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7 Best Android Video Editing Apps 2022

Android Video Editing App

For those of you who are looking for an application to edit videos on Android, we have provided android video editing app best of 2022 for you.

For now, learning to be a professional editor can be done very easily through the help of an Android video editing application.

For beginners who have never done photo editing, there is no need to feel confused when they want to start.

Through several video editing applications, the results of video editing can be adjusted to the wishes and needs.

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But before that you are advised to get to know the basics of video editing on Android.

There are so many choices of video editing applications, so you can find out how to use the application.

Android Video Editing App

When compared to video editing applications on a computer, editing videos via Android is not complete.

However, for the results obtained can be adjusted to the needs and tastes.

The following is a list of applications for video editing that are very suitable for beginners, including:

1. KineMaster Lightweight Android Video Editing App

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

Kinemaster lightweight android video editing application is widely used by professional video editing.

Download KineMaster Android Video Editing App

For beginners, there is nothing wrong if you want to try using this one application.

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For the appearance of this application in the form of landscape, making it easier for users when they want to access features and see in terms of application results in real-time.

2. Viva Video Offline Android Video Editing Application

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

The easy process of using it makes the Viva Video offline android video editing application the most recommended video editing application.

Download Viva Video Offline Android Video Editing Application

You can combine several video clips at once, make adjustments to the transitions to make it more enjoyable to watch.

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In addition, you can also enter text or animation so that the video looks cooler.

3. Video Editing Application Vlog Inshot Video

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

Inshot Video vlog video editing application users can combine several video clips to become one.

Download Video Inshot Video Maker App

Users can also add several collections of songs that can be used for free.

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You can also enjoy the interesting features offered by Insert video such as funny stickers, filters, video speed, and interesting effects that users can choose from.

4. Android Video Editing Application Without Watermark Filmora Go Free

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

One of the advantages when you use the Android video editing application without the Filmora Go Free watermark is that the video results are free from the watermark.

Download Filmora Go Android Video Editing Application

In terms of appearance, Filmora Go is very simple.

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Users can directly add interesting effects in the form of music, effects, free animation, and there are several editing themes that have been provided in the application.

5. Youtuber Video Show Video Editing Application

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

If you want an android video editing application that has full features, then Video Show is the most recommended application.

Download Video Show Android Video Editing Application

Users can add effects, text, FX, filters, gifs and transitions into videos.

This type of application is perfect for those of you who want to become a vlogger.

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Video Show does not limit the length of the video to be edited.

6. Best Android Video Editing Apps InShot

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

Vloggers or youtubers often use this best android video editing application Inshot.

Download the Inshot Android Video Editing Application

This application can be used to combine or cut multiple videos.

In addition, you can add text, filters, music, to funny stickers.

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Users can directly export or save the video in HD quality.

7. Power Director Text Video Making Application

Android Video Editing App
Android Video Editing App

Through the application, making Power Director text videos, users find it easier when they want to set video transmissions and the sequence when adding real time effects.

Download Power Director Android Video Editing App

The advantage of this application is that users can enter videos through the voice over feature.

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In addition, it can also combine several video clips and photos in the video project that is being edited.

The final word

To be able to get an Android video editing application in a professional class, you will not have any difficulties.

Some of the video editing application options listed above can be used as recommendations.

With this, please choose one of the many video editing application options above.

Don’t miss our next article about PC video editing apps, best free pc video editing apps and iphone video editing apps.

That’s the whole content of our discussion this time about android video editing app 2022. That’s all and good luck, guys.