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Yae Miko Web Event Guide Si Kitsune's Journey at Hanamizaka Genshin Impact

Ahead of its arrival in version 2.5, Genshin Impact has released a new web event for Yae Miko. The owner owner of Yae’s publishing house wanders the town of Inazuma, and players must gather information for him.

From buying snacks to suggesting books to travelers, the streets of Yae Miko in Inazuma are full of interesting things.

We just need to help him make the right decision, and you’ll be rewarded for it.

Here is a quick guide to completing the latest web event at Genshin Impact.

The Kitsune Travel Event Web Guide at Hanamizaka Genshin Impact

The web show is based on the recently released Yae Miko character teaser.

  • The web event starts with Yae Miko walking through the town of Inazuma and stopping to buy a snack, with two choices of Fried Tofu and Tri-Flavored Skewer. Both he really liked.