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Yuri's Manga “Fragtime” Gets Anime Adaptation!

Company Akita Shoten opened a website on Saturday to announce that the manga themed Yuri (female romance) entitled Fragtime property of Sato get an anime adaptation. However, the website is currently not providing details on the date or year when the manga will be adapted into this anime.

Apparently, the Fragtime manga already has a Twitter account for the anime adaptation, on Twitter it has posted information in Japanese and English. Including, comments from Sato about the news that his work will be adapted into an anime. Here’s the post on the Twitter account:

Fragtime Synopsis

This Fragtime manga focuses on a high school student named Misuzu Moritani, is a girl who has the power to stop time for three minutes a day. One day in class, Misuzu uses her power to peek at her classmate’s skirt during class.

That friend’s name is Haruka Murakamiwas a beautiful girl, but, for some reason, Misuzu’s time-stopping power didn’t work on Haruka, because of that incident, Haruka finally found out about Misuzu’s power.

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It was Sato who published his manga on Akita Shoten’s manga site called Champion Tapnow the Champion Tap site is better known as Manga Cross and Sato published his manga in 2013-2014. The company Akita Shoten has published the two compiled book volumes for this series.