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9+ Apps That Are Booming 2022

Booming Apps

Applications that are booming This is nowadays because popular applications are not only about social media applications, there are photo editing applications, video editing to games that are currently hits.

Octoberbe you are curious about booming apps at this time, you just follow this article which will discuss it as follows.

1. TikTok App

Booming Apps
TikTok App

Want your videos to be hits and up to date? You should try this one booming application, TikTok because you can edit and even take videos with effects.

Do not miss today’s songs, because in this one application there are various special features such as facial recognition, usually these features are capable.

To take a picture or video based on the face shown in front of the camera, then what features to edit the video? Of course, there are many, one of which is to provide an interesting effect.

Not only can it be used to make videos, edit and share them, but TikTok is also now reliable for shopping for all kinds of needs.

Starting from makeup, clothes, bags to gadgets, though, TikTok also has a new feature that allows users to find out who visited their profile.

Curious? If you are curious, please visit via the following link (Download the TikTok App).

2. Netflix app

Booming Apps
Netflix App

It is undeniable that Netflix cannot be separated from the title of one of the applications that is currently booming, because on Netflix you can watch various kinds of movies and original series.

What Netflix itself produces, is not only films or series originating from the United States but from various countries, including even Asian countries.

There are several famous Netflix series including Money Heist, Squid Game, Stranger Things, Bridgerton and many others.

Netflix itself has several viewing quality options, one of which is 4K Ultra HD, because there are several types of subscription packages to choose from.

Starting from Mobile to Premium but the subscription fee is only IDR 50,000, if interested, please visit via the following link (Download the Netflix App).

3. Bumble App

Booming Apps
Bumble App

In Indonesia, Bumble became popular the fastest, especially after many TikTok residents told their stories of meeting a partner on this one dating app.

Bumble itself has several unique features and apparently there is no similar application, for example, the search filter for chat friends by category.

Because you can adjust the search category to find a partner or just friends, not only that, Bumble will also give a deadline of 24 hours for both people.

Those who chat with each other, if Beeline (the person you match with) does not need to reply to the message, it is your chance to have a further relationship with her will disappear.

Even so, if you subscribe to premium you can use the rematch feature with the desired Beeline if you are interested in this booming application.

Please visit via the following link (Download the Bumble App).

4. NGL App – Anonymous q&a

Booming Apps
NGL App – Anonymous q&a

NGL – anonymous q&a is included in the booming application, because in this application there is a question and answer session that is popular on Instagram through the application.

You can open a question-and-answer session with your followers on your social media accounts, because they will ask your opinion or question anonymously.

Interestingly, from this application, you can post their participation to Instagram Stories and provide feedback on how easy it is to use.

If you are interested in using this application, please visit via the following link (Download the NGL App – Anonymous q&a).

5. Capcut Application

Booming Apps
Capcut App

Capcut itself can be said to have gained popularity thanks to TikTok users, not a few of these social media users use Capcut to edit their videos.

In short, it’s incomplete if you don’t edit TikTok videos using this booming application, because in Capcut you can do several editing processes.

One of them is changing the video speed, because Capcut is quite easy to use if you want to try this application.

If you are interested in using it, just visit via the following link (Download the Capcut Application).

6. Zenly App

Booming Apps
Zenly App

The next booming application is Zenly, this application is no less popular than the other applications that we have discussed above.

Zenly itself is a map-based social media application that is widely used by young children, through Zenly users can find out the location where they are quickly and accurately.

Not just tracking yourself, but on Zenly users can see the whereabouts of friends who are connected to the user’s physical condition without exception of girlfriends.

Because Zenly can be relied on to be a place to chat and familiarize yourself with other users. Have you ever tried this application?.

If not, please visit via the following link (Download the Zenly App).

7. FacePlay App

Booming Apps
FacePlay App

While this one booming application is usually used for fun, because FacePlay allows you to insert your own face into a photo or video.

For example, if you want to appear as an elf, then you can choose a related template and combine it with a photo of his face.

It’s also possible if you want to look charming in traditional Chinese clothes? You can, just change the template according to taste.

This application was released by Innovational Technologies Limited in 2022, because currently there are more than 10 million Android users who have downloaded this one application.

Please visit via the following link (Download the FacePlay App).

8. iQIYI App

Booming Apps

This booming application provides serial, film and anime streaming services because most of the films and series are from Asia.

Some of the popular titles on iQIYI are Jirisan, My Roommate Is A Gumiho, Sweet Teeth and many others.

iQIYI itself also provides a comfortable viewing experience with high resolution, you can watch the series offline too.

Make sure the terms and conditions apply, if you want to try this one application, please visit via the following link (Download the iQIYI App).

9. Getcontact App

Booming Apps
Getcontact App

At first the Getcontact application was a spam call detection application like the others, but its name soared after many social users used it.

As a contact name detector on a partner’s cellphone, Getcontact is now a booming application, besides that this application is not only a spam call detection tool or a tool.

Make a fuss about our contact names on a partner’s cellphone, but the developer also presents a new messenger feature where users of the application can interact together.

Now more than 100 million Android users have downloaded the Getcontact application, are you also one of them? If yes, please visit via the following link (Download the Getcontact App).

The final word

That’s the whole content of our article this time about booming apps and we have told you to use one of them.

There are several application recommendations that are currently booming, maybe you already have the applications we mentioned above.

Hopefully with the information you can better understand what applications are currently booming, if you think the information we share is useful, just share it with your friends.