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5 Players Shine on the Third Day of Closed Qualifier Mobile Legends President Cup 2022 Esports

The third day closed qualifier Mobile Legends The 2022 Esports President’s Cup has finally come to an end full of surprises. Several teams won because of their brilliant game.

From several teams, there are players who shine enough on the third day closed qualifier Mobile Legends President’s Cup of Esports 2022 this time. Gameplay Of course this player is extraordinary. In fact, you could say this player was one of the keys to the team’s victory.

Curious who pro player the? Check out the following KINCIR article.

1. EVOS Ferxiic

EVOS Legends Jungle Player, Ferxiic.

EVOS Legends Jungle Player, Ferxiic. Via


This MDL player from EVOS once again surprised with the choice of Hero used. Chou jungler quite rarely used in a big tournament. The average Hero on this one is always used by the roamer in the team squad.

However, the EVOS Ferxiic displays something different this time. Become a Hero jungler making Chou used is really troublesome gameplay opponent. Indeed Chou doesn’t have damage tall like a Hero jungler other meta, but EVOS Ferxiic proves that this Hero can actually be used jungler. In fact, this player became the first in-game MVP against Bigetron Alpha.

2. EVOS Branz

Gold Laner EVOS Legends, Branz.

Gold Laner EVOS Legends, Branz. Via


The second order is still from the EVOS Legends player who has an important role in a team, namely Branz. gold laner this one does have a very good flight time. His experience in mastering gold laner No need to be in doubt. The micro and macros that exist in EVOS Branz are certainly a strength for a squad of the white tiger team.

Together with Hero Wanwan, EVOS Branz managed to carve an MVP with a KDA of 8/0/7. See gameplay from player gold laner this is something to watch out for. Because, Hero’s mastery gold lanerit’s also pretty good. Wanwan also became one marksman turn it off, so don’t be surprised if EVOS Branz gets MVP against a team of robots.

3. AE Rasy

Roamer Alter Ego, Rasy.

Roamer Alter Ego, Rasy. Via


Faramis is now a pretty deadly Hero gameplayher in the Land of Dawn. The ability of this Hero is very difficult for the opponent. AE Rasy is also fairly successful in using this Hero when facing challenges.match second.

Have sufficient flight hours as a roamer Of course, there’s no need to be surprised if AE Rasy gets MVP in the first game. Getting 1/0/6 KDA is definitely very influential on Faramis’ role in Land of Dawn.

4. AE Rasy

Roamer Alter Ego, Rasy.

Roamer Alter Ego, Rasy. Via


Having a role as roamer certainly makes AE Rasy have an important responsibility in the match. The macro capabilities that exist in AE Rasy can certainly be said to be very good. Grock is also now one of the heroes who are currently meta among the fans pro player.

In fact, this Hero is now the target of roamer to get it when draft pick ongoing. KDA obtained is also very surprising, 6/2/16. This score has definitely made AE ​​Rasy the MVP in the second game against RRQ Hoshi.

5. EVOS Ferxiic

Jungler EVOS Legends, Ferxiic.

Jungler EVOS Legends, Ferxiic. Via


Player jungler EVOS Legends’ youth is now getting another MVP at-match last time facing Alter Ego. Gusion has also now become a meta Hero among gamers Mobile Legends. Have the ability totake down opponent quickly certainly makes this Hero very deadly in the Land of Dawn.

This was proven directly by EVOS Ferxiic by getting a KDA of 11/0/4. Getting such good results certainly makes EVOS Ferxiic the MVP in the game. In addition, this player also managed to return gameplay turn it off in the Land of Dawn.

That’s 5 Mobile Legends pro player the best on the third day closed qualifier President’s Cup Esports 2022. Don’t forget to keep visiting KINCIR so you don’t miss the latest news about games and other esports.