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10+ Free PB Accounts 2022

Free PB Account

Free PB Account currently being sought after by gamers in Indonesia, because Zepetto is the developer now fully holding the legendary game PB or Poin Blank.

This is because the contract period with Garena has expired and starting in October 2022, all troopers are advised to transfer their PB Garena account to PB Zepetto so that player data such as Rank, EXP, Inventory, Status and others are not lost when the rooster updates.

Where, this one game is a shooting-themed game or First Person Shooter which was booming 10 years ago. Yupss, this game is Point Blank.

Since the beginning, PB has become very famous because it offers an extraordinary sensation when played, especially with the addition of various kinds of weapons obtained from the game.

After changing hands from developer to developer, PB has experienced interesting developments, you guys, and one of them is now being held by Zepetto.

Please note, first to get an extraordinary weapon or OP (Over Power) players must buy various weapons with cash or in-game purchases.

However, now you just log in every day and you will get weapons according to the existing attendace check.

And what’s even more interesting, there are lots of game modes in PB, it can even be said to follow the development of today’s FPS games that are on the rise.

Although with a simple graphic level, this game is able to anesthetize the players.

Which you don’t need to buy a High-End PC to make this PB game run smoothly, a potato or ordinary PC can run this game.

For Used Storage, this game only takes up about 5-6 GB of space, guys. So, we think you will play this game on devices that already exist in your respective homes.

For those of you who want to play it, then we will share some free PB account which you can use are as follows.

Genuine Free PB Account

Free PB Account
Genuine Free PB Account

Which is where we spread all of these accounts, so the system is a struggle. For those of you who want to take or use it, then just take the account.

After that, please change the password and secure the data directly so that your PB account is not taken by other people.

As for this it is free PB account The original ones that you can use when playing the game are as follows:

  • Username: montoklo12345
  • Password: word12345
  • Rank: Letcol Grade 1
  • Username: nabil123qer
  • Password: fikri123
  • Rank: Colonel Grade 1
  • Username: papapupak88
  • Password: bojongloa48
  • Rank: Colonel Grade 1
  • Username: nineko122
  • Password: ox321
  • Rank: Major Grade 2
  • Username: jembut_item326
  • Password: 08121936842zz
  • Rank: Letcol Grade 2
  • Username: resa0080
  • Password: Cauambon0080
  • Rank: Major Grade 1
  • Username: 11_LONDER_11
  • Password: RIAN32123
  • Rank: Letcol Grade 1
  • Username: xdanz900
  • Password: cksjie
  • Rank: Colonel Grade 2

You need to know, that there are some defects that exist in this game. One of them is the existence of cheaters, where every game must have cheaters.

This cheater itself is a player figure that is very frustrating for vanilla players or organic players from the game.

Especially in this PB, various kinds of cheats have been provided by irresponsible parties on certain websites. However, the developer has not been able to overcome their existence.

Advantages of Using a Free PB Account

Free PB Account
Advantages of Using a Free PB Account

There are several advantages that you can get when using free PB account as before, which is as follows:

1. High Character Skill

Now, by using a former GB membership or farming, of course, the skills of each character are already high. If the character’s skill is not high, of course it will be more difficult to farm.

So one of the advantages is free PB account i.e. instantly good to play.

In which, newcomers could immediately feel what it was like to get a high rank.

2. Complete Weapon

This is not necessarily, guys, but some fresh PB accounts must have full weapons like dual kriss. The players of course can immediately use it to fight directly.

Indeed, the weapon system on the PB membership is usually temporary, so there is a certain time limit.

3. K/D

The K/D stats of PB users will also be quite good because they are intentionally used for farming.

Well, for those of you who want good statistics from the start, of course this can be one of its own advantages.

Because it’s without free PB account or farming to increase stats will be very difficult, guys.

Disadvantages of Using a Free PB Account

Free PB Account
Disadvantages of Using a Free PB Account

In addition to the advantages above, of course there are weaknesses that players need to pay attention to. One of the most powerful factors that influence it is the K/D statistics of each account, you guys.

For veteran players, using GB users like that is certainly not a problem because the skills are already balanced.

However, for new players it means that K/D will make matchmaking difficult in every match.

Because the basis for matchmaking which is implemented in point blank itself is based on K/D, guys.

And if your K/D stats are high, then you will meet other equal players.

Well, for novice players this will certainly be difficult, especially for those who are playing for the first time. So it’s better for you to use the original account first and then after you can use it free PB account.

This will improve stats and save time in grinding skills, so you can be competitive immediately. Many veteran players suggest that this is so that amateurs can develop rapidly.

It is necessary to admit that without this free account from GB or farming, PB will be quite difficult for us to play. Because it takes a long time to increase a high rank.

Not to mention the skills that you need to grind so that the character can be optimal when used against enemies. So there are pros and cons when you divide char PB zepetto as the main option.

The final word

That’s it some free PB account which we have shared above for you, so that way you can immediately use the account.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages above, now you can decide for yourself whether this is worth it or not.

And if indeed you are a novice player, then we recommend that it is not a problem to take it for safekeeping.

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