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9+ Best Quran Apps 2022

Quran App

Quran App which is currently digital-based because of technological developments that make it easier for you to carry out your activities, as well as in terms of worship.

Reading the Koran can be more practical because of the presence of an application that can be used from a cellphone or mobile in terms of worship.

Now for those of you who like to travel, this is the best innovation that is very useful, only from the application, then you can get rewards and blessings from every holy verse that is recited.

There are also some recommendations Quran app The best that can be used in worship activities are as follows;

Best Quran App

Quran App
Best Quran App

There are several Al-Quran applications that are not only for reading the Qur’an but also have other Islamic features such as Qibla direction, prayer schedules, and so on so they are very helpful to accompany worship to make it more comfortable.

This application is also generally equipped with various digital Al-Quran support features such as information on recitation, translated text, audio, and much more.

Now for those of you who really want to download the authentic Al-Quran application, here is the Al-Quran application with the best ratings and ratings on the most recommended Google PlayStore, which is as follows.

1. Umma

The Umma AlQuran application is a Muslim community application made by the nation’s children who has been widely known by the public.

This application has many features that can help Muslims when worshiping, starting from the digital Al-Quran, prayer schedules, Qibla directions, and Uclass religious learning classes.

The Al-Quran features that have been provided in this application also have many additional features to help recite the Koran in the month of Ramadan such as translations in various languages, search features for specific surahs or chapters, bookmarks to mark the position of the last reading, and tajwid guides.

(Download the Umma App)

2. Ministry of Religion Qur’an

The Ministry of Religion’s AlQuran application is an official application that has been created by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

So you are not surprised if this application is one of the best Indonesian applications.

In addition, it has also provided 30 juz of the Al-Quran, the Ministry of Religion’s Al-Quran is also equipped with translated texts and their interpretations.

In addition to this, the Ministry of Religion’s Al-Quran has other features such as the origin of the revelation of a verse, the revelation of the letters of the Qur’an and also the daily verse service.

Moreover, this application also presents murotal Al-Quran sound features which are perfect for those of you who have the type of listener.

(Download the Ministry of Religion Qur’an Application)

3. Quran Best

Best Quran is one of the Quran applications which is, has been created by Indonesian Muslims, this application is designed as close as possible to the original printed Al-Quran so that it is more comfortable when read.

Moreover, the features of the Al-Quran that are already available are also very complete, ranging from translation and interpretation, search for verses based on keywords, bookmarks, night mode, and murottal 30 juz from the best qori (singer reading Al-Quran).

This best Quran also has additional features to help you worship during the month of Ramadan such as recording the number of recitations, prayer and adhan schedules, Islamic podcasts, Group Ngaji through the chat feature, and even finding the nearest mosque.

(Download the Best Quran Application)

4. Indonesian Quran

The next best Al-Quran application is the Indonesian Al-Quran application, where the contents of the Indonesian Al-Quran are similar to the Al-Quran in general, which provides 114 letters and 30 juz and complete with recitation.

In addition, this application has also provided a 30 juz murottal audio feature that allows you to choose one of the eight available qori.

You can use this Indonesian Al-Quran application even if it is not connected to an internet connection, or it can be offline.

(Download the Indonesian Al-Quran Application)

5. Quran for Android

The Quran application, Quran for Android, is one of the best Quran applications on the PlayStore.

Even this application made by the developer of has displayed a simple and easy to use interface that is even easy to understand.

So, so that you stay comfortable while reading to recite the Koran at night, this Quran for Android has a night mode feature, and even other features offered include translation of up to 20 languages, audio playback, bookmarking, marking and sharing verses.

(Download Quran App for Android)

6. Muslim Pro

The Quran application that is currently popular is the Muslim Pro application, which has been recognized by more than 110 million Muslims worldwide as the most accurate prayer time & azan application, Muslim Pro is also equipped with a complete Qur’an with Arabic script, phonetics, translation and audio recitation and Qibla finder, an Islamic Hijri calendar…

If you want to learn the interpretation of the verses of the Koran in various languages? Then you can download Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla or Muslim Pro developed by Bitsmedia, not only that, the language options provided by this platform have reached more than 40 languages ​​and you can access them offline.

(Download the Muslim Pro App)

7. MyQuran

This AlQuran MyQuran application is one of the original products from The Wali Studio based in Cimahi, West Java.

One of the advantages of this application over others is that there are no ads, although it can be used for free, there are several other additional features that are only available in the premium version.

(Download the MyQuran App)

8. Amen

Again, the AlQuran application made by another nation’s children is Aminin, which is where this application was developed by Bahaso Intermedia Cakrawala, a developer who is also a developer of applications for learning the Bahaso language.

This application has displayed the letters of the Koran in colorful cards which makes it easier and more interesting to read.

At the bottom of each card there is a “Play” button which when pressed will play the chant of the verse that has been read by a qori.

Al-Quran Aminin is not only for reciting, this application also has a feature to test the ability to read and understand the Qur’an.

Which is where other additional features such as translation and interpretation, bookmarks, verse markers, and features for sharing verses to social media are also included in this application.

(Download the Aminin Application)

9. Al-Quran (Tafsir & Per Word)

If you are looking for the best Indonesian Quran application that has interesting features, then you can try the application (Tafsir & Per Word).

Which is where there are several other additional features contained in this application such as interpretation, colored recitation codes, word for word translation, so you can choose a theme.

Now for those of you who like to write notes, then this one application also allows you to be able to write notes on each verse so you don’t forget.

Not only does this feature read the text of the Koran, but in this application you can also listen to the chanting of the holy Quran which is read by more than 30 qori, and this application also has a choice of Indonesian.

(Download the Al-Quran Application (Tafsir & Per Word)

The final word

So that’s the group Quran app which you can use to be a reference for you, especially Muslims for you to download.

The applications that have been mentioned already have advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can choose the application that you think suits what you want.

That’s all our discussion in this article about the application of the Al-Quran 2022. Hopefully it will be useful and good luck.