safe to Use and Proven to Pay?

Alimine VIP Login
Is Alimine VIP Login Apk Safe to Use and Proven to Pay?

For those of you who ask whether this application is safe to use and proven to pay? The answer, Alimine VIP Login is an unofficial money making app to use, so it’s an illegal app.

So if you are interested in using the Alimine application, we recommend that you always be careful because this application is an application that has facts and is not a big creation of Alibaba.

To anticipate unwanted things that might happen, you can only use a backup account so that.

The final word

This is information about Alimine VIP Login Apk that we can convey and can be taken into consideration before use.

All applications that are developed by third parties are definitely less secure.

And if you are interested in using it, it is advisable to use it fairly and not excessively.

In addition, it is highly recommended not to make a deposit to invest and it is more advisable to play for free if you want to earn money.