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7+ Photo Upload Apps Get Money 2022

Photo Upload App Earn Money

Applications for uploading photos earn money You can use it to earn extra income just with the photos you have.

Especially now that everyone can create good photos, you don’t have to be a photographer or have a sophisticated DSLR camera to get quality photos.

This is due to the sophistication of Smartphones that already have a good camera resolution, thus making many people more confident to take pictures of many objects.

And the photos you take are not just for making HP storage space, you can use them to earn money.

Nowadays there are many photo uploading applications that are quite familiar, you can use several at once, with the aim of increasing opportunities to expand the network

For those of you who don’t know about photo upload app earn money Here, you are in the right article because we are going to talk about it.

1. Shutterstock

Photo Upload App Earn Money
The first money-making photo upload application is the Shutterstock application, you can use this application to earn additional income if you like the world of photography (Download the Shutterstock App for Android).

You can earn money by uploading photos from your cellphone or professional camera, you will be able to get dollars and you can disburse them into rupiah using PayPal.

2. SnapWire

Photo Upload App Earn Money

To be able to get money from this application you have to take part in competitions or order by request, to prove your photography skills, then you have to level up and level up your account.

If your photo is requested or contested, then there is a provision for income sharing on SnapWire, your share is 70% of the total price.

In fact, you will get 50% of the total price if the photo is sold through the marketplace.

3. EyeEm

Photo Upload App Earn Money

To use this application you can register the best photos or images so that EyeEm recommends them.

To do this, you have to fill out a form, attach an email, and upload photos from your cellphone camera, for professional photographers and beginners, you can also contribute to the EyeEm application.

4. Whatsaround

Photo Upload App Earn Money

For those who like photography or selfies, you can use this application to earn additional income.

How to use this application, you just take a photo using a Smartphone, then Whatsaround will automatically pin the location where the photo was taken.

And the money you will get is in the form of digital coins that you can exchange for Starbucks Gift Cards, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, App Store Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards.

You can even exchange them for ethereum digital assets, Whatsaround has confirmed to protect user data.

However, those who can use the Whastasround application must be at least 13 years old, the photo or video you upload does not contain violence, pornography, or anything prohibited.

If you violate the things mentioned above, your account will be blocked or banned.

5. Foap

Photo Upload App Earn Money
The next money-making photo upload application is Foap, in this application you can create a portfolio with as many pictures as you want (Download the Foap App for Android).

If someone is selected from what you uploaded, you will get money, but the result will be divided by two with Foap.

Apart from uploading photos, you can also participate in certain missions, such as joining missions that require the type of content related to Foap’s products.

The advantage that you get when you use the Foap application is a very large salary reward, and Foap payments can be withdrawn via Paypal.

If you often sell your snaps, then you can get passive income.

6. Scoopshot

Photo Upload App Earn Money

This Scoopshot application provides an easy option to earn money, not only from uploading photos.

You can also earn extra income from ads that appear every time your photos are used by online advertisers.

The Scoopshot application is an application that has been recognized in the world, thus security and payment are guaranteed.

7. Getty Images

Photo Upload App Earn Money
Getty Image

The last money-making photo upload application is Getty Image, through this application you can earn money from competitions and marketplaces in the application.

If you use this application, then you must try to meet the criteria of clients who are competing, namely with the conditions they have set.

If you are successful, then you will get quite a lot of money through this Getty Image application (Download the Getty Image App for Android).

The final word

That’s seven photo upload app earn money that we can describe on this occasion, keep visiting our site to get more knowledge.

Please, for those who like photographs, you can take advantage of these applications so that the results of your photos are not in vain, they only make your memory full, but you can earn money.

Hopefully the contents of this article are useful for all readers, and thank you for visiting our site.