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Xenowerk, FPS Sci-Fi Game Full of Mutants That Makes Tension

Xenowerk Game Review

Shooter games may be familiar to you, but what if
games it is wrapped with a theme Sci-Fi filled with mutants? Hmm, quite interesting right? Such a concept becomes gameplay from games which I will discuss in this post. As stated in the title,
games it’s named Xenowerk.

Released on September 18, 2015 by Pixelbite Games, Xenowerk appear as android action shooter game which has theme packaging
sci-fi which is very interesting. In games In this case, you as the main character are required to eradicate all nests mutant to prevent their spread. The concept is fairly simple, however
games it worked stand out thanks to the graphical display that is very pleasing to the eye.

Xenowerk perform with
genre third person perspective shooter which in fact is very similar to Alien Shooter games in PC. Therefore, for those of you who have played alien shooter games, so
games you really have to try this, because the mechanics
gameplayit’s very similar to its equally eerie atmosphere.

However, what other factors actually make? games this
worth it to play? To know the answer, let’s just look at the following explanation:

A. Gameplay


I have explained before that Xenowerk this at a glance has
gameplay which is very similar to
Alien Shooter, the difference may only be in the mechanics of the ammunition of the weapon. If on
Alien Shooter games you have to find ammo for your weapons, then on Xenowerk games You don’t have to bother looking for ammo anymore, all you have to do is shoot
mutant that appears, because all the ammo will be available automatically

Septemberbe at first glance it sounds less challenging because your weapons are already unlimited ammo. However, it turns out games it presents mechanics gameplayit’s more interesting, because when you spam the shoot button for too long, then your weapon will
overheating and can’t be used for a while.

That factor makes Xenowerk different from
shooter games other, because in games this you have to set the tempo when shooting. Moreover, if many of the enemies appear at the same time, your adrenaline will automatically be tested because you have to avoid attacks mutant while adjusting the tempo of the shot so as not to experience overheating.

If you don’t like the camera angle shown in
games In this case, you can change it easily by pressing the camera button above the analogue.

B. Graphics & Game Controls

For graphics problems, games This is guaranteed not to make you regret. Graphics shown in Xenowerk games managed to be shown in sufficient detail, starting from the water that comes out when we destroy gallons of water, the blood that comes out of the para mutantall the items that appear in folder seems to have an effect when hit by a shot that makes games it becomes more and more realistic.

Control gamesit’s also very responsive and you can set the sensitivity yourself in the settings, as well as the graphic menu which you can also change according to the device specifications android

Even so, don’t worry, even though this Xenowerk presents pretty good graphics, but games this is a light game to play on android with low specifications or what you usually call android potato specs. So, even if you use android potato specs, don’t be afraid to use good graphics high with 60 fps to get the maximum gaming experience.

C. Levels & Weapons


Xenowerk Games has a total of 70 levels and 10 additional levels which are divided into 4 difficulties, namely:
easy, medium, hard, and insane. Although the number of levels is quite large, however games you can finish this in a short time, because gameplay each level is quite short and doesn’t take much time to complete.

For the problem of weapons, the types of weapons provided in games this is also not inferior to the level, there are at least 30 types of weapons that you can use to eradicate the mutantstarting from ordinary weapons like Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Rifle, to anti-mainstream weapons like flamethrower, etc. In addition to weapons, there are also various types of characters in the game games these that have a variety of different abilities, ranging from heal full, run fast,
boost damageetc.


Weapons and characters in Xenowerk games will be unlocked if you have collected a certain number of radioactive symbols in each level. If the weapons and characters are unlocked, then you can buy them with gold earned from each level you have played.

Not only that, every weapon you use can also be upgraded to level 10. How upgrade the weapon is also quite unique, because you have to use the weapon in each level to get EXP which is obtained from every
mutant the one you kill, the bigger it gets mutant the one who dies, the bigger it gets EXP which you will get.
EXP that’s what will be your main condition to do it upgrade. Therefore, if you want to do
upgrade weapons, then you have to use them first in each level to collect EXP a lot.

D. Strengths & Weaknesses


  1. Doesn’t take up too much storage (It only takes about 140 MB).

  2. The graphics presented are very stunning
  3. Loading fast and minimal ads.
  4. Do not have microtransactions


  1. The missions are quite similar so they seem monotonous.
  2. The design of the created area is almost the same everywhere.


That’s my discussion about Xenowerk games. So, how about now? Are you ready to exterminate the

If maybe any of you want to add to my review related to Xenowerk games Please just write your opinion in the comments column.

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