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You can get the Languid Dragonfly PUBG Mobile Set with 150UC, here's how

For PUBG Mobile players, don’t miss the Super Sale Event. This event offers players the Languid Dragonfly PUBG Mobile set.

You can get this trendy female character set with a 90% discount from 1500 to only 150 UC. Hurry up because this event only lasts until September 27, 2022.

PUBG Mobile Super Sale Event

Super Sale is a routine event held by PUBG Mobile every month. Last September, the event started on the 13th by offering the Permanent Ladybug Package.

Players only need to spend 150UC only to get the set. Last September, this event was also held by offering a discount for the Motor Shirou The Cobra skin.

Well, this September, Super Sale presents the cool Languid Dragonfly Set. It looks like a combination of an archery uniform top and a tennis uniform underneath.

The set is also equipped with one ponytail and a hat or headpiece that makes the character look more sporty.

Only by removing 150 UC, the Languid Dragonfly set and the headpiece can be obtained from the Gift pack.

Players don’t need gacha because this pack provides a 100% guarantee so there’s no need to rely on luck through spins.

How to get the PUBG Mobile Dragonfly Language Set

The PUBG Mobile Super Sale event provides its own advantages for players because it saves diamond spending to buy sets.

Just imagine that the price is 90% cheaper than the normal price. To buy this pack you can visit Shop > Treasures > select Languid Dragonfly Gift Pack.

Interestingly, the suit and hat obtained from this event are permanent. When else can you bring home a cool bundle as well as headgear with only 150 UC. Immediately buy the set before the event ends on 27 September 2022

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